How We Booked Cheap Flights with GetGo Ph #FlyForFree

For weeks, E and I have been waiting for the GetGo Ph seat sale. We had to book our flight back to Manila from Hong Kong. See, we already have our tickets to Macau thanks to the Cebu Pacific Seat Sale last February. What we lacked is our return flight home. I told him that we had to book our tickets by April, latest May.

In my “kuripot” (cheapskate) mind, I wasn’t willing to spend more than P7,000 (USD 140) for our flight back. Some of you are probably thinking that I’m too cheap, how can I possibly book three tickets below P7,000. With determination, stalking skills, and a supportive husband we were able to book our flight back for only P4,426.21 (USD 89)!

GetGo Ph Anniversary Sale

So how did we do it? As I mentioned, it took stalking skills and E to book this flight.

After booking our flight to Macau, I discussed with E that we had more than enough rewards points from our credit card to book two return tickets.

With his approval, I processed the transfer of points from my credit card to my GetGo Ph account. The points transfer was easy but it took 3 working days for GetGo Ph to reflect it on my account.

I guess this was a blessing in disguise. The current seat sale that they had charged 2,000 points per ticket. I didn’t give up, though, I started checking their page every other day hoping that they will announce a seat sale. I keep telling myself that I still had three months to book our return tickets.

Judging their past seat sales I knew that they have bi-monthly seat sales (Read: stalker digital practitioner who spent time analysing their sales and corresponding points).

Come March they started posting teasers about their anniversary sale. I knew that this sale was our opportunity to book our return flights. Thanks to the data I had, I deduced that the possible duration of the seats on sale will be around September to December 2017.



I started checking their page daily! I noticed that they post updates around 11 AM and would send out email blasts at least every other week. This obsessive stalking of their page and email checking bore fruit when I received their advance announcement for the much-waited seat sale.


With my hands trembling, I took a screenshot of my desktop (an actual screenshot – me taking a photo of my desktop)and sent the image to E. My heart started to beat faster as if I ran for a minute in place. It was now or never.

I then asked my brother if I can borrow his Mac Book Pro so I can easily book my flight. This, of course, came with a payment, he will also book a flight if he sees fit (a.k.a. if it fit his schedule). I was fine with that, we had 8,050 points. In my computation, we would only need 4,000 to 5,000 points.

Booking Our Flight

Around 9 PM last March 13, my brother handed me his laptop. Bunny wasn’t asleep yet so she even said “tap tap” when she saw it. I immediately logged in on my GetGo Ph account and clicked remember me. My plan in mind is to sleep for a bit with Bunny and wait for E to wake me up when he comes home. It was written in the stars that we will get our ticket because E’s shift would end around 10:30 PM and that night he was home 15 minutes before midnight.

E woke me up from my not-so-deep slumber with a kiss, just like Sleeping Beauty daw. I immediately sat up and opened the laptop. I refreshed the GetGo Ph site and the promo was still not up.

Midnight came and with renewed confidence, I refreshed the site and clicked on redeem flights. I entered our details, picked the dates, and waited for the page to load. E sat beside me waiting for the page to load. It felt like we were waiting for more than five minutes before the page loaded.

We had two choices, book the morning flight (8:35 AM departure) or the midnight flight (00:05 AM departure). I tried to weigh the pros and cons, I even considered making a list before making the decision. It was then that I realised, there was no traffic to beat, the train was our way to the airport, and that we weren’t in Manila. I also factored in work, with the morning flight we still have ample time to rest before we have to go back.


With E’s approval, I booked the morning flight. I expected the site to load slower, I anticipated that users were logging in and booking their flights, but to my surprise, I was able to go to the next page in less than 15 seconds. I added baggage allowance for myself only which cost us additional 3,510 points. In total, we used up 3,570 points and just added P4,426.21 for tax and other fees.

The Experience

To be honest, there was a sense of thrill when we booked our flights through GetGo Ph. The fact that I asked E to wake me up is enough to prove that I was determined to get tickets. This is something that I would advise to those who will try to book. Set an alarm for 12 MN and don’t wait for their Facebook post. Watch out for their email blasts because most often than not they announce in advance.

