Georgina Wilson, Michael Cinco and BENCH Body on ANTM Cycle 17(Photos, well more of screen caps)

Here ye! Here ye! Here are some of the photos from the ANTM episode that featured BENCH Body, Georgina Wilson and filipino designer Michael Cinco! (And that spells Pinoy Pride! Agree?) More Pinoy Pride because Michael Cinco’s designing the runway dresses! You are awesome, Mr. Michael Cinco!

Photos are merely screen caps from the episode, while some are from the cwtv web site. I do not own any of these photo, credit goes to the director, the show, the photographer, and madame Tyra Banks. (Posting this because this makes me proud and smile. 🙂 ) ANTM Cycle 17 Episode 9 will be shown on ETC on Monday, November 14 at 8pm, and will be replayed on Nov 17 (9pm) and Nov 20 (7pm). Here’s a sneak peek to that awesome episode. 🙂

Quotable Quote from Georgina Wilson: Georgina to Shannon: “No offense, but, it’s easier to change the model than the prototype.”

(Photos are screen caps from the episode)

ANTM Cycle 17 finalist Allison wearing BENCH Body

Georgina Wilson on ANTM

Georgina talking to Shannon about wearing Bench BODY

More Georgina Wilson on ANTM

Georgina on Set

Filipino Designer Michael Cinco with Mr. Jay

Michael Cinco with the top 6

Here are some of the other photos from, the ANTM Cycle 17 contestants wearing Bench Body. (Awesome!)

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Bench Body and Georgina Wilson on ANTM Cycle 17

Guess who’s guesting on ANTM Cycle 17? One of our very own local brands and half-Pinay model/host Georgina Wilson. 🙂

Yes, you read that right, ANTM Cycle 17 will feature Bench Body undies on one of their oh-so awesome shoots, in one of the most amazing places on Earth, Greece. 🙂

This big reveal was tweeted by Georgina Wilson today:

Georgina's Tweet

ANTM is now on its 17th Cycle, and what makes this cycle stand out from the rest is that it featured fan favorites from the previous seasons of ANTM. My personal fave is Laura(from the petite ANTM season, with unique dresses made by her grandmom) and Lisa (from Season 5). ANTM is produced and hosted by Tyra Banks.

Being a big fan of ANTM, from Season 1, can I just say that this makes me super proud, and this makes me want to go off and buy a new batch of Bench Body items. 🙂

ANTM first featured a pinoy designer named Michael Cinco on their last season. His designs were featured in one of the photo shoots in ANTM.

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First Michael Cinco and now Bench and Georgina Wilson. This is a huge milestone for Bench, to be the first Filipino Retail Brand to be featured in ANTM, to Georgina and also for aspiring filipino designers. 🙂 Very much looking forward to that exciting episode on ETC.

To get to know more about Bench’s road to ANTM click here. 🙂

Here are some other tweets from the now trending topic, ANTM 🙂

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