Bohol Day 1: Our First Family Trip

It has been a week I think since my last post, have been in and out due to the Ad Summit and mommy duties hence the late post. So here it goes, last March 3 we had our first family trip for the year! So yey, checked one out of our family must visit bucket list!

I was nervous at first because it will be Bunny’s first ever plane ride, beach trip, pool experience, and more! I was also equally excited, because we will be spending quality time with our precious little girl. So, night before I packed our things, which fit in one big trolley and a back pack. What we had also was her stroller and our swim gear (who would have thought that a little girl’s rash guard would cost Php 1k plus??? Yes no swimsuits, her derma wanted her to be in rash guard).


We were at the airport early morning because we wanted to avoid rush hour. After our check in, I allowed Bunny to run around the waiting area. This was my tactic so that she will be exhausted when we boarded the plane. So for almost 2 hours, she ran around and danced around. By the time we boarded the plane she was exhausted that she fell asleep minutes after I offered her my boob (yup still breastfeeding her). Our first flight was smooth, with Bunny asleep the whole plane ride. E was tempted to wake her up so she can see the clouds but of course I told him that she might just cry given that her ears will pop due to the plane ride. I won of course, and she remained asleep until we landed (yay mom win!)

Way to Panglao

According to my research, the best way around the island was through taxis or car rental services. I wasn’t aware on how we can get cabbies when we land, which was why I contacted Kuya Tatsky to have a car pick up service from the airport to our hotel in Panglao. Too my delight, Kuya was there when we arrived ready with a black Vios. He was super nice and friendly and he started talking to us, this was my first taste of Boholano Hospitality. He started touring us a bit on our way to Panglao. Our trip was just 30 minutes from the airport and we got there, he helped take our things to the reception area.

We arrived at Lost Horizon Beach Resort Annex around 11:30 AM. Unfortunately no rooms were available yet so we decided to go to the beach. Since our resort was the annex, we had to walk 5 minutes to get to the beach front. It was lovely there, because it still has that charm of a beach that has not been fully commercialized (nothing beats Pagudpud though). Our observation though is that, 3/4 of the visitors were foreigners and only a fourth were Filipinos. This is sad though, since we really should start touring local destinations first before international ones. I personally think that our country has a lot to offer, but we tend to overlook it since some prefer to travel abroad. Do not have anything against that though, but really visit more locally (love our country first!).

It was Bunny’s first time to experience sand, and we realized that she was afraid of it! We think it is because of the sensation it has, of your feet slowly sinking into something made up by thousands of particles. She did like running around the beach side with the cemented walk way. So while we were eating lunch, E and I took turns in watching her. We had lunch in one of the resto/carinderia like places near Lost Horizon Beach Front. After our hefty lunch we proceeded to check in and rest.

Bunny and The Beach

Around 4 PM we went back to the beach, this time around Bunny wore her rash guard and E prepared her floaters.


At first she got really scared when I made her sit down beside me on my sarong laid over the sand (again must be the sinking sensation). Since she never really grew into liking the sand, I introduced her to the beach.



This being new to her, made her cry and panic, but I just whispered repeatedly to her ear that mommy was there beside her. I kept on assuring her that she’s okay because mommy was there, and alas after a few minutes she was jolly happy! She kept on smiling and shouting!PIC_0161

After an hour at the beach, I told E that we had to go back, not to be the downer of the group I wanted to strictly follow her derma’s instructions so that she won’t have super dry skin.


Dinner By the Shore

The last thing we did on our first day was have dinner by the shore, we had dinner at Lost Horizon. We chose Bulalo, grilled chorizo, barbeque and pork belly. We ordered a bit too much and ended up taking out the pork belly! Bunny was super happy playing with me and E, our observation was she liked it when it was us two spending time with her. She was also clapping at the singers entertaining us with chill music while we ate. Around 8 PM we went back to the hotel. Bunny slept immediately, I guess she got tired from her first beach experience. So that was it for our Day 1 in Bohol!





  1. Maan says:

    Gah one of the provinces in my travel list is Bohol! Somehow, my visit to Bohol always gets postponed. I’ll be awaiting your next post about it!

  2. Madz says:

    This reminds me if our recent trip to Batangas and my daughter was scared of the sand too.It was her first time Eventually she enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. Nina Sogue says:

    My son still hasn’t encountered sand. Made me worry that it might be the same reaction. Looks like you had fun though. I hope we got to travel this year too 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    This is in my travel list! And also my bff’s province is Bohol kaya I know someday I will be able to visit this lovely province kapag may time na kami pareho and budget.

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