This goes for all seat sales. You will miss out on good flight schedules if you wait until the last minute to book or if you just wait for their post to reach you.


Other Seat Sales

If you are still looking for seat sales, you can check Philippine Airline’s site. Last I checked they have no announcements yet on their Facebook page. You can book domestic flights for as low as P1,000 one way. Their sale is both for their domestic and international flights.

Also, as of posting the GetGo Ph Seat Sale is back but with limited seats. So you can try your luck again in booking your flights!Capture4

H20 Hotel Review

I’m still in the process of catching up with my blog backlogs, so here I am sharing my overnight stay experience at H20 last December.

Maximising a MetroDeal Voucher

As early as September last year I bought this voucher from MetroDeal.


As a consumer, you have the option to choose from the different rooms available in H20 Hotel and the type of activity you want to try at Manila Ocean Park. My long talk with E, my husband, ended with us booking the Aqua Room plus 2 tickets to Manila Ocean Park’s Ultimate Adventure. This meant that from the offer posted at the site, at P2,999 my final dues was P4,999.

To compute for the savings I decided to break down the booking if we were to book on our own:

P7,320 for the overnight stay at the Classic Aqua Room

P 760 per person for the Manila Ocean Park Activity

P 300 per person for entrance to Yexel’s Museum

P 400 per person for Liquid Buffet

Total would be at P 10,240 and our savings at P5,241 or 50% of the total bill. This is a good price already for me, so I know we made the right purchase.

Birth Month Staycation

You may be wondering why we booked an overnight stay at H20 in December. No, it’s not our Holiday celebration or our pre-holiday celebration. The reason why we went there was to celebrate my daughter and I’s birth month! Both of us are December babies and I wanted to start a little family tradition. It’s really important for me to start our own family tradition since technically speaking we are a legit family since last August.

H20 Aqua Room

In the eyes of my toddler, the Aqua Room was the bomb! She fell in love with our room because she saw Dory! Yes, blue tang fishes were present in our gigantic aquarium! According to their website, there are up to 35 different species of fishes present in the aquarium. This alone made our stay worthwhile.


You can just sit back and relax while you watch the fishes swim by. If you have a toddler who loves Dory and Nemo, a background chatter of “swim, swim, swim” and “Dowy” would be heard as well.


As for the other amenities of their classic Aqua Room, our queen sized bed was super comfy. It made leaving the bed to roam around Ocean Park a struggle. It was as if the bed was hugging as back when we lied down.

The t&b was roomy although there are no bidets and no bathtubs present. Free toiletries were also provided inside the bathroom.

Our room also had a personal fridge. My problem though is that at times it seemed like it wasn’t cooling our drinks efficiently.

Zenyu Eco Spa

What I loved the most about our stay at H20 was Zenyu Eco Spa! I swear my one exclamation point is not enough to show how much I enjoyed my 90 minutes massage.

Thanks to E, I was able to sneak out after bunny finally fell into a deep slumber after dinner. Truth be told though she fell asleep while we were eating! I think she got super tired from our full day experience of Ocean Park.

From the H20 Website

From the H20 Website

Zenyu Eco Spa is conveniently located just across the check-in counter of the hotel. I noticed that only a few people were waiting outside. I was guessing that most didn’t even bother to try it out. To this I say, you missed out on an amazing massage!

My 90-minute massage at their spa was the best I’ve ever had so far. Better than my experience at The Spa, really. The masseuse listened intently to my body and pampered it well. I even fell asleep for 30 minutes or less.

My money was well spent! I guess they really deliver on what their name’s translation in Japanese which is “complete healing.” Needless to say, I slept like a log until morning when I came back from the spa.

Outdoor Jet Pool

The morning after, E decided that they will take a dip at the Outdoor Jet Pool. Location of this pool wasn’t really convenient. We had to get out of the hotel and walk past the entrance of Ocean Park to access it.


