What to Look For When Buying a Family Car

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For quite some time now, my husband and I have been talking about getting our own car. It’s not for frivolous reasons, but because it will be easier to go around with a toddler with our own car vs. commuting.

We spend a ton of time commuting, not just from home to work but for her pedia visits, derma pedia visits, day outs, and special occasions.

Buying one though comes at a big cost. Yes, it is easy to get a car loan but it can cost you the same amount you’ll need to purchase a small house. It is safe to say that thorough research is needed to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

I am no car expert, but from my discussions with E and previous writing gig about cars, here are some pointers to note before splurging for your first family car.

from Cars.Com FB

from Cars.Com FB

1. Decide how much you are willing to spend. If buying a new car is a bit too steep for you and your husband, you can consider buying second hand. Just ensure that the car is worth it and still in good condition and you buy from an authorized shop.

2. Prioritize safety over aesthetic. Check reviews online about the car you will purchase. Check the safety features available, does it have one or two airbags, does it have child lock features, etc. Remember, you want a car that will help keep you and your little unit safe even during emergencies.

3. Look for cars that provide ample space. This is now the features over aesthetic portion. Don’t fall in love with a car just because of its looks – since you are buying a car for your family ensure that there will be space enough for everyone. Check also the compartments and if you can easily fit strollers, luggages, baby bags in it. I personally like the Honda Odyssey just look at that space!


4. If you have an infant or toddler, check car seat safety reviews. We all know that toddlers or infants can be a handful during road travels, normal seats won’t be enough as well to keep them down and comfortable. This is why we have car seats available! Different cars have different makes for car seats, which is why it is important to check existing reviews to make it easier for you to decide. You can head on over to cars.com site to check out detailed reviews!


Above is just a simple guide to help you decide (hey that rhymes). Do you have anything else to add to my list? Sound off on the comments section to let me know!

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