Wow Brows from Brow Haus

I got a GC for Brow Haus from my Sample Room VIP Membership (yay!). The original price of the Brow Resurrection is at P649 but through my Sample Room membership I got it technically for just P50 (paid only for the shipping fee and I got two other products and total shipping fee was P140 so syempre divided by 3 around P50).

browhaus 1

I scheduled my appointment last Monday, Dec 14. I really scheduled it on the day of our company Christmas Party. Of course I wanted to look nice for the Christmas Party! So during my lunch break, I headed off to Brow Haus in Greenbelt. It is located at the 4th floor service area of Greenbelt 5, which is just 10 minutes away from my office (my office is located @ the Enterprise Center).


outside poster

When I got there, I just presented my awesome GC and gave my name for them to check against the appointments scheduled for the day. They assigned Irene to fix my untamed brows. Before I share my experience below is just a photo of my brows before for reference:

brows before

So, Irene assisted me to one of these rooms. Wasn’t able to take a photo of the room, but it was very comfy inside and provided the much needed privacy. She was very accommodating and asked me if it was my first time to experience eyebrow threading, it wasn’t but it was a long time since I last did it. When the actual brow resurrection started, it wasn’t as painful as the other eyebrow threading services I experienced before. Irene was very nice and was telling me that my eyebrows were thick and I needed to only apply only a dash of eyebrow pencil to define ’em. She made my whole Brow Haus experience something to look forward to every month! So after cuts and plucks here and there, here are my fixed and tamed brows:



E gave my new brows a sign of approval via the like button when I sent a photo via Facebook Messenger (yay!). He said that it looks way better than before! My overall rating is 5 out of 5 stars! The staff was very accommodating and the service was superb as well! I will be coming back next month after the holiday break to have my brows tamed again.

Here’s a before and after pic again for reference:

before after


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