I wasn’t also impressed with the structure of the place. The freaked out mum inside of me was screaming. Kids can slip if they run too fast and the pools weren’t really that fantastic.

Overall Rating

I give H20 a 4 out of 5 rating with room for improvement – to be frank with their outdoor jet pool. The rest of their facilities were great and I would definitely come back with my family when we can.


Zoobic Safari Escapade with Bunny & E

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, in our last day in Subic we decided to go around Zoobic Safari before departing to Cavite. We already had a driver hired for our day out, Kuya Ramon (you can read more about the Subic Taxi Service here). Before that though I was contemplating whether we will go to Ocean Adventure or Zoobic Safari. For one, I know that we can’t afford going to both places given our limited time and Bunny usually dozes of mid-afternoon so we won’t get to enjoy the day if we visit both.

After much research on my end and E’s we ended up picking Zoobic Safari – although I think he is partial to Zoobic Safari because he hasn’t been there before! For me it’s cute and at least I get to see how they both enjoy a new place to visit.



We left our hotel around 8.30 AM and already checked out. I just asked the staff to keep our things first because we will visit Zoobic Safari first to which they happily obliged. We arrived at Zoobic Safari a little after 9 AM. We just bought our tickets, Bunny was free (perks of traveling with a baby/toddler) and we had to pay Php 545 each. This already is good for the whole park from the petting zoo, the animal show, and even the encounter with the tigers! Good price already if you ask me.

We started our tour with the petting zoo. It is optional to buy the basket of fruits and of course I wanted us to experience feeding the animals first hand so I ended up paying Php 100. This was super worth it because the animals engaged more with us when they saw us holding the basket! The funniest ones were the deer and the camels! Within the petting zoo you can have a photo with animals for P50 (there was an owl and a miniature donkey).





After this, we watched the animal show – this was only available during weekends and since we went there on a Saturday we ended up watching the show. I honestly think it was E who enjoyed more than Bunny and I. I even pushed him to participate in the show to which he ended up holding a snake (he looked goofy when he did to which my heart skipped a beat). This was a good show which lasted around 15 minutes!

Near the animal show stage was the serpentarium. I initially though bunny will be scared of the reptiles inside but she looked at it with her eyes wide open as if wondering what those creatures were and why they looked scaly and funky!



The next step was the ride which toured us to the many different parts of the park. It eventually led us to the Tiger Sanctuary and the encounter with the tigers! To make the ride more exciting we were asked if we wanted to buy chicken – dead one of course – to be fed while we were in the enclosed jeep. So our group bought and off we went inside through the enclosed jeep. Bunny didn’t even wink or cry when the big miming approached us! She was smiling and even calling the tigers! I think in her mind it was larger versions of the cats she played with back at home. She was so cute and so was her daddy! E was taking lots and lots of videos and I told him to take more photos instead of just videos but still he took more videos!



After this we waited for the ride to bring us to the croc area and bunny met a new friend! This friend followed her around and sniffed her diaper a lot ( I guess because she was due for a change of nappies) to which she just giggled and laughed.



We went by the croc area fast because little bunny was sleepy and we just waited for the ride again to bring us back to the entrance area.


The park tour took us around 4 hours to finish! Which was long as compared to the 2 hrs projected time in their website. After our tour, Kuya Ramon was already there to pick us up back to Subic. While in the taxi I recall telling E that it was a great choice for bunny because she really likes animals and nature and also because he hasn’t been there before. You can check out their site here:

Subic Escapade: When Work Meets Play

After our Bohol getaway we had another escapade – in Subic! No this wasn’t really planned (I mean the kuripot side of me is dying inside – kidding). But it was a fun trip anyway. See, I had to attend the Ad Summit @ Subic and because it spanned for 4 days and 3 nights I really can’t leave Bunny that long. The longest we have been apart is overnight due to our office planning session and it was hard on me and her – I was looking at her photos just to fall asleep and she had to comfort suck her dada’s nips just to fall asleep! So imagining 4 days without her was just hard, so I booked a hotel stay for Bunny, her dada and I.

