Where to Stay in Bohol?

This is the first in my Bohol Trip Planning Series. In this post I will tackle where one can stay while in Bohol. I know that you can readily search for it through different travel sites, but I wanted to show I usually go about in planning trips and to also make it easier for you to plan and decide based on considerations such as:

  1. Price
  2. Location
  3. Amenities
  4. Inclusions
  5. Reviews

What I first do, is search for Bohol in TripAdvisor. From there it already gives me varied options and since I want to focus first on deciding where we will stay for our 4D/3N trip I hover over the hotels section. I already have a pre-set filter in my mind regarding the amenities that I want our hotel to have so I also ensure that the hotel’s are filtered down (amenities are pretty simple: AC, airport transfers, Spa, Free WiFi and Free Breakfast).


Here are the hotels that I got from my filter that are within the budget of Php 3,000 per night:

tagbilaran hotel

In terms of cheapest one, it was Darunday Manor. So I checked out individual reviews from their FB page and TripAdvisor. Most of the reviews were rate 4 to 5 stars and had positive feedback as well. Since E mentioned that we might be out the whole day, it will be best if we stayed in a budget place which still had good family reviews.

Since we will already be there at Bohol, I suggested that we also go to Panglao first for our first day before we go to Bohol. That’s why I also have this run down of resorts for Panglao:


Haven’t decided yet which resort we will go to for Panglao and if we will really go to Panglao, but at least we already have our options. Next up on the planning list is the 4D/3N Itinerary in Bohol. Hope this will help you identify where you can stay at Bohol.



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