Planning Our Bohol Trip

Last year, I booked our little fam-bam tickets to Bohol for March 2016. Now, with only 2 months left I will try to plan out our tour to the beautiful Bohol.

Neither E nor I have been to Bohol yet, so I would have to rely to my old favorite tandem in creating our itinerary for 4 days and even in searching for good accommodations. This will be Bunny’s first plane ride and venture to Visayas. So there’s a lot of planning to do with so little time. This post will be the mother-list of what I have to research and plan about for our trip.

I hope that this will be able to help others as well in planning their trip with their family and with a baby. So here goes my list:

  1. Where to stay in Bohol
  2. Places to visit in Bohol
  3. Doing a DIY trip or booking a tour guide?
  4. How much to allot for 4D/3N stay in Bohol
  5. How to make plane rides easy for babies
  6. What to pack for an out of town trip
  7. Which pasalubongs to buy in Bohol

So far, I have seven listed out. What I plan to do is tackle each subject per week and update this mother-list with additional research material as well as hyperlink each one to the corresponding page. So for now, I will rest and update this before the week ends with top suggestions for the first topic which is where to stay in Bohol.

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