The Plan

It was simple, I will be away from 10 AM until 4 PM everyday and out as well by 7 PM for dinner. She and her dad will stay at the hotel and order food while I am away. To make sure she has enough milk I will be pumping in between talks and when I get back to the hotel. Sounds easy, but really it was hard at times – especially when I lost my breastfeeding bag (thank God the guard found it)! So for 3 days that was our routine, and it worked! The nice thing was that she and her dad bonded even more that at times I got jealous because she was super sweet to her dad and sometimes ignored me.



The Hotel

Hotels are pricier when it is within the SBMA so we opted to stay at a hotel within Olongapo but walking distance to SM and the buses going to the Summit. For 4 days and 3 nights we stayed at Subic Residencias and it was less pricey but very much worth it. Bunny even had fun playing with the phone – peg nya ata to call for room service always!


12801325_10208706629965833_2633655573292640927_nWork and Play

Very apt for the theme of the year is our final day in Subic! The talks during the summit for me really centered on not limiting yourself to possible executions that you can do for your brand which sometimes entailed playing. To be honest, working in an agency is fun but it sometimes can be too much especially if you get drowned with JOs, briefs, and to-dos. This meant of course time to let go and let loose – maybe through drinking for some but can also be achieved by playing. Playing with apps or playing outside.

This then inspired me to tell E to ask his cousin he lives nearby to visit us while we were there and to take Bunny and her dad out to visit Zoobic Safari on our last day in Subic. It was her Tito’s first time to meet Bunny and although she didn’t really play that much with her tito they had their moments.



As for our Zoobic Safari escapade will post a more detailed entry about this soon but it was really fun to see both of them with eyes wide open, seeing new things and interacting with the animals. Definitely the highlight of our trip in Subic.



Since this wasn’t really a travel-travel we only spent on our hotel accommodation, food (mostly for Bunny and E), and transpo. We only spent around Php 10,000 but 50% is for the 4D/3N at Subic Residencias.

Bohol Bee Farm Review

This is not really about our stay there, since we stayed in Lost Horizon while we were in Panglao. This is a review however for the food served at the Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant. In a nutshell our lunch at Bohol Bee Farm is nothing short of ordinary.

First, take a look at this view that you will be welcomed to when you sit down and wait for the service crew. Breathtaking right? This alone is enough for me – in filipino terms – ulam na kanin na lang kulang (I just need rice because the view is more than enough).




Now imagine sitting there and then trying to remind yourself of the main reason why you went there, for the food! Now, I didn’t really research on what food to try there but since I love pasta I got the spicy pasta. E on the other hand ordered the seafood lasagna, and we got a kiddie spag meal for Bunny.

We were thinking that this might not be enough for us, oh but really it was too much already, we ordered pizza as well. Meat lovers pizza, for my pizza loving soul. Drinks were easy, I got the mango shake and he ordered iced tea.

While we were waiting the crew brought this old school high chair for Bunny, doesn’t she look like a tiny princess? They were so kind to even put comfy pillows so that she is just at the right height for the chair.





Service was fast. They first gave us the yummy pumpkin bread with the pesto and mango jams and the organic chips with salsa dip. Bunny liked the chips so much ( I think she ate 4 pieces on her own) and E and I both loved the jams. (Which is why we bought it for our pasalubong! Read more about it here).



After five minutes, our food was served. We were honestly surprised that each serving is good for 2 people! Even the kiddie spag meal! Should have ordered one pasta dish lang and the pizza!




E’s seafood lasagna was served with their famous salad. According to him it was delicious, just the right combination of sweet and salty but you can really taste the seafood side of it. As for the spicy pasta, it was like eating pasta with chili con carne but with a bit more tomato sauce. It was yummy and just the right amount of spice for me. The kiddie spag is sweet, just right for kiddos. Pizza was fantastic as well! Overall the yummy food plus the view made this one of my favorite stops in our Bohol vacation!

