Toddler Tales #3: Tidy Bunny

At a very young age, I started teaching Bunny to clean up. It started with picking up the jengga blocks she played with, then putting back her books in her mini library after reading. I wanted her to learn that she is responsible with her toys and her books. Really, simply put – chores for toddlers.



Recently I have been teaching her to put her dirty clothes in our laundry basket and to throw the trash in her garbage bin. See, I saw an infographic that kids her age should be given mini-chores already. To which I agree with, because it helps shape them to become more responsible kids.



We saw how she liked cleaning up and we would thank her when she did it. I would go down on my knees, look at her, and tell her how mummy loves it that she cleans up after herself. It was good because she would know where her stuff was. No crying part because she can’t find Dory or her favorite book.

Her dad on the other hand was a bit of the opposite. He would ask me where his stuff was most of the time, which I expected already (thanks to Facebook posts about marriage tandems). He cleans up after himself but would forget where he puts his stuff. (Can other mums relate with me here?)

Fast forward this to Tuesday last week. I got a message from E, he couldn’t find his Nintendo DS. He said that the last time he saw it was when he placed it in his bag before he left for work. As we carefully traced his steps, I finally told him that it was okay. Maybe it was stolen from him when he wasn’t aware of it. Bad things happen but there’s nothing we can do about it. He apologized over and over, but really I didn’t care. If it was stolen from him, it was okay by me because at least he was fine.

Come Friday, a special surprise was revealed. The Nintendo DS wasn’t really stolen but was tidied up by a toddler!


received_120300002280589403It was in our laundry basket all along. Bunny probably thought that it was dirty laundry because it was wrapped in her old lampin (cloth nappy). She, of course, the tidy little girl that she is, decided to put it in our laundry basket. I found it funny that she hid it unknowingly and even sent a photo to her dad. I guess we are blessed to have a funny and tidy Bunny.

Dear Daughter Pt.6

Dear Daughter,

Earlier this morning, you woke up without the usual smile on your face. This just means that you will be a bit cranky versus your usual self. Even if that is the case, mommy still loves you. It is normal to have an off day. It is normal to sometimes feel sad or frustrated even if nothing has happened yet. This is what being a human being entails, a splash of happiness with a dash of sadness to produce a colorful rainbow that is called life.


I don’t want to lie to you and let you believe that everything will always have a happily ever after ending. Yes my love it is possible but with hard work and determination. Partly I think that is the reason why I allowed you to cry it out when you got cranky because mommy didn’t allow you to take a stroll outside (baby it was too early). Your dad and your lolo, of course, came to your rescue trying to pacify you. I stopped them and told them to allow you to cry it out. I told your dada that I want you to finish crying so I can explain to you why you got frustrated. See, I wanted you to discover and understand your emotions. It won’t always be the same happy sunny side you will have your moments.


Your dada listened to me and gave you space. I was sitting on the floor with you. You with your face buried between my legs. I patted your back slowly and ever so gently telling you that it is okay. I continued whispering to your ear that it is okay to cry and feel sad because you didn’t get what you want. You have to learn that not everything will be handed to you on a silver platter.


After a few minutes your tears stopped falling, and I wiped each tear on your face to reveal your beautiful face. I smiled and told you again that it is okay. I picked you up and hugged you ever so tightly. At this time you settled down but hugged me so closely and rested your face on my chest.

Oh my love how I wish you knew how hard it is for me to resist your requests but I can’t give you everything that you ask for. You are now at the age when you start learning what is right from wrong. The power of your tears and the power that mommy has to say yes and no. It is hard to resist you especially because I am out for 11 hours every weekday, but I know that giving in is bad as well. Please understand mommy that I am doing this just for you as well. I love you forever, forever you will be my love.


I will see you soon, and I hope that you welcome me with a big hug and a huge smile on your face.

Advance Reward for Bunny’s First Year

It has been a year, already. ALREADY! Now I fully get what other parent’s or grandparents mean when they say that time flies by so fast. It does! I honestly wanted to hit the pause button, but of course we don’t have the awesome remote from Click. This meant enjoying each and every single moment that we have with Bunny.


