DIY Trip vs Guided Trip in Bohol

Been a bit busy at work, so I have a lot of catching up to do here! This is the third installment in my Bohol Travel Planning Series. Okay, so in each destination you can either go for a guided trip (a.k.a with a tour guide who will plan/do everything for you) or your own DIY trip. I am not one to go for guided trips, since I really like doing all of the planning but since we have Bunny, I wondered if this will be a great time to try it. I’ve experienced a guided trip before when we went to Shanghai, we had no idea what to do for our free day which is why we opted to go to for a planned trip.

So here’s just my take on going on a guided trip vs. a DIY trip:

  1. If you have extra cash to spend and you are going with a lot of people – you can get a discount for a guided trip. Remember you pay per person, and the cost will go down the more people there is. (Example rate of a per person tour can cost P5000 if it is just for 2 persons but it can go down to P2000 if you are travelling with 6 people).
  2. If you don’t want to worry about anything and just enjoy your trip (aka entrance fees and where to eat) go for the guided trip
  3. If you, want to save more and have your own phase in terms of visiting locations go instead for a DIY trip
  4. Hire a driver instead from the place that you are visiting instead of doing a guided trip – this will be a semi DIY/Guided trip (going rate for a car rental service in Bohol is P2,000 for the whole Countryside trip
  5. Check with the Hotels that you will be staying at if they offer a packaged rate – this can either be more expensive or less expensive depending on their going rate/number of people/your negotiation skills

For our trip, I decided that we will go for the semi-guided trip aka renting a car. This is cheaper and was actually recommended to me.

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  1. Vera says:

    Hmm. DIY is a good way to explore also, you can learn a lot thru this. But there are areas where it’s better to consult the experts. A good balance between the two is ideal.

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