Las Tiendas @ Freedom Park Kawit

Yesterday E was bugging me to go to Las Tiendas at Freedom Park. To be honest I just wanted to rest because I was super exhausted after Bunny’s skin check up. But seeing his paawa face I stood up and dressed up Bunny and changed as well. Mom wanted to tag along so the 4 of us rode a tryke to Freedom Park.


I wasn’t expecting much so I was delighted to see different choices at the food bazaar. Of course there were favorites such as isaw and fishballs, but there were also great picks such as shawarma, sisig rice, and ribs! Yes ribs! For 150 you get ribs and rice.


E and I ended up eating sisig rice and isaw, mom got bbq rice, and bunny had goto.

The food was good but it was the small town feel that made the experience of eating at the park great. They hired a band and bunny got to run around the grass area as well. Also we just spent 500 for what we ate!

Bbq rice – 100

Sisig rice for two- 150

Goto – 40

Pasta – 90

Drinks – 100




What they are lacking? A site map and other food choices. Maybe they can add more stalls or change up some of the stalls every now and then.

Will we go back? We sure will!

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  1. berlin domingo says:

    I agree. Changing the stalls from time to time is a nice idea to invite more visitors. A variety of food choices would certainly make them earn more clientele and even build sukis.

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