Breastfeeding Working Momma

Only a few days left and I will have to go back to work. Before I gave birth to my little bunny I’ve always thought that it will be easy for me to go back to the office. Back then I was pretty sure that I’ll be super bored and will crave going back to the office after just a month. I was wrong. I found myself crying a few nights ago dreading the thought of leaving her and working.

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E and I talked about our options. He said that he can work for us but he will need to go overtime every day. I told him no, I will go back to work. My decision to go back to work is because I want to be a good example to my little bunny. I am not saying that stay at home moms don’t give a good example to their babies, they do too in showing that family is important. In my end, the reason why I think that going back to work is a good example for her is because I will show her that a woman can go for her dreams and have it all. A family life and a successful career. Aside from this, I want to help provide a better future for her. We are still thinking which educational fund we will get for her, but we will decide soon. Getting one earlier is better than later.

Preparing for Work

A few days ago I checked my email, and I have 1400+ unread emails! 1400!!!I am not even sure how I got 1400+ emails. Well perhaps that’s because I normally receive 100 emails per day, must be also a “perk” of being recently promoted. I have been slowly sifting through all of my emails. Ah, but it still keeps coming! I already asked my juniors to help catch me up by sending me updates about the brands that they are handling.

Breastfeeding Bunny

With my breast pump and nursing pads ready, I am determined to keep my little bunny exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months. I am almost at the mid point of my goal, since I will go back 2 days short of her third month.

This has become a priority of mine because I know that exclusively breast feeding her is good for her health. To date the only time we bring her to her pedia is for her vaccine shots. Even if her grandparents are sick, she never caught on to what they have. Ah liquid gold!

I know that it is difficult but I know that it can be done. Two weeks before I return to work I will start storing breast milk. Breast milk can last up to 8 months if stored and frozen properly (do note that you must only freeze freshly expressed breast milk). That is why starting next week I will collect and freeze! Bunny doesn’t feed at night since she started sleeping for 8-10 hours straight. Sometimes she still does, but more often than not I wake up with engorged breasts (ouch!).

In another post I will share my journey to have bunny exclusively breastfed, ah it was a bit hard at first but we made it!