Lost Horizon Annex Beach Resort Review

For our first two days in Bohol we stayed at Lost Horizon Annex. I opted to stay here instead of the beach front because:

  1. I wanted to save on the accommodations
  2. The annex is just a five minute walk to the beach front
  3. I wanted to have a quiet night since we are with Bunny (although the beach front is not really that noisy, there are bands playing at the beach front restos and I wanted Bunny to sleep easier)

Although there are a lot of other options in terms of resorts that are not in the beach front area – Lost Horizon Annex offers a “shortcut” as you may call it to the beach front. This is a good perk because you don’t have to walk farther just to go to the beach as compared to the other resorts. When you are staying at the annex you can pass through the red gate of the Lost Horizon Beach Front which leads you straight to the beautiful Alona Beach.

We reserved a standard room for the night that we will stay, and at Php 2100 it is a good deal already. The room was spacious and each had a balcony. I think this is for smoking guests or for guests who would want to breathe a bit of fresh air every now and then.

From Lost Horizon Annex Website

From Lost Horizon Annex Website

The bed was big enough for the three of us and I think can even fit 3 adults or even 2 adults and 2 kids. As for the facilities – the aircon was good and at times we had to increase the temp because it was becoming super cold! They also had a flat screen tv with cable which was great because we called it in early for our first night. They have the normal T&B no tubs though and sometimes the water pressure is low. This is an area of improvement for them but it is clean.

From Lost Horizon Annex Site

From Lost Horizon Annex Site

The staff was very accommodating as well, when we stayed there the attendant was very friendly and attentive to the needs of the guests who come up at the reception area. They are also very flexible in terms of charging food that you buy at their mini-bar. If you didn’t have cash with you she will just charge it to your bill without hesitations.

As for the breakfast they shared, typical set meals nothing fancy or special but it was enough for hungry tummy’s like ours. Check in and check out is a breeze and they accept credit cards too!

From Lost Horizon Annex

From Lost Horizon Annex

Overall I given them a 4 out of 5 especially because of the place, affordability, Β and staff.


  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s nice to find locations like this when you’re on vacation with the family. I’m glad you were able to find a place that’s affordable and near the beach. Awesome!

  2. Melisa Sanchez says:

    This resort looks really nice, ako din gusto ko din sa isang place na tahimik para mas feel na feel ang relaxation hehehhe. Kasi pag maingay parang nakaka irita lalo na pag baby na kasama.

  3. Aby says:

    I suddenly miss bohol and i think people in bohol are really accommodating too.. I hope to visit bohol again. Thanks for sharing!

    • denice.diaz says:

      Your welcome! πŸ™‚ We will definitely visit Bohol again, maybe when Bunny is bigger so she will enjoy seeing the dolphins!

  4. Ayi says:

    That’s a reasonable price for a hotel room. At least yung na-save niyo, additional for other expenses diba πŸ™‚ And the room looks pretty decent and clean as well πŸ™‚

  5. May Palacpac says:

    2,100? Not bad. I’ll try to remember this place when we go to Bohol. I’m okay with simple food, mas importante talaga sa kin ang attitude ng staff. I think I’m going to like this place.

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