How Much to Allot for a 4d/3n stay in Bohol

This is the fourth on my Bohol planning series. Now, I am done with booking hotels and securing transportation for my little family for our second out of town travel. (Yay!) So our first is just in Indang, wherein we had our staycation at Balay Indang. You can read about our experience there here: Balay Indang Staycation.

The main difference with our out of town trip now is that it will be Bunny’s first time to ride a plane (yay!!!) and it will be 4d/3n vs. our Balay Indang Staycation of 2d/1n. We have to allot more money this time around because our accommodation only provides free breakfast whereas Balay Indang provided full board meals (breakfast – snacks – lunch – snacks – dinner). So same as what I do before, I create an excel sheet with all of the projected expenses just to know how much we need to prepare.

Can I just say that I’m super excited for Bunny to see Tarsiers?



Now on to the excel sheet! I love excel sheets! I know that some people hate ’em but really these spreadsheets are amazing! You just have to know how to play around with it and it can help you with your expenses or projected expenses.




So that is my breakdown – total of Php 22,100 for 4d/3n for 2 adults and 1 toddler. Now, I have this habit of over projecting costs because I personally believe that more is better than projecting smaller costs and ending up short. In reality, I don’t think that we will spend that much on food on March 2 and March 5, and that we won’t spend that much on misc on Mar 2 and 5 but again I will look at it as extra money if ever.

Now for the transpo, you may ask why it is costed in that way. In my previous posts you would notice that I have opted for hiring a car for rent versus a fully guided trip. The reason is because going for a fully guided trip is more expensive since it is costed on a per person basis whereas car rentals is costed based on the distance. This is what Tatsky from Bohol shared with me, they still guide tourists but they don’t charge over and above. So the cost for March 2 and 3 is inclusive of our transpo to and from Alona Beach from the airport or to Darunday Manor. March 4 is our Counrtyside Tour – we just have to pay for entrance fees and Loboc Water Cruise.

As for the Accommodation I opted to book for:

Lost Horizon Resort – Annex : Php 2700 vs Php 5500 for the Lost Horizon Resort Beach Front. This resort is just 6 minutes away from the Beach so I think that it is already a good deal

Darunday Manor – inclusive already of breakfast

Overall, I will over project and say that for 4d/3n you need to prepare Php25,000 or Php 12,500 per person. If I include our PAL tickets it will be at Php 15,504 per adult (I didn’t count in Bunny yet since her cost are minimal).


  1. edel says:

    Food is cheap in Bohol. You can also save on transportation is you rent out a van for the whole duration of your trip. Bohol is a nice place. Have fun. πŸ™‚

  2. Mommy Anna says:

    I’ve been to Bohol three times food and accommodation is not that too expensive. May mga tour na they have package na. As far as I remember during our honeymoon with side trio in Bihol and dolphin watching nasa 12k lang kmi

  3. Cai Dominguez says:

    I went to bohol last year and spent less than 6k we are group of 3. Dumaluan beach resort offers a reasonable packages. Anyway. Regardless how much u spent as long as u enjoyed it. That’s totally fine.

    • denice.diaz says:

      I have this over projecting habit. πŸ™‚ We want to have a nice and comfy stay especially because we have our daughter with us which is why it is okay for us to pay extra. πŸ™‚

  4. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    I’m also using excel in planning for our trip this summer. Lapit na March, d pa din ako tapos. Waaah. Haha! I haven’t been to Bohol yet. Now I know how much to allot for that trip in the future.

    • denice.diaz says:

      That resort actually came up when I researched for places to stay at in Bohol. πŸ™‚ Go ahead and travel, at least once a year is good!

  5. Celerhina Aubrey β˜… says:

    We haven’t been on a “real” trip yet. Our first was last year when I tagged along my husband and our daughter sa company summer outing in Batanggas. So no brainer yun. Company nag plan, nagbayad lang ako. but I really wanna travel more especially now that she’s turning two. Medyo masaya na yan kasi ma-appreciate na nya ang travels.

  6. Clarinda Santiago says:

    never been to Bohol but I really want to. I usually look for deals online like metrodeal, ensogo or cashcashpinoy, but this is a nice suggestion

  7. JanzCrystalz/January says:

    It’s better to allocate maximum budget just in case specially you have a toddler with you. Anyway, food in Bohol is not that expensive and also non-beach front is the best choice if you want to save. Enjoy your vacation.

    • denice.diaz says:

      It will actually cost less than 20k per person, since you will share a room lang and share food. πŸ™‚ Probably around 10 lang πŸ™‚

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