Family Bonding in Escala Tagaytay

For our special family bonding activity this summer, we decided to spend a night in Tagaytay. Last weekend was filled with fun memories, most were because of our amazing stay in Escala Tagaytay. So as promised in my previous post, here’s my review.

Discovering Escala

I was looking for staycation packages last March when I heard about Escala Tagaytay. I saw posts from Facebook featuring the hotel’s amazing view. I was captivated by the unique design that the hotel had. It showcased floor to glass ceilings upon entrance and offered amazing views for all of their rooms. This was very intriguing to me. I’m all about trying new hotels also that’s why I immediately looked for their website to check out their rates.

To my surprise they had special introductory rates offer for their rooms. I immediately consulted with E if we can book a room there. I shared with him that it can be our celebration for Mother’s Day and his birthday. At first, he was hesitant but with my charm, I was able to make him say yes. After receiving his confirmation, I booked a deluxe room for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast for P4,900 (USD 109). Now if you check their rates a deluxe room would cost you P7,000 (USD 155).

I also liked that it was situated right next to Sky Ranch ( a mini theme park in Tagaytay). We can drop by for meals and after to try some kid friendly rides with Bunny.

Luxury and Child-friendly Rooms

Upon reaching the hotel, we were warmly welcomed by their staff. I was immediately impressed with their interior design. Each detail was well thought off. There was a sense of continuity in the design of their lobby. Upon arriving you will already see what they have to offer: the view of Taal and their infinity pool.


Even my little girl was impressed with the view. Bunny instantly noticed their pool and started asking us if she can go swimming! I had to tell her that we had to settle in first in our room. Fortunately, she agreed and we proceeded to our room after checking in.

When I opened the door to our room we were welcomed with a spacious room – good enough to fit 4 adults. Even though the capacity said that max is 3 adults you can squeeze in one more! Each deluxe room had one queen bed and one single bed, a veranda with a view of the infinity pool, coffee and tea set, hot and cold shower, Wi-Fi connection, and cable TV.




18870574_10212918297134880_119333189_o 18838295_10212918297174881_773334260_o




If you are travelling with a toddler like us I can assure you that their rooms are child-friendly. Bunny loved the carpeted floors and our veranda. She was smiling the entire time that we were there.

The Amenities

Aside from the room guests can also use their infinity pool and access their restaurant. The infinity pool was not that deep and had a section for kids. I guess they also thought of catering to families when they conceptualised the hotel.

My only comment for their pool is that it has no heater. It’s usually cold in Tagaytay so guests do expect the water to be warmer.



Included in our package was buffet breakfast for two. We were told upon checking in that we will be dining al fresco in their restaurant in the morning. However, a wedding reception was scheduled so our breakfast was transferred to their other function room. This was a bit of a downer for me because the al fresco area offered a better view. Fortunately, their function room also had a good view and the breakfast buffet served was good (I recommend their tapa paired with garlic rice).




If you want to get a massage, they also offer on call massage. This will cost you anywhere between P1000-P2000 (USD 22 – 45). I didn’t avail of this anymore because Bunny might find it weird when I woman comes in to massage me (silly thought in my head).

The Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend Escala Tagaytay. It’s a perfect venue for couples, friends, and families to bond and enjoy each other’s company. You get your money’s worth with the spacious rooms, amazing views, and accommodating staff. Interested in reading other detailed reviews like this one? Just click here for more reviews.

I do look forward to visiting them again. Hopefully, I get to dine in the al fresco area and try on a relaxing message when we come back. You can book your rooms through their website at



Weekend Stay At Balay Indang

The idea of indulging on an overnight stay at Balay Indang was so welcoming to me and E. I guess this was because we both observed that most of us get so wrapped up in the whole digital age. Spending more than 8 hrs online, always checking our Facebook or IG feeds, or anxiously checking out work emails. 

