Regine’s Silver Concert

Last night, Regine Velasquez held her 25th anniversary concert, Regine Velasquez “Silver,” at the MOA Arena. The venue was full of Reginians and of people who like her. I was looking forward to this concert because I was with my closest friends, because I wanted to see her perform live, first time to watch it at the corporate sosh/posh suite, ,because this is my first legit local concert, and my second concert this year, well ever in my life!

Our seats…
view from where we were seated 🙂
fish and chips plus margarita 😀

Once the orchestra, Raul Mitra, and Mr.C came in, the crowd went wild. Everybody was waiting for this, everybody wanted to see her sing! The overture played and I felt chills, seryoso. 🙂 Of course this plus hearing Ate Joyce scream, I was like this show will be AWESOME!

However when Regine came in, she didn’t look well, at one point I noticed that she was catching her breath in between the dance routine. I felt that something was off. Her voice wasn’t hitting some of the high notes so it made me think if she was really okay.

After her song, that was when she admitted to everybody that she was sick. My best friend even told me that Regine seemed to have lost her voice. True enough, paos si Ate. 🙁 She started crying saying that she wanted to give us her best, but she wasn’t even able to give even 50% of herself because of the virus she caught. People started cheering her, we all clapped and encouraged her to make her feel that she doesn’t need to explain anything. We understood that crap happens, and that we know that she is a great singer she need not prove anything to us or to her haters.

What she showed is true professionalism, she is a real performer ready to give everything that she can for the crowd. I guess this separates her from the other singers. Regine has a personality that is very unique. She was so honest! I almost cried when she said that she was expecting the worst, that the crowd will boo her and that we will leave the arena. Nobody left, everybody was there for her! Her fans don’t just like her, they love her and they are very understanding. They know how hard she worked for this, and how much she wanted to give us her best. It was then that I realized that I am becoming a true blue Reginian, yes I like her and everything my favorite song pa nung bata ako is Zoom na rendition ni Regine and Bluer than Blue, but last night she gained my respect.

Not only did she give us everything that she can, she showed how much she loved what she was doing and just how passionate she is with her craft. Aside from that she showed just how much she loved Ogie and her boo boo bear. She sang God Gave Me You, and I cried, the way she sang it was just so beautiful.

When she came out and announced that she will be having a repeat or a take 2 and that we should all hold on to our tickets. The concert will be for free to all of the ticket holders. Everybody was ecstatic even more when MOA said that they will be giving the venue for free (good job guys). She danced gangnam style out of joy! Here are Cacai’s tweets about it:

I resist to post any of her performances because I know that it might just hurt her feelings, but here’s Vice, Regine, and Sweet. 🙂 Get well soon, and see you at Silver Take 2! 🙂