The Lolas Day Out

My mom and mamang are big fans of Eat Bulaga. As long as I can remember as a kid we always watch Eat Bulaga. Even if there were other shows aired to rival EB we are hard core Dabarkads. This is why I knew I had to do everything that I can to treat them to a day out at Broadway Centrum.

Dabarkads Photo from Eat Bulaga FB Page

Dabarkads Photo from Eat Bulaga FB Page

I’ve been to Eat Bulaga before to monitor for a brand we handled so I knew that I can score passes. I asked a dear friend of mine if she can help me out and she did! Thanks to Sol, the dear friend I mentioned, we got invites to watch Eat Bulaga today.

A week before this day I already told my mom, aunt, and mamang. Unfortunately my aunt can’t come so it was just the three of us (super sayyaaang but oh well).

The Road To Broadway Centrum

We left around 7.30AM and my mamang was super excited. Intense na excitement, she started talking about Alden while we were just in the van to MOA. She said that her neighbors are so happy for her and that she wants to kiss Alden and photo sana (ooops sorry mang already had a photo with Alden way way back when he was just a Cosmo Hunk).


I thought it will stop once we went down to grab our breakfast. Nooooo, it continued until we got into our Grab Car.


She now went on to update us about the latest deets she has about Maine and Alden. I think she can be a president na for an AlDub chapter, no joke!

Hello Eat Bulaga

After our 45 minute ride to Broadway from MOA we went up the studio and secured seats near the upper stage.

This was the time I used my previous knowledge on locating the best seats for my mom and mamang. I knew that they would want to seat at the center part but I advised them to seat at the right most part of the center aisle. You see this was the place where most hosts pass by on the way up the center stage aaaand we won’t be bothered by the swinging cameras and make shift couch.




This proved to be a good decision because my mom and mamang got to hold and shake Alden’s hand! No joke!

Screengrab by my brother

Screengrab by my brother

They got to shake hands with Tito Sen, Allan, Vic, and talk to Pauleen, Pia, and Patring too!

My mamang was suuuper happy! She can’t stop talking about the fact that she held Alden’s hand (until the time we got home that was all that she can talk about) and that she got to shake hands with the Dabarkads and even have a photo with Tito Sen!


A great day indeed that we wrapped up with a heavy meal over at Shakey’s. Even while we were eating all she can talk about was Alden!


Although Broadway is far I knew that it was worth the travel just to see my mom and mamang happy.


  1. tina perez says:

    it was so nice to see that you spent a fulfilling day with your mom and mamang. Making our mothers happy is really a good gesture. Kuddos to you sis 🙂

  2. Nicole P says:

    I love love love how your mom looks so happy! If that’s the smile that I can see on my mom’s face when I’ll treat her to see Sharon Cuneta then I too would travel as far just like what you guys did! Glad she enjoyed a lot! 🙂

  3. Eve says:

    Nakakatuwa nman si Mamang, loyal Alden fan. I haven’t been able to watch EB in Broadway. I do watched Wowowee in the studio way back.

    • denice.diaz says:

      She does talk about it over and over again! She even shared it on her FB nga. Fear ko lang is she is inviting everyone who asks her to come with us next time we visit! Haha!

  4. Berlin says:

    What a nice suprise treat. Surely your mom and mamang enjoyed their day at Eat Bulaga. And yup, thanks to your dear friend for helping you with the passes. 🙂

    • denice.diaz says:

      I think so too! Such big Alden fans they are my mamang can’t stop talking about her holding hands moment with Alden!

  5. Arlene says:

    That looks fun! Never really got the chance to watch a live TV show. But I want to try it sometime, should be as fun with friends! Or maybe get my kid to watch Hi-5 or mickey show live!

    • denice.diaz says:

      Hi 5 show sounds fun! Live tv show is very different though kasi you don’t get to do much in between takes but the good thing is lumalabas the celebs for photo op:)

    • denice.diaz says:

      Yes they were super happy! 🙂 Me too, I still watch Eat Bulaga solid nga kasi because of them 🙂

  6. Louisa says:

    It’s nice to do something like that for loved ones even if it is tiring! I don’t watch much Eat Bulaga only when hubby’s here to be honest. 🙂

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