Bunny loved the mango shake also!


I give this a 10/10 and a must visit when you are in Bohol!


Darunday Manor Review

For the rest of our stay in Bohol, we were checked in at Darunday Manor. I discovered it through Trip Advisor and saw the good reviews it received from travelers. Aside from the good reviews, they also offer free breakfast and location is very convenient. It is situated in the main city, near a bank, near fast food chains, near a park, and the airport. That is what I liked the most about Darunday Manor. It is very convenient and you get what you pay for. At Php 1,400 you get a good room, free breakfast, good and homey service.

Darunday Manor Room 10 - From Tripadvisor

Darunday Manor Room 10 – From Tripadvisor

Our room was located at the 3rd floor, and on our way up we were treated to magnificent paintings from Boholano Artists. This was such a welcome treat from the usual clean walls of hotels. The paintings gave the place such a good ambiance that will make you feel at home.

From the Darunday Manor FB Page

From the Darunday Manor FB Page

The service was good and you can really feel the warmth from their team. Although most are older compared to the usual staff of hotels, you can tell that they really like what they are doing.

Darunday Manor from their FB Page

Darunday Manor from their FB Page

Overall though they still have a lot to improve. The best way they can compete with other hotels in Tagbilaran is to have more upgraded facilities. The rest is already good. I will probably try other hotels if we go back to Bohol, but Darunday Manor is a good budget hotel option.

Best Pasalubong Buys in Bohol

Going to Bohol soon? Or you have a friend or relative visiting the lovely province of Bohol soon? Here’s just a rundown of my personal picks for best pasalubongs in Bohol. This is just based on my experience there and which ones were liked best by my friends/family.

Best Pasalubongs in Bohol

  1. Bohol Bee Farm Spreads – may it be the pesto or the mango butter or the chocolate spread. This is a MUST BUY. Really, just go for the free taste in the store and you’ll know why. A week after we got back from Bohol both the pesto and mango butter spread was gone (to my dismay because I wasn’t able to enjoy much of it since we were out due to the Ad Summit) spreads
  2. Bohol Bee Farm Honey – we didn’t really buy any of the honeys available there, but it is also yummy when we tasted it.
  3. Bohol Bee Farm Tea – we bought 2 packs – one for my dad and one for E’s dad. My dad gave it positive reviews especially the Guava and Bayabas flavored ones. I even noticed na tinitipid nya yung tea, not drinking one per day
  4. Bohol Bee Farm Organic Chips – best paired with the spreads or with salsa! 20160303_124104
  5. Tarsier Shirts – just because everybody loves shirts and the designs in the tarsier conservation area were nice – I was able to buy four for Php 600!
  6. Mini Guardian Angel Statues – this ones you can purchase at the Baclayon Church at Php 35 each if I remember correctly – something to buy to also help them out
  7. Ref Magnet – some go for 3 for 100 – This is perfect for friends or relatives who loves collecting ref magnets – we have a collection at home because my mom has a dream to fill it up
  8. Peanut Kisses – this is the simplest and most staple pasalubong buy in Bohol

That’s it! I really recommend the spreads and tea, really worth your buck and unique to Bohol. The spreads are sold at Php 180 for the small one and Php 260 for the big one while the assorted tea is sold at Php 120.

Bohol Day 4: Last Stop for Pasalubong

On our last day in Bohol, we opted to just walk around the park near Darunday Manor and visit BQ Mall. Kuya Rikrik, our driver from the day before, mentioned to us that it will be best to buy pasalubong – the likes of peanut kisses and others- in malls versus the stalls. He said that it is a bit cheaper and that we will have more choices. I kept this in mind the whole time during our Country Side Tour so, I never really did purchase any food pasalubong along the way.