11 months and 20 days…

Each single day has been magical and unforgettable because of Bunny. I never thought that having her would change so much in our lives. She made our days brighter and our nights better. Her laughter made the house a home, something that we all needed to have a change in perspective,  a change in viewing life. With her I noticed that E and I would save up as much as we could from our salaries and buy stuff for her. E even noticed that I have been super kuripot for the past few months, exchanging baby clothes for the usual mani pedis and baby shoes for my own pair of slip ons. Ah motherhood changed me to that extra kuripot woman I never thought was inside of me! Well, I was one before but the belt got extra tight when she came.

If before I always bought a pair or two of strappy sandals or shoes and a shirt or two or a dress every month, I now bought clothes at least just once every four months and sandals once every 6 months. Not because I didn’t want to (hello I love clothes and shoes) but because I wanted Bunny to have everything that she needed plus more. E was the same as well. And he said that he doesn’t need anything new as long as Bunny has everything that she needs.

I guess this was the reason why we felt extra guilty when we went out shopping yesterday. The goal was simple, buy new clothes for ourselves as well as shoes. The shopping part for the clothes bit was easy, because they didn’t cost that much (well of course if you add all up it will be a lot), but the shoes bit was difficult! We already had allotted a certain budget for it, but really it was excruciating to spend for ourselves.

We went around looking for shoes for E and we already picked one for him, but he was muttering that he felt guilty to which I replied that he needed it! He did! He was going on and on about how he didn’t need one and that men’s shoes are a tad more expensive than women’s shoes. I just kept on repeating to his ear that he needed it and that we wouldn’t be going home without one!

When it was my time to pick out my pair of shoes, I felt extra guilty as well. In my head that pair of Keds can already buy bunny 4 educational wooden toys, lots of dresses or ternos. I had a flashback of that wooden toy I wanted to buy for her. I started telling myself that I didn’t need it. As if he heard what was going on in my mind, E whispered that I needed it especially when we go to Bunny’s bi-weekly check-ups at Asian Hospital or when we go out with her. With a heavy heart I said fine but we had to buy her a pair as well (not Keds because there weren’t any tiny ones).


After paying at the counter, I knew that what we bought were things that we needed not wanted. I then whispered to E, ” We deserve this, reward natin to for surviving Bunny’s first year.” To which he replied with a high five.

This was when I realized that sometimes as parents, well not really sometimes but most of the time, we sacrifice too much for our little ones. We don’t even care if we have no new things or we wear old stuff just so that we can give what they want, not what they need. This I think is the guilt that most working moms and dads feel. You are away most of the time (10 to 12 hours give and take depending on the traffic) and you don’t get to spend as much time as you would want with that tiny bundle of joy. However, what I realized is that they don’t really need a closet overflowing with new clothes, or a crib filled with toys. What they need and yearn for is just time with you. It doesn’t need to be a lot but it has to be real quality time with them.

Going back to our reward for this year, we were able to buy new shoes for E, Bunny, and I and we were matchy matchy! I think this will be an annual thing something E and I can bond over. How about you? What was your reward when your little one turned one?


Work – Life (Travel, Reading Books, Spending time with E) Balance

It has been 6 months since I last posted anything here in my blog. A lot has happened, a lot has changed, not.

I have learned a lot this year, though the end of this year is still 2 months away. I discovered that I have a tendency to overlook the most important people and things in my life. That happened because I was too consumed in becoming the best in what I am doing, in biting more than I can chew, in always saying yes. I’m just thankful that E understood me and that he even assured me that whatever happens he’ll stay by my side. 

I felt a bit guilty as well because I wasn’t spending as much time as I can with my mom. Though she’s getting better now, I know that she still needs somebody to push her to get back to her feet and be the mom she was before. I can’t help but admit that it’s hard to see her like this, but at least she’s getting better. I just have to reach this balance with my mom wherein she wouldn’t be too dependent on me and my brother. That she will just see that we’re here for her, but that she needed to also bounce back and be independent.

Things are getting better (and I’m seriously hoping that this whole work-life balance will last). And I am looking forward to 2014 hoping that it will be better than 2013.


Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

2012 in one word for me is challenging. It was one of the hardest year in my life. What made it difficult is seeing my mom succumb to depression again. 

