Peanuts Movie Review

I am not really a big fan of Charlie Brown and the gang before, but after watching the movie it changed. Over the Holidays we were able to watch the movie, albeit over and over again because Bunny particularly liked a scene between Snoopy and Woodstock. To count, we probably watched it for 8 times already!

From Peanuts Movie Website

From Peanuts Movie Website

The movie has a simple storyline revolving around Charlie Brown and his admiration for the new girl. At the very start of the movie the plot was already set up and if you look at it closely you will already see the problem that he will face, that is his lack of self confidence. He sees himself as a bit of a failure and the new girl presents the chance of a new beginning.

What follows next is a series of events that start off good but then ends up with a bit of a fumble for Charlie Brown. In each situation though you get to see the goodness in him that he fails to see. Which is very apt for kids and grown ups, like Charlie Brown we tend to focus on the bad instead of the good. A human error that tends to lead to self doubt because we fail to see the silver lining.

In each situation presented, Charlie Brown exerts his very best. I particularly liked the bit with the school dance. He practiced and practiced until such time that he was confident of his skill (thanks to his best friend Snoopy).

Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Another constant theme throughout the movie is how Charlie Brown feels bad due to what Lucy says – which IRL is also true. We sometimes listen too much to what other people say about us, especially the negative stuff. Instead of working on it we just dwell on it and allow it to affect our overall self esteem.

The resolution comes in at the last part of the movie when Charlie Brown realizes the goodness in each hurdle he faced. This he was able to see when the new girl talked to him before she left. Sometimes we just need an affirmation from an outsider to see how other people see the goodness in us that we ignore because of our insecurities.┬áIn his own words, Charlie Brown said that he is “An insecure and wishy washy person,” to his surprise the new girl said that what she sees in him is his compassion, honesty, bravery, and sweetness. She doesn’t see a failure, rather a person with all of the qualities she admires.


After watching the movie I realized that even though it seems just like any other animation it provides watchers insight to how life is. I recall telling my team how much I liked the movie because it is really well told and because of the lessons which seemed to be directed more to adults than to the kids.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5 and I highly recommend this for the whole family.