Feeding the Birds

The entire time that we were at the park near our hotel, we were feeding the pigeons – feeling ibang bansa lang ang peg! It was so funny how even the locals will buy popcorn to just feed it to the birds. See, for 5 pesos, you get to feed the birds and catch one, if you can, or chase ’em for more sosyal effect. Overall I think we ended up buying 20 pesos worth of popcorn and Bunny kept on running around chasing the birds or asking us for popcorn. Mind you, it was not to feed the birds but to eat!





Lunch Before Farewells

We ended up having lunch at Pizza Hut, for lack of choices at BQ Mall. We were just trying to make the most out of what little time we have left there. So after our lunch we dropped by the grocery store. It was a bit cheaper to buy there versus along the way. You can get 12 pcs of peanut kisses for around 160 vs. 10 pcs for 150 at stalls. There were also other choices for pasalubong there.

We got back to the hotel and bid farewell to the super lovely staff of Darunday Manor. One of the attendants, an older woman around 50 plus even played with Bunny before our taxi arrived and we left.

Back To Reality

After waiting for our plane to arrive, we finally descended down to the waiting area. The plane wasn’t boarding yet so we just waited first. Funny though how Bunny went up front to the locals playing guitars and singing. At the same area, foreign nationals were there, a big group of more than 10 tourists were there. One chinese woman asked me if I was chinese – this is normal I am often mistaken to be either chinese or korean (up to the point that they will talk to me and I just stare at them blankly because I cannot understand anything that they were saying). I have a bit of Chinese blood, so I said yes and she replied I know I know, I can tell you know. This time, Bunny started dancing and clapping! The Chinese woman then reached for her bag and gave her a necklace – she looked at me with sparkling eyes and said “she can, she can.” I think this meant that Bunny can have it.

Right on cue, the doors opened and we bid farewell to the group. Although we will be riding the same plane our seats are far apart. Bunny slept again just before lift off. Although we endured a longer travel time than usual it was okay for me.

Our quick trip to Bohol was worth every penny that we spent. We will surely have another family bonding time soon, but perhaps somewhere near first as we are saving up for our wedding. I promised E that every year we will visit a place we haven’t been to before, and that we will always have our bit of bonding time every quarter. It can be a simple staycation or just a trip to the park. Just a bit of time to recharge and spend time with our little girl.


Bohol Day 3: Countryside Tour

I was super excited for our countryside tour! I really wanted to see the chocolate hills and the tarsiers (although I have seen one before when I was in Davao). I think the excitement came from touring a place that is familiar because of photos, yet unfamiliar because I really have no reference point on what to expect (gulo I know but really, I hope you get what I mean).

The night before I was texting Kuya Tatsky, I asked him what time he recommended us to start with the tour. For me I wanted to start early so we can rest in the afternoon before we prep our things for our flight the next day. Kuya Tatsky replied that it is best if we start early – around 7.30 or 8 AM is good. So with that, I told E that we should sleep early since I already expected the countryside tour to be a full day!

A Breathtaking Start

When I read most DIY trips, most often than not tours start with the chocolate hills. Our driver however recommended that we start with the Hinagdanan Cave. He said that since most tourists start with the chocolate hills there would be a lot of people there already and if we do start there we will arrive late for lunch at the Loboc River Cruise. We decided to go with his recommendation and it did not disappoint.





When we got there we were the first tourists and we had the place all to ourselves. This was my first time to explore a cave and I was doing it with E and Bunny – woohoo Family Firsts! Yay! So we started our tour and our guide mentioned that the original entrance was just descending to the cave using a rope but that they discovered a new entrance which was way easier – it had stairs!

I tried to keep in mind as much as I can during the trip – some of which that I can remember is that most locals visit during Saturday and Sunday (this means it is perhaps best to go during weekdays just so you can enjoy the cave without being cramped to what space is left) and that most tourists come mid morning to late afternoon. Aside from that the water there is clean, there are no bats inside the cave, the depth of the water ranges from 3 ft to 10ft plus (if it is high tide it is deeper)

Bee Farm Round 2

For our second day, we already toured Bohol Bee Farm (well really we ate lunch and bought yummy spreads!), I didn’t know that it was part of the tour though! If you will be travelling without a little toddler you can opt to check out the bees but since we had bunny with us we just walked around and again bought stuff (Chocolate Spread, Tea, and ICE CREAM). I am not sure if I mentioned it in my previous post, but do try out their ice cream! It is super yummy!