Everything was going well, we even had our trip to Bohol planned out for her birthday, but she got sick again. It was hard, for me and for my whole family. Depression is hard to battle and it’s something that you have to deal with. You have to fight for it, and remember that being happy is a choice, you have to work hard for it. 

From May to August, mom stayed at the Hospital. It was hard because there were times when I visit her and not even a word comes out of her mouth. I would talk to her, but she didn’t respond. Physically she was there, but here being wasn’t there. Talking to her during those moments were like talking to God, you go on rambling about your day and you share the important things that happened to you, you know he listens but you don’t get a response. You just sit there waiting for something, anything, a sign perhaps that he understood what you were saying. 

It was hard, because I had to go to work with a brave face and not show that I am crumbling inside because I miss my mom and because I had to step up and be the “mum” at our house. I had to be brave and strong, not for myself but for the people around me.

Bubba and I were tested, we had our ups and downs but what I will take from 2012 is the fact that he really cares and he really loves me. I know that some may not understand where I am coming from but I know that he’s the one true person I can count on during the hard times of my life. I feel that our bond is now stronger and that I am more responsible for my actions. Before it was all about me, me, me, me, but now its different. We ended the year right with my birthday weekend and that I will treasure for a very long time.

This year was hard, because I felt betrayed by people who I thought would be my support group. I felt wronged even if I didn’t do anything to them, but I had to be the bigger person and just understand them. Forgiveness easily comes to me, but I don’t think I can look at them at the same way I did before. 

What made my year easier was finding friends among my crayzee work colleagues. They made my year fun and exciting. They made me laugh and made me realize that I am a very weird and crazy person specially after drinking a cup of coffee. 🙂 

What made 2012 easier is the fact that bubba stayed, he chose to stay by my side and take care of me. 🙂

I am done with 2012, and now I’m ready to tackle 2013! 🙂 Bring it on! 


To Mr. Faeldonia

Dear You,

You are my favorite person for the past 4 years, though we have our ups and downs, well many downs this year, we’re still together. 🙂

I know that I can be weird, bitchy, bratty, bipolar, a nagger, and a pusher, but you manage to just smile and laugh at my weird antics. I hate it how you laugh when I get mad, or when I pout my lips and have crinkles on my nose as a sign that I am a bit mad at you, it’s weird that when I give you the stink eye and roll my eyes but you still find it cute. You are weird and so am I. 🙂

I know that I’m not the best girlfriend that a guy could ever have, but I will do everything that I can to make you smile, and to make you happy. But I do hope that in time you can forgive me for  taking photos of you when you are sleeping. YOU SO CUTE!


Thank you, for going with me yesterday shopping. I know na you haven’t slept pa from your shift, but still you came with me and even carried my bags, such a trooper! You are amazing, weird but amazing.

And to end this open letter, here’s my favorite photo of you and mommy ruffa. 🙂



I can’t breathe. Everything seemed to change. I feel trapped in an illusion of a happy place. I feel as though I am part of something, but in reality I am not but a silly little piece.

I don’t know what to do, every move I make is watched. Every word I utter can be used against me. Every little thing I do can make or break what lies ahead of me.

I made my decision, and it is final. I am just waiting for the perfect moment to come. I will break the news, I will do this not just for me, but for my future.

I don’t owe you anything. I made the conscious decision to take part of your world. Don’t blame me for leaving, for looking for a better place. If you took great care of me perhaps, just perhaps, I would’ve stayed.

This time, I’m serious. I am not backing down. I need to do this, or else I’ll regret it.

A Dash of Good Vibes and Memorable Tweets

Here’s something that made me smile today, shared by one of my office mates. 🙂 An advocacy campaign, which showed how Social Media can help change lives of homeless people from NYC.

Underheard gave 4 homeless people cellular phones that will help them tweet, update people on what they are thinking and what they are going through, they basically gave them a means of speaking out to be heard by those who would want to listen.

Their main goal was to create real life interaction with the homeless people through social media, to help people have a real peek into their lives on hear from them just how they survive living in a big city with nothing, and I guess, to also erase the misconception that other people had about the homeless.

As mentioned in Mashable, the 4 chosen individuals were taught on how they will use the mobile phones given to log in to Twitter and tweet updates. The four individuals were Danny, Derrick, Albert, and Carlos. They all had different stories, but they had one thing in common, and that is, that they are homeless and living in one of the most famous cities in the world.

