Still waiting for Season ย of Smash and the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars. So I searched for new shows to follow and as of this moment my fave. is Bunheads.

Bunheads, from ABC Family, is a small town drama written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, same person who gave us Gilmore Girls. It revolves around Michelle, a Vegas Showgirl, and her life when she married Hubble. She moved in to Paradise only to discover that her husband is still living with his mom, Fanny.

Now, the story takes a drastic turn when Hubble dies from a car accident. Michelle then decides to stay at Paradise.

What I love about Bunheads is the fact that:

  1. The cast consists of real ballet dancers.
  2. The witty and quick dialogue exchanges between Michelle and Fanny, and Michelle and everybody she talks to.
  3. The small town feel, which I can relate to somehow.
  4. The dances.
  5. The struggle that Michelle has, if she will teach or if she will pursue dancing.
  6. Madame Fanny (who also played Rory’s grandmum)
  7. Boo (Bettina)

The show has 10 episodes as of today, but ABC Family announced the return of Bunheads come January 7, 2013. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, if you are looking for a funny yet touching show and you were a big Gilmore Girls fan, check out Bunheads.

I give it an 8. ๐Ÿ™‚