Monuments and Churches

Our driver Kuya Rikrik then toured us to the fake blood compact monument, the Baclayon Church, and then the real blood compact monument.

Kuya Rikrik then explained to us why they had two blood compact monuments. Turns out, when the first one was built it was thought that the site where it was placed is where the blood compact happened. However, further investigation of literature revealed that the real site is in another place which is also confirmed by the National Historical Institute. The proof was of the mention of a body of water near where it happened – not the sea but when you go to the actual site there is a well. When you compare the two however, more tourists visit the fake blood compact monument and it seems like it is better taken care of.


The fake monument



The Real Monument

We also dropped by the Baclayon Church. Kuya Rikrik shared with us that the earthquake was really devastating for everyone. We asked him where he was when it happened and he shared that he was driving tourists similar to what we were doing. For him it was a blessing that it happened during a weekend because his kids were safely at home since their school was destroyed. He smiled and said “Buti na lang talaga mam at sir, kundi wala na akong mga anak.” And upon arriving at the Baclayon Church we saw just how much it has suffered as well. Kuya Rikrik mentioned that it now has more semblance of what it looked like before, because the builders are really trying to give it the beauty it once had  before.



Refreshing Lunch

After our tour around the monuments and churches, we went straight to the Loboc River for the Cruise. To be honest my expectations for this was low, but after our cruise it was my most favorite part of the day. After paying P425 per head, we went down to the floating restaurants. They served buffet lunch and only a few people were present. It was a bit after 11 AM, which is just right since we were also feeling that low grumbling sound in our stomachs.

The lunch service was great, although we shared a table but I think that is because most of their tables are for groups made up of four and six individuals. They do have tables for two to three people but it was already occupied.

When we started with the cruise, the sudden gush of the cold wind on my face reminded me of times near the beach or of times in our old backyard – relaxing and refreshing. Everywhere you look you can see greens, tall trees with ropes used when people jump into the cold water of the river. Clear water, that seems to have been taken great care of. Tourists SUP-ing with their guides, fishermen trying to catch what they can, and when you look up above the clear blue sky.

It was picturesque, simple but nature in harmony with each other – think yoga here.




We did make a stop wherein natives performed a dance – to which bunny danced or clapped her hands joyfully to.


The whole cruise left me smiling – just because it was perfect.


Butterfly Sanctuary

Before we headed to the Chocolate Hills we dropped by the sanctuary first. I was excited for this one because Bunny likes animals and insects, scratch that nature as a whole. This perfectly fits her description if I base it on the Secret languages of birthdays, ha. (Try yours here Secret Language)

This I think was her favorite part too! Aside from seeing butterflies our tour guide inside the sanctuary even placed a butterfly on her chest and on her head! She wasn’t scared at all! She just looked at it and was even tempted to touch it.



Chocolate Hills

When we got there, it was around 2PM. The heat was tolerable but the walk up the viewing deck was too much (200 hundred steps while carrying a baby). The view for me at the viewing deck was okay but I think the view at the drop off area though was better. This I think can be further developed given that it is one of the most visited places in Bohol.


Man Made Forest

This was my second favorite place in our tour! Just imagine seeing trees everywhere – to be honest gandang mag pre-nup here. According to Kuya Rikrik men planted trees here in 1953 as an answer to the severe deforestation that was happening due to the slash and burn – kaingin. I think this effort was well though of, because the place is just beautiful. You can even have your picnic there where it is a bit chilly amidst the hot weather. At that time I honestly wished that we had something similar here in Cavite and Manila – perhaps in coastal road or cavitex just to even help take the stress down a notch when traffic gets too severe.



