12 Month Milestone Project

Though a tad bit delayed, I finally finished my milestone project for bunny!!! (pat in the back for me wohoo yay mommy projects)

Basically the idea was to take photos of Bunny wearing her milestone onesies every month for her first year. I have to admit, at times I really felt like giving up (read here: bit lazy or I forget to take photos on the day of her month birthday) but I tell myself to finish it because it is such a cute memorabilia!

So here it is, the collage of her photos!

Alex Months

For the first six photos, it wasn’t difficult to make her wear her headband. She allowed me to dress her up and it was easy to keep her still for the photos. I recall that during those first six months, I adjusted from a stay at home mum for 3 months to a full time mum for Alex/working mum/a team’s mum/ E’s partner. It was extremely difficult for me to leave home each day, especially in my first day at work. Bunny cried all day long and would only drink a bit of the stored milk. This was also the time when she would poop a lot at her papa’s lap with her poopy face. Overall I can say that the first 6 months were easy. She was an easy baby who learned to sleep through the night a day after we got home from the hospital (she would wake up every 3 hours but we co-slept so I just gave her a boob and she would fall asleep after – note that when you breastfeed a baby technically speaking there is no need to burp the baby vs. when you a bottle feed a baby).

Alex First 6


The second half of the photos were more difficult to capture. She would fling her arms wildly up in the air, remove her headband, and even crawl away from the frame. The second half of her first year was filled with boo-boos, travels, and many firsts. Her first word (mama), her first trick (close-open), her first sick day (due to teething), her first step (walking towards her papa), her first trick or treat (dressed as boo from Monster’s Inc), her first tooth, her first out of town trip with mama and papa (Balay Indang), and her first birthday. Still an easy baby although she does have her tantrum moments to which I make her sit in a corner until she behaves (works fine with us because I explain to her that she can’t always get what she wants (like watching Elmo’s World for the nth time or High 5 Season 11 Episode 1) or until she crawls or walks towards me to make lambing.

Alex Second 6


Oh tiny human, looking back at each photo I can’t help but feel as though there are hundreds of onion cutting ninja’s around mum. You have grown to be such a beautiful baby girl who loves to share food (each time you eat you would give lolo or lola a bite), give palo-hugs to your pal bootleg, play with your ninong monkey by going in his and ha’s room, and who makes everybody smile with your cutie pie antics.

I am so happy I completed this collage. I told E that I feel I was holding off on snapping the last image because that would officially mark her first year is over. He of course said that aside from that it would mean that I wouldn’t have a monthly project anymore (well partly yes but really it is because finishing the collage means she really is a toddler and not anymore a baby. But even if that is the case, she will forever be my baby.

If you want to get the onesies, you can check out Baby sTeeckies ( https://www.facebook.com/babysteeckies/ ). This mommy project would not have been possible without them. I think each onesie costs Php 180 for the white ones.