The Halal Guys at BGC

A little birdie asked me if I wanted to try out Halal Guys after our morning meeting. At first I was a bit hesitant especially because I wanted to stick to my budget. I gave in eventually because it’s food and I usually don’t tighten my purse strings when it comes to food.


The Halal Guys at High Street is fairly new. Anj (the little birdie) was influenced to try it out after seeing a post from Andi Manzano and her hubby.

Since this is my first time ordering there I wasn’t fully aware of the sizes they had and which one would satisfy my grumbling belly (I skipped breakfast today so you can just imagine my stomach churning out loud noises). Of course I asked the difference between the small and the regular (I even considered the New York size) but I was extremely hungry that time that I ended up getting the regular one.

halal guys

I was like a little kid looking forward to the day after Halloween when it came to opening up my order from The Halal Guys. When I saw my order immediately I regretted getting the regular size. Why? Even if I skipped breakfast my hunger earlier is not enough to finish a meal that is good for two! For the price that I paid it was a good deal!

Taste wise, I like their white sauce! The consistency for me was just right, not thick nor watery. It also had the tangy taste that is not overpowering (had I known that you can request for an additional sauce (P25) I would have gotten one!


Together with this they also give chilli and barbeque sauce. Both sauces complement the white sauce so I highly suggest you throw everything in before you toss and mix your meal (of course lesser chilli sauce if your not a fan).

I tried as much as I can to finish my meal, but I stopped midway through. I still have the leftovers and I’ll probably have it as dinner. Don’t expect your plate to be filled with too much meat though because what they give is a perfect balance of veggies and meat. I give this a 4.5 out of 5!


For a guide in ordering (size wise) here is my pov

Normal Person Appetite – go for small

Hungry (Hunger Games type of hunger) or Big Appetite – go for regular

Carpintero level- go for New York


    • denice.diaz says:

      That I’m not really sure, but when I checked their site it said middle east food. 🙂 Their set-up is similar to their NYC cart.

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