Our last stop before our trip back to the hotel (we decided to not visit the hanging bridge just because we were super tired – but this is part of the tour as well as the other attractions we didn’t visit). When we saw the tiny little tarsiers we gushed a bit. It was so cute! So tiny and cute! Do remember that you can take photos but you have to disable flash and also you have to stay quiet. Stress is bad for tarsiers, seriously they bang their head on trees when they get stressed.



Overall, our third day was super full and super fun. We got back to the hotel around 5 PM and decided to just have Jollibee for dinner. Bunny and E slept through the night it was just me who stayed up late because I wanted to pack things early. I highly recommend Kuya Tatsky’s services and Kuya Rikrik. Even after our tour Kuya Tatsky asked us how our trip went and if we had any feedback for Kuya Rikrik – I just shared that I hope there’s free water since the tour is very tiring but overall I give Kuya Rikrik a five star rating. 🙂

Bohol Day 2: Hello Tagbilaran City

For our second day in Bohol, most of our morning was spent swimming in the pool of our hotel. I told E that I wanted Bunny to experience both swimming in the pool and the beach. Since she was already able to experience the beach on our first day, it was time for her to swim in the pool! Of course, we waited for the pool to be open so we enjoyed our breakfast first at the dining area at the ground floor. Note that for Lost Horizon, breakfast is not yet packaged with the accommodation but you can ask for it to be included when you book with them.

Like most hotels, they offered set breakfast meals and we just ordered extra bacon (because hello vacation means yummy food and bacon is a MUST!). While waiting for our breakfast to be served, our little bunny started running around the dining area and the pool side. She has a lot of energy really (parang kiti kiti lang!) that both of us got tired during our turns in watching her.

Pool Side Fun

Like her beach experience, she got scared at first when we got in the pool. Aside from the fact that the water was a bit cold I think the sensation of having a looooot of water surrounding her was scary. I just re-assured her that everything will be fine, and as her usual cutie pie self she was fine after a few minutes.





We ended up having a baby crying when we pulled her up from the pool!


After our 2 day stay in Panglao (which I think is not enough) Kuya Tatsky’s driver picked us up for our transfer to Tagbilaran in our Hotel – Darunday Inn. I just asked first if we can drop by Bohol Bee Farm since it is along the way. This was a good decision because Bohol Bee Farm did not disappoint!

Organic Dining with a Killer View

This was our view when we had our lunch at Bohol Bee Farm! It was super relaxing and the sight was just breath taking. E even mentioned that next time we should book a stay there since it was really beautiful there.



I wasn’t aware of the serving size they offered, which is why we ended up having a hefty meal – plus take out pa! All of these were for Php 1300 plus but it was super worth it! I had spicy pasta, E had seafood lasagna, and we ordered kiddie spag for Bunny. My tip? Even the kiddy meals are of big servings so you can check this part of their menu first! 😉 Also all of their plates are good for 2 persons!





Our greatest discovery was the pesto and mango butter spreads! IT WAS SO YUMMY!!! They first served a complimentary bread and chip snack together with it were products they sold in their store and yes, hello spreads! I ended up buying the big pesto and mango butter spread for home!



Don’t forget to try the ice cream too! Made from honey and the cones were organic too!

Hello Tagbilaran City!

After our amazing lunch at the Bohol Bee Farm, we checked in to Darunday Inn. Although the room was not as spacious and modern as the one in Alona Beach, it was okay for our stay. What we liked about it was the closeness to the park, church, banks, mall, and restos! At Php 1400 we got our money’s worth since it also came with a free breakfast for E and I.

We rested a bit and we decided to go down around 5 PM to walk around the park, visit the church and then go to Gerardas for dinner.

The park was so fun because of the birds that you can feed – feeling asa ibang country lang ang peg!



We then went to Gerardas for dinner. The cost for the food was not as expensive as Bohol Bee Farm, servings were big as well and the food was super yummy! The food served has a bit of a twist from the normal filipino dishes that made it super delish!



After our dinner, we just walked back to our hotel room. I told E that we have to have an early night because we had to go for our day tour on our third day there at Bohol.