SM Director’s Club Review

It has been more than a year since E and I watched a movie in the Cinema House. Let’s just say our plans get cancelled due to last minute errands or the weather is just not as cooperative. So for our 8th year anniversary we planned to watch a movie in MOA’s Director’s Club.


Why the Director’s Club? Just so that it is special and not the usual cinema house. I heard that it is worth the buck and E loves Lazboy Seats.

I went online and booked our tickets in advance. I just want to avoid the lines and ensure that we have good seats. I asked around which seats were best and Camille and Anj, from my team, said that the best were the back seats. So I booked two tickets for E and I for the 5PM screening time of Now You See Me 2 (review to follow soon!) and the total cost was Php 840 (Php400 for seats and additional Php 20 for service fee).


At first I thought that it’s not really that costly to think that you will have butler service, free bowl of butter popcorn, you have super LazBoy seats, and only a handful of people will be with you inside (around 30 if I remember correctly).

When I compare it to normal screening tickets which cost Php 250 you only add Php 150 for great seats and great service and it is really worth the extra charge.

When we got there we were welcomed to comfy seats where we can wait while they were setting up the movie and cleaning the theater. We also had access to our own washroom which is a big plus for me too (no long lines just to pee!).


We were allowed to enter around 30 minutes before the start of the movie. Bowls of popcorn were already served in our tables and it was one bowl per person so E and I had 2 bowls of popcorn. Butlers also approached each guest and asked if we wanted to order anything (menu was same as that of the cinema treats outside – from popcorns to sandwiches and nachos also drinks pala). Since I was still full from our meal before we just order nachos and beef with cheese and drinks. We just had to wait for it to be served while we were watching the movie.


While we were watching the trailers I already found my comfy spot at the LazBoy seat, with my feet up and the back of my seat just at a right angle (back seats or the last seats really are best).

Our snacks and drinks were served during the first part of the movie and our snack mid movie.

Audio and visual quality was great as well but it really was the seats and service which made the Director’s Club a must try.

My overall rating? A 4.5 out of 5. I hope they have couple seats available but we will definitely continue watching movies there.


  1. Jerzee Benavente says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Directors Club. Lazyboy seats is such a treat plus the popcorns. To think of it, the ticket price is okay because there’s food na. If you’ll buy it separately from the entrance tickets, you’ll arrive at aprox the same amount.

  2. Berlin says:

    There were once lazyboy inside two regular cinemas at Sm North edsa.
    The seats though were limited and were in front. Nonetheless, the experience was great as the seats were real comfortable. The 420 fee at Sm Director’s Cut is not bad at all. 🙂

    • denice.diaz says:

      Worth the extra pay talaga, at least comfy seats and not cramped the space. Also nobody will be putting up their feet on your seats!

  3. Mirriam says:

    Wow! I have been wanting to try Director’s Club but I’m worried it would cost a thousand per seat. I’m glad it’s just additional P150. Thanks for the info! <3

  4. Janice says:

    Oohhh, I was trying to think of something to treat my hubby with this coming Father’s Day. I think you just gave me a great idea with this one. 🙂 We love watching movies so I’m sure he’s going to enjoy this experience.

  5. Liz A says:

    Haven’t tried the Director’s Club yet (I kinda find it expensive when it first opened) though I have heard a lot of good reviews from friends and colleagues as well. I am just waiting for a great movie and a movie date and probably I’ll book them, too 🙂

    • denice.diaz says:

      E and I struggled holding hands kasi the bowls of popcorn were on the way. I even jokingly said na I didn’t notice he was with me! Haha!

  6. Neri Ann says:

    Never tried Lazyboy but I always urge my partner to give it a try. I think additional 150 each wouldn’t hurt eh kung good experience naman keri na din!

  7. Angel Enero says:

    The first time I have tried the Directors Club was our comeback movie date with husband after I gave birth to our little one. We really enjoyed, we wished to bought lazyboy someday after that movie date. Nyahaha

  8. Mhaan A says:

    Wow! Hubby and I eyeing to try this sometime, it is nice to know that 400php was worth it pala. Will definitely try this on our next movie date. Was the popcorn a flavored one?

    • denice.diaz says:

      Actually the pop corn is free but the nachos we ordered on top, but it was delivered to us via the butler service versus having to line up. 🙂

  9. Carola says:

    It looks like avery nice cinema! I would pay some extra too for this kind of service. I’ve been to a similar cinema once, when I was on holiday in Florida. But there you’d really have your meal. During the movie we ate a pizza and had peanutbutter ice as a desert. It was a bit weird, but I loved it at the same time 🙂

  10. Rowena says:

    I haven’t tried this because I think it is expensive but based on your post it is all worth it. I might try this soon. I hate long lines as well btw heheheh

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