H20 Hotel Review

I’m still in the process of catching up with my blog backlogs, so here I am sharing my overnight stay experience at H20 last December.

Maximising a MetroDeal Voucher

As early as September last year I bought this voucher from MetroDeal.


As a consumer, you have the option to choose from the different rooms available in H20 Hotel and the type of activity you want to try at Manila Ocean Park. My long talk with E, my husband, ended with us booking the Aqua Room plus 2 tickets to Manila Ocean Park’s Ultimate Adventure. This meant that from the offer posted at the site, at P2,999 my final dues was P4,999.

To compute for the savings I decided to break down the booking if we were to book on our own:

P7,320 for the overnight stay at the Classic Aqua Room

P 760 per person for the Manila Ocean Park Activity

P 300 per person for entrance to Yexel’s Museum

P 400 per person for Liquid Buffet

Total would be at P 10,240 and our savings at P5,241 or 50% of the total bill. This is a good price already for me, so I know we made the right purchase.

Birth Month Staycation

You may be wondering why we booked an overnight stay at H20 in December. No, it’s not our Holiday celebration or our pre-holiday celebration. The reason why we went there was to celebrate my daughter and I’s birth month! Both of us are December babies and I wanted to start a little family tradition. It’s really important for me to start our own family tradition since technically speaking we are a legit family since last August.

H20 Aqua Room

In the eyes of my toddler, the Aqua Room was the bomb! She fell in love with our room because she saw Dory! Yes, blue tang fishes were present in our gigantic aquarium! According to their website, there are up to 35 different species of fishes present in the aquarium. This alone made our stay worthwhile.


You can just sit back and relax while you watch the fishes swim by. If you have a toddler who loves Dory and Nemo, a background chatter of “swim, swim, swim” and “Dowy” would be heard as well.


As for the other amenities of their classic Aqua Room, our queen sized bed was super comfy. It made leaving the bed to roam around Ocean Park a struggle. It was as if the bed was hugging as back when we lied down.

The t&b was roomy although there are no bidets and no bathtubs present. Free toiletries were also provided inside the bathroom.

Our room also had a personal fridge. My problem though is that at times it seemed like it wasn’t cooling our drinks efficiently.

Zenyu Eco Spa

What I loved the most about our stay at H20 was Zenyu Eco Spa! I swear my one exclamation point is not enough to show how much I enjoyed my 90 minutes massage.

Thanks to E, I was able to sneak out after bunny finally fell into a deep slumber after dinner. Truth be told though she fell asleep while we were eating! I think she got super tired from our full day experience of Ocean Park.

From the H20 Website

From the H20 Website

Zenyu Eco Spa is conveniently located just across the check-in counter of the hotel. I noticed that only a few people were waiting outside. I was guessing that most didn’t even bother to try it out. To this I say, you missed out on an amazing massage!

My 90-minute massage at their spa was the best I’ve ever had so far. Better than my experience at The Spa, really. The masseuse listened intently to my body and pampered it well. I even fell asleep for 30 minutes or less.

My money was well spent! I guess they really deliver on what their name’s translation in Japanese which is “complete healing.” Needless to say, I slept like a log until morning when I came back from the spa.

Outdoor Jet Pool

The morning after, E decided that they will take a dip at the Outdoor Jet Pool. Location of this pool wasn’t really convenient. We had to get out of the hotel and walk past the entrance of Ocean Park to access it.


I wasn’t also impressed with the structure of the place. The freaked out mum inside of me was screaming. Kids can slip if they run too fast and the pools weren’t really that fantastic.

Overall Rating

I give H20 a 4 out of 5 rating with room for improvement – to be frank with their outdoor jet pool. The rest of their facilities were great and I would definitely come back with my family when we can.



  1. Chin chin says:

    That was a good deal. I’ve been hoping to visit Manila Ocean Park since we stayed in the Philippines for good. But up to now, di pa natutupad. Maybe this summer vacation.

  2. Michelle says:

    My family and I have never experienced family staycations yet but if we’ll be able to, I’d also want it to be in h2o hotel. Sigurado kasing mae-enjoy ng bata. Makapag-browse nga sa Metrodeal later.

  3. Malot says:

    We’ve been thinking of having a staycation at Hotel H20 for some time now, but we always ended up going somewhere else for R&R. Perhaps I should finally calendar it and purchase some vouchers at MetroDeal too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Coi Ibane says:

    Awesome deal! The first and the last time I’ve been to Ocean Park was nung soft opening pa lang ata nila, sobrang tagal na! Haha! Gave me an idea on how we’ll celebrate my daughter’s birthday this December, super mag-enjoy siya sa mga fish, sana lang may ganyan pa na voucher on Metro Deal hehe 🙂

    • denice.diaz says:

      Do try checking Metrodeal every now and then. They were still offering it when I checked last January ata. 🙂 Kids would really enjoy the Aqua Room. 🙂

  5. Mhownai says:

    Wow. We’ve been eyeing Hotel H20 for the longest time but it’s quite expensive. I really haven’t tried purchasing any deals at metrodeal but this one’s really promising. You’re getting yout money’s worth.

    • denice.diaz says:

      This was my first purchased deal as well in Metrodeal’s site. 🙂 I usually try kasi Deal Grocer.

  6. Liz A says:

    The toilet and bath without a bathtub has become a downer for me. LOL! I am looking for hotels with bathtubs because I really love hot soaks. I will still check this out though for the experience. 🙂

  7. Meg Mortega says:

    My husband and I are planning to have a staycation this year. Hotel h2o sounds like a great option. May underwater wonders and malapit pa samin 🙂

  8. juvy ann says:

    Thanks for sharing, I have been thinking of getting H20 hotel vouchers from Metrodeal too. I hope you can post pictures of the room and amenities though.

  9. Berlin | Momi Berlin says:

    Been wanting to try this hotel as well. Surely the boys would love the big aquarium even if they claim they claim they are all grown ups already. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by the sight of sea creatures by your bedroom. I too am excited by the thought of it. I wonder what’s Bunny’s reaction of the fish and other sea animals.

  10. RJ Dancel says:

    This is pretty neat. I was planning on a staycation there for my boys and I a few weeks back but was hesitant because I didnt know if it was worth it. Thanks for this honest review. I’ll visit this soon 🙂

  11. Badet Siazon says:

    H2O hotel is different from the other hotels, instead of windows, they have aquariums. Medyo na-curious tuloy ako sa Zenyu Eco-spa, do you need to be checked-in to try their spa?

  12. May says:

    Ive been curious about H20. Another blogger posted a review before and I thought it’s great for the kiddos. Siguro one time I’ll inquire at the hotel for their packages.Parang type ko ang spa.

  13. jared's mum says:

    Staycation is always a good idea! This hotel looks like a fun place to stay for a weekend getaway with the family. The aquarium is a cool idea and anyone would love it!

    Also a good thing to be on the look out for promos to get more value for your money! I will be booking accommodations real soon and I will make sure to check out MetroDeal for affordable packages.

  14. Neri Ann says:

    Thanks for breaking the cost d’ve been planning to have a staycation here too because my kids love fishes! Next yr pa naman yung plan ko so I might refer to your post. 🙂

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