I knew that we both needed to spend some time away from the digital world to reconnect with nature and to spend time with our precious bunny.

balay indang deal grocer

Before finally deciding on purchasing the coupon on Deal Grocer, I checked first reviews on Trip Advisor as well as other mommy bloggers. I wanted to know first if it was worth it because of the P5k price point (around 100 to 120 USD vs the original price of around 180 USD or 7k pesos). After checking reviews and asking around,  E and I finally decided that we will take the deal and spend a weekend away from the home.

The Road To Balay Indang

We don’t own a car yet, so we had to commute to Balay Indang. Will post a detailed commute blog about it, but basically it took as around 1.5 hrs from home to get there.

We came from Cavite so we just had to take a bus to Tagaytay and a jeep to get there. E and I both haven’t been to that area of Indang yet so we just asked the jeepney driver to drop us off at Balay Indang.

balay indang front gate

The big brown gate, signage of Balay Indang, and 88 welcomed us to a place of absolute tranquility.

Back To Basics

This is the view that will welcome you even before you check in Balay Indang, the main house.

balay indang main

balay indang main house

Upon going in the main balay (house) you will see the collection of unique finds. From antique furniture to a collection of letters from people who have stayed in Balay or had their wedding at Balay.

inside balay indang





Checking in was a breeze, I just has to hand over my coupon and we were given our keys to Benjamin (rooms were named after Biblical characters even the houses).

We were escorted to our room that can easily house up to 7 individuals. We only needed one bed, but our room had a queen sized bed and 3 single beds. We ended up using one for our stuff (but they do have a cabinet) and one as our play area with bunny. We were super lucky to have been given such a spacious room! The room kind of reminds me of our stay at Ilocos because it has antique touches, like an old gas lamp, windows, and cabinet.


When we got there I immediately noticed that there were no forms of entertainment, just a few magazines and a Bible. We had AC in our room, but I heard that some rooms have fans only (but you won’t really need an AC because of the cool weather). We were stripped down to basic amenities and this was such a welcome break from the usual hotels. If like me, you are particular with the toilet and bath, Balay Indang’s were very clean and had that touch of nature as well.


This meant that we really can focus on playing with bunny, telling her stories, basically spending more time with her.

One With Nature

The area of Balay Indang was so vast. I even told E that they can build more houses for more rooms (safe estimate around 4 to 5 houses). This we discovered after walking around the property. 


What is so special about it is that there are little cottages tucked in corners where you can spend time to just kick your feet up and stare at the sky. We had one near our house, and even at the common area of our house. 


The best one probably is the Villa near the pool. We stayed there the afternoon before our snack and the morning before lunch time. It’s a common area which can fit 5 to 6 groups.  It had a lot of comfy chairs, rocking chairs, board games, and view of the pool. This was my favorite spot, especially because of this memorable picture of me breastfeeding bunny.



Aside from the Villa, there were many other places that you can discover at Balay. Bunny’s favorite was Isaac’s room, the mini playground and the mini library at Bahay Matalino. E’s was the activity area near our house (with the pool table) and the mini cottage near the pool area as well.




Delectable Treats

One of the best things to enjoy in Balay Indang, which makes it a must destination for any foodie, is the amazing food that they serve! For an overnight stay you get 2 snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Each dish is served just once. So yes, you kind of get excited heading down the main hall to discover which dish they will serve you. For main meals they serve around 5 to 7 dishes, 2 for snacks. A lot? Yes it certainly is a lot more so because you can ask for a refill for free. No need to stand up because they will serve it to you. The servers are even quick to ask if you want a refill once they see any dish served empty!


My favorite was the baby back ribs AND the cereal prawns! Bunny’s was the mushroom soup while E’s was the cereal prawns.

Heartfelt Service

Another thing we noticed about Balay Indang is the service they give each guest. From helping us make our way down to our room, to having that special touch in dining and playing with Bunny, they made us feel like we are staying with family. Like when you have family reunions minus the awkward questions. This is something that not all hotels or b&b’s lack. Something that most people will defintely love about Balay Indang.

I definitely recommend staying at Balay Indang at least once a year. It gives you that much needed escape to meditate and realize the important things in life plus good food.

For reservations you can contact them via email ( or sms (+639178374261).