(Photo courtesy of

Watching the video case study about this campaign made my day. As a person working in the advertising industry, I am craving to do a similar campaign, if not a campaign inspired by different cause oriented campaigns. The thing is, we have a lot of causes here in the Philippines, and we can lend a helping hand to our fellow filipinos who deserve it (not saying that we shouldn’t help everyone, but it’s more of, we should help people who are helping themselves as well as compared to those who are just drinking day in day out to forget their sorrows).

This campaign is very do-able here, but the question is, will there be anyone willing to do such a campaign? That is, to put aside first their goals in sales and perhaps spend some time thinking of reaching out to those who need help?

That I can not answer, but what I can do is share this inspiring campaign with you. In hopes that it can inspire you as well to make a difference. 🙂 As I have mentioned before, even the smallest thing can make a difference in other people’s lives. 🙂

Random Blah

So, finally talked to mom about Davao, we had this slight misunderstanding during the 4 day long weekend, wherein she exclaimed that she wouldn’t be going with me to Davao.

So this afternoon, I had to “convince” her to come with me to Davao, first of all the main reason I booked a flight there is because I have this goal to take her to the different tourist destinations here in the Philippines, and I already booked a room for two, there in Davao City so I need to make her come with me next week.

Our conversation went a little like this

Me: Ano ma sasama ka ba sa akin sa Davao?

Mom: Eh, wala akong pera, tsaka kailan ba yun?

Me: Wala ka namang masyadong gagastusin dun, 2 days lang tayo dun. Next week. ( Me to self, mom, I’m the one who ends up broke when we travel. )

Mom: Ah, kailan ang alis at balik?

Me: (to self, yes, ok na to payag na to) Monday ng umaga tapos Tuesday ng hapon balik na tayo, saglit lang.

Mom: Ah, sige sige.

End result, moms goin’ with me! Very much excited to go there, and I now have to decide whether we are going to Samal Island or not. Must go blog hopping for this!


I travel because I want to. 🙂

Travelling is a great way to learn something new, to discover something new about yourself, and basically a way for people to get away from it all.  And I enjoy travelling because…

I travel because I want to, I really really do. I was never given the chance to travel when I was in college, nor in high school, I’m not from a well off family, and travelling came last to our set of priorities. It’s always, food, house, school, bills, groceries, medicine, clothes, shoes, and then travelling. And even if I get to travel, it would probably be me and my family riding a van to Tagaytay, or Batangas. So basically I also travel because that’s the one thing that I didn’t get to do much of before.

I haven’t been to a lot of places, but I certainly am not the type of person who will give random excuses to not travel, hey, I have leaves that I can file. 🙂 I don’t earn that much, so I try to save as much as I can to travel, and I don’t care if my year ends with me saving less than what I wanted to save, or me going broke, at least I got to travel and enjoy this time of my life.

I also wouldn’t want to regret not doing this. 🙂 I don’t want to look back on my life, 10 years from now and say that, I had the time and the opportunity before to travel but I didn’t because I gave myself silly excuses not to travel. No, I don’t want to be that person, so I’ll grab each and every opportunity that I have to travel. 🙂

So while you are young, and while you have the time to travel, go ahead and do it. Travelling need not be expensive, but the things you will experience, the memories that you will have will be priceless. 🙂

I suggest that you have a list of the places that you would want to go to, sort of a 30 before 30 list, like 30 places you will visit before you turn 30. 🙂

Here’s my initial list of places in the Philippines that I wanted to go to (from my journal)
1. Intramuros
2. Baguio
3. Cebu
4. Bohol
5. Boracay
6. Cagayan de Oro
7. Camiguin
8. Zambales
9. Coron
10. Puerto Princesa
11. Davao
12. Ilocos Sur
13. Camarines Sur
14. Tacloban
15. Siargao Island

I marked the places that I was able to go to, but I still have 11 more on my list, and hopefully by the end of this year, I can tick off two more additional places on that list, Davao and Baguio.  And I’ll be creating a new list, inspired by the song Pilipinas, Tara Na. 🙂 There’s a lot of places to visit in the Philippines, so I’ll try as much as I can to explore each and every place that I can go to before I go off exploring a new country. 🙂