My Breastfeeding Keepsake

Thirty-one months and counting, that is how long I have been breastfeeding my lovely Bunny girl. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs. We celebrated big milestones, especially after reaching the six-month mark (exclusively breastfed no solid food) and the one year mark. We powered through our downs, from low milk supply to spilt breastmilk.

I knew somehow that our journey will soon end. Bunny is now 2years old and our sessions have been reduced to nightly feedings. She would just latch when I get home from work or to go to sleep. I knew that I had to have a keepsake that would help us treasure our journey forever.

The Perfect Memento

It was hard for me to track down and locate a local maker of breast milk jewelry. Unlike overseas wherein I’ve seen many different online sellers who offer it, we have only two (to my knowledge) here in the Philippines.

The first one that I became familiar with was the Our Lady of La Leche Movement Ph. I have seen their page through a Facebook Group for Breastfeeding moms.


Then through thorough research and Facebook skills, I came across the Facebook Page of Pumped with Love.


I fell in love with her simple jewelry designs. I started messaging her last January asking for the prices of the jewelry. It wasn’t until June that I finally decided to push through with my order.


See, I haven’t pumped milk since August or September 2016. Given that I had limited supply already, I waited for the chance when I spent a night away from my daughter (work related). This opportunity only came last June.

I chatted away with Mommy Romina, of Pumped with Love. She diligently replied to all of my inquiries and messages. This made the transaction extra smooth! When it was time for me to ship my breast milk I just reread her instructions.

So I packed my expressed milk with love and care in a breastmilk storage bag. I packed it in three storage bags – to ensure that it won’t spill. I even put it in a KFC gravy container to be extra safe! I went to the nearest LBC branch and shipped it away to Mommy Romina.


She shared that she will only ask for the down payment for the jewellery once she receives my sample. So I waited for her to confirm her receipt and once she did, I sent half of the payment via bank transfer.

My Own Breastmilk Keepsake

Mommy Romina advised me that the turnaround time for the breast milk jewelry was 3 to 4 weeks. This was great because I didn’t need to message her every now and then just to check if she was done. For reference, she received my first payment last June 16 and she finished working on it last July 7.

Like clockwork, she finished after three weeks of working on my jewelry. She was even kind enough to wait for my payment to be settled a few days after she has sent me the final product (super busy last week due to work and stressed with a personal matter). So when I finally paid her last Thursday, she had it shipped before she left for the province Friday morning.

Since I was out of the office during the weekend, I only received the package this morning. My hands trembled as I cut through the plastic wrapping of LBC. I saw a tiny blue box enveloped in bubble wrap. I smiled because she wrapped my jewelry with such care. I opened the blue jewelry box and I finally held my keepsake.

20205631_10213424519270117_1417471229_oMy heart seemed to have skipped a beat seeing and holding it for the very first time.


Here was a physical remembrance of all of the hard work I have put through in breastfeeding my little girl.

I messaged Mommy Romina immediately. No words can describe how happy I was. I ended up just saying “thank you” and “I like it.” So I decided to write this post instead to express my gratitude to her.

I highly recommend her to breastfeeding moms. You have a lot of designs to choose from and it’s not that expensive too!



  1. Berlin | Momi Berlin says:

    Thank you for sharing this. No knowledge about this, honestly. Having your own physical remembrance of something special and share with your little one is truly beautiful to look at and inspiring. Will definitely message her as well. Thanks again.

    • denice.diaz says:

      You’re welcome Berlin! I was worried kasi in sending my breastmilk off shore pa. Mahal na yung shipment fee you’re not guaranteed pa na they’ll get it (of course depende kasi sa courier). She’s amazing to work with and ang ganda in actual nung necklace. <3

  2. Shannon says:

    The longest I was able to breastfeed was 3 months so I’m impressed that you made it 31 months! The jewelry is just stunning! It’s unlike what I’ve seen before and I love how it can be personalized. What an awesome momento!

  3. Jessica Taylor says:

    This is extremely cool! I have several friends who breastfeed, and I know they’d love a unique gift like this!

  4. Ana De- Jesus says:

    I had no idea that there was such thing as ‘breastfeeding jewellery’ but I love how it means you can keep a memento of your breast feeding experience. She sounds amazing x

  5. Gloria says:

    What an impressively creative idea! I am so sharing this with my best friend who is currently breastfeeding. Those necklaces are so adorable and unique!

  6. Blair villanueva says:

    Wow this is the first time to hear about breastfeeling jewelry. Its unique, but not sure if I will have this in the future.

  7. Joanna says:

    I have to be honest, I didn’t hear about anything like this before. It’s a nice service for moms, to remember their journey from the birth of their little bundle of joy.

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