A Change of Perspective

I was once a workaholic. Emphasis on “was,” still working on it but really as compared before I think I’m less of a workaholic. Proof?


I used to go home around 10 or 11 PM everyday. EVERYDAY. It was so focused on completing every task on my to-do list, well obsessed will be a better term for that. I wanted to see each post that is up on our social pages receive high engagement scores. I wanted to learn as much as I can about social media, about digital.


I wanted to attend each and every single trade party there is. I wanted to escape. I liked staying at home, but if there was an opportunity to do a live coverage for an event, attend a network event, or stay out with friends I will easily say yes. I will say yes to out of town event coverage, to late nights away from home, to staying at the office finish every to-do I can think off (while watching Adventure Time or Chowder). I will even say yes to bringing my laptop home to work (I will have a bit a resistance of course but after sometime I will be okay).


When I check my payslip, I would usually have minimum of 15 hrs of overtime per cut-off. I’m a happy girl during payday because, hello, I have additional cash from my OT and reimbursement as well. Did this take a toll on my health, which is why I would always have a glass of Berocca (my baby brand) everyday. To me this was the norm of working in an agency.


To me this was life and I loved it. I thrived in this environment without realizing that the reason I liked it was because it helped me escape from my other problems. It helped me cover that hole in my life that needed to be filled. It helped fill my empty nights with laughter and cheer. That all changed when I had bunny.


I know that I am not the only mom who said or who will say this, but having a child gives more meaning to your life. It doesn’t mean that my life had no meaning before, but having her allowed me to have that change of perspective. Having her made me realize that I can still be good at work without having to go overtime everyday. Having her made me realize the importance of family and the importance of time management. She wasn’t just my baby, but she was the instrument God used to help me realize that my life should be just about work.


Now I work 40 hrs per week, but I am always online, always on Viber, always on messenger. I would be lying if I said that I finally achieved that work life balance, because really I haven’t cracked this yet. What I realized is that I still can be a good employee without burning out. That to-dos will pile up but I will be able to manage it with the help of proper time management and my team.


Now my nights are more chill, usually filled with music from bunny’s favorite nursery rhymes. My nights won’t be complete without changing my messy little bunny. My nights are filled with laughter that starts from bunny and resonates throughout our home. My nights are filled with hugs and kisses from bunny. I no longer feel the need to stay out late, I do sometimes to attend trade events (chosen trade events) and I still work sometimes but at home when she’s asleep. I no longer feel the need to drink up alcohol to fill the void I once felt. My life has changed by a silly little girl. She changed how I viewed my nights, my life, my world.


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