Bunny’s McDo Celebrations Birthday Hooplah

Three months before her birthday, E and I discussed about bunny’s birthday. At first I wanted to just have a simple family dinner, I mean we really don’t celebrate the first birthday for the little one. I think it is more for the mum’s and dad’s, a pat in the back (HEY YOU SURVIVED ONE YEAR AND YOUR BABY IS ALIVE AND HEALTHY). E however encouraged me to throw her a small party, she may not remember it but we certainly don’t want to look back and feel bad about not celebrating her birthday with our closest friends and relatives, right?

So, we decided to check out Jolibee and McDonalds. Fortunately those two fast food chains opened nearby (just around 5 minutes from home) so we were able to visit before her big day. Bad things is that Jollibee had limited space (read here: no place for a birthday party) so we ended up picking McDo. At first I was saddened, I wanted her to have her birthday in Jollibee just because she likes the mashed potato and spag. This however was a blessing in disguise. After reading about reviews of Jollibee and McDo parties I discovered that more mums say that McDo is better. Most mums cited that Jollibee has a tendency to rush your party and is a bit more expensive. So, fate really wanted us to have the better deal (YAY!)


The theme we chose for her birthday was the Adventure Time theme (this is also a plus for McDo because in Jollibee you can only choose from the Jollibee Theme or the Hello Kitty Theme – with McDo you have four options!). The giveaways from McDo also had this theme and of course the cake I requested from my aunt had to have the same theme!

adventure time cake

Bunny’s actual birthday hooplah in McDo was short and sweet. We just had around 50 of our closest friends and relatives. Of course, at first Bunny was a bit hesitant to go around and play with the other humans.


I mean there were more adult humans than tiny humans like herself! She was particularly scared with my Uncle, can’t blame the kid he was super gigil with her! She kept on crying whenever my aunt or mum or even her dad carries her. She’s only comfy when I’m the one carrying her or when it’s my brother (her uncle monkey) carrying her (so young, but already with her preferences).


The main struggle I had was whether she will like the spag or not, but oh well,  I think she likes it a lot and loves to eat it like a boss!


The games were super fun, especially the one for the adult humans – the pass, dribble, exhibition. Complicated mechanics but they got it!

After the games and the eating part, the crew brought in Hamburglar! Of course I was a tad bit disappointed because I thought it was going to be Grimace, but again fate has its way of turning up things for the best. Alex loved him! She was smiling and dancing when he came in. Everybody seemed to gush when they saw her dancing and I was just there staring at her smiling and having fun.

Mum! Who is that person???

Mum! Who is that person???



We sang to her after Hamburglar’s appearance, and although they asked me to say something for her I just said that I love her.





I can’t really say anything else because the party area might end up like a tiny pool filled with my tears (happy tears of course). That tiny human changed me, her dad, and everybody else around her. It was a short, sweet, and fun party. I surely had fun and I’m sure that she had fun too.




As usual, we blew out the candles for her and had a photo-op with Hamburglar. We weren’t rushed as well, compared to the Jollibee celebrations based on other mums feedback. Her guests were even able to have a photo-op as well.



After the party, the staff fixed all of the gifts. We settled the remaining half of the bill after the party. All in all, we spent just around P20k for her birthday. We had excess food, so some guests were able to take home some as well (plus additional giveaway – the lunchbox and notebook). It was money well spent because we didn’t think about the venue, the food, the actual program. All we had to do was focus on bunny and our guests. How about you? Have you tried throwing a birthday at McDo or Jollibee?



  1. Richelle Molon says:

    I’m happy you had a wonderful party in McDo (ako ba ang may-ari ng Mcdo?). No, I’m glad your Princess was happy with your 1st Birthday Party treat for her. Nice cake you got for her, tell your aunt to make our Elijah one too on his birthday.

    With this blog post, I’ll consider McDo for my son’s birthday. Indeed, it has far great feedback than of Jollibee.

    • denice.diaz says:

      Thank you! 🙂 She was super happy. Just let me know if you want me to hook you up with her. 😉 We’re from Cavite nga lang.

  2. Lady Anne Louise Barrun says:

    You guys seems really happy and enjoyed the event. Happy birthday to your daughter. Me and my husband also planned to have a house celebration for my son’s birthday (he’s 7 months old now) and will buy him gifts instead but when my friends asked me about our plans they encourage me to have a party since it’s his 1st birthday.

    • denice.diaz says:

      Really depends on you din. In the end it will be your call. 🙂 We really had fun and it wasn’t that expensive too vs having a catered one.

    • denice.diaz says:

      I was surprised too na she wasn’t afraid of Hamburglar. I hope na even when she gets bigger di pa din sya matakot. 🙂

  3. Janice says:

    My son had his 1st birthday at McDo too. My eldest daughter also had her 7th birthday party there. McDo is really a good option if you want a simple, no-fuss party. Happy birthday to your daughter! 🙂

  4. Grace says:

    mcdo is a good choice when hosting birthdays even for adults. i’m a loyal fan of their fries and i make sure that we always include that on their birthday package meals 🙂

    • denice.diaz says:

      It really is! 🙂 Opted for the spag and chicken meal with additional apple pie and ice cream instead of the fries though.

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