It Takes A Village

I have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” numerous times but I never really thought that it will be applicable to Bunny. In my mind I wanted to be a very hands on mom and we don’t really need a village just her, e and I. Now 18 months after she was born I realized that it does take a village to raise a child and for good reasons.


E and I are out on weekdays for 12 hrs (shorter if the traffic isn’t insane perhaps just 10 hrs but the traffic situation really is intense). So when I am out my aunt takes care of Bunny. I asked her to look after Bunny because I know that she is great with kids. She is part of our village. She is Bunny’s lola and her main caretaker when I’m away for work. Bunny is super happy when she gets here but we still have difficulty sometimes when I have to leave. She still clings to me but when that happens her wawa steps in.


Her wawa aka my mommy is Bunny’s 2nd spolier. We’ll get to her ultimate spoiler in a bit. In my previous post I have mentioned before that when I scold her and her wawa is in site she will run to her for comfort. You see my mom is best in fulfilling her lola role. I have heard her say as well “apo ko ito eh” (she is my grand daughter) which I think gives her the freedom to spoil her. Well partly that is why we stay in one place, I want Bunny to grow up surrounded by her grandparents like what I had before.

Mommy also has some magical sleeping dust, she has that capacity to make Bunny fall asleep no matter what circumstances there are. Until now I wonder how she does it. I guess I would never know.


Her wowo aka my dad, is another spolier but not her ultimate spoiler. Bunny and he share the love for food. And we see that everytime we eat. Bunny would eat a spoonful of whatever I make her eat and she would offer her wowo the next spoonful. Her wowo would also share with her their favorite biscuit snack (skyflakes) and give her water.


Ah but the spoiler of them all is my brother, nongnong Monkey. Great thing it is balanced by Ha’s presence (my brother’s partner).

My brother would buy her stuff and ice cream. YES ICE CREAM AND THEY WOULD EAT IT TOGETHER. Both have a secret world when you put them in a room together. They would play loudly but can also exist with each other in silence. She would look at her nongnong and he in turn would make her watch Elmo’s World. She would look at her nongnong’s dj equipment and he would allow her to play with it. I think they have a secret language. And we’re not in it.


Ha on the other hand also plays with Bunny but would tell her no and would limit her screen time. They also have a special thing together, Bunny would call him ha and he would call her bata. They would play and bond during his rest day. She would ask him to play Rather Be by Clean Bandit and she would dance while he sang.

Both his nongnong and ha are playmates and their room her playground.


Her dada is her ultimate protector. Her rock. With him she would play with more confidence and she’s more daring. He would play his favorite opm hits or songs and she would sit on his lap as they both listen or watch the MTVs. She is her daddy’s little girl . His princess. She is the girl who holds a special place in his heart never to be replaced by any other person.


Lastly she has me, her mumma. I’m her number one fan, her milky provider, but also here to discpline her. I am always here for her to provide comfort when she needs to and protecion, although her dada thinks I protect her too much at times,  that I think is just part of the whole mummy thing.

Over all each person I mentioned has a special role in Bunny’s village. She also has 4 dogs to add to that village.

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Her ultimate best friend Bootleg,


her big kuya oatmeal, her playmate/enemy papup, and her nana chachay. All of them teaching her how to care for animals.

This is our village parenting style. A bit traditional like before but with a modern twist. It may seem odd but in the end it worked out to help raise a wonderful girl named Alexis Chloe.


  1. Coi says:

    I was smiling the entire time I’m reading this as I can relate! My little girl also calls her grandparents Wowo and Wowa hahahaha! 😉 And yes, the ultimate spoiler are the Lolas! Hehehe! And also, in my case is her aunts. Really thankful to have them in our lives. 🙂

  2. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    It does take a village. And what a village your little one has! Both of you are lucky to have such a big group of loving and caring family. It’s way better than entrusting your child to a yaya you’re not sure if you can trust.

  3. berlin maynigo says:

    Such a wonderful village where surely, your little BUnny will grow up safe and loved. And I just love the fact that within that village, even four dogs care for her. Such a lucky girl.

  4. Juvy Ann says:

    Good for you, you have help. We are not as fortunate since my parents and first of kins left and migrated abroad… so it was just me, my husband and a younger sister. You child is really blessed!

  5. Rachel Arandilla says:

    What a fun little village you have! I’m sure your little one has all the fun. Every person in the village has his and her own strengths which Bunny can benefit from different interactions with them.

    • denice.diaz says:

      It is indeed a fun village. She does learn bits and pieces from each person who takes care of her, really helpful as well in making her a well rounded individual. 🙂

  6. Pia villamor says:

    This is so heartwarming! You’re so lucky you have your parents and your siblings to give Bunny the extra love and support. <3 My parents passed away and my brother and I are the only ones left in my immediate family. I don't have kids yet but I feel a little wistful that my future kids will never know their grandparents. It makes me happy seeing families like yours pull together to help each other out. 🙂

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