How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Time flies by so fast, my once prim and proper little girl is now throwing tantrums left and right! Yes, that cute baby girl who would welcome me home with warm hugs and kisses is now a tantrum monster. Well, tantrum monster might be an exaggeration but you get the picture.


It started last May; her tantrums became frequent and longer than before. Gone are the days when I can easily pacify her with my boob (she’s still breastfed) or sway her with a tickle fight.

There are times when I have no clue as to what I should do to make her stop crying. I just look at her and scratch my head.

Why Are You Crying?

So why do toddlers experience tantrums? Observing bunny, it would happen when:

  • We don’t understand what she’s saying – this is the usual suspect. We would ask her to repeat what she’s saying, but there are times when we just don’t understand. We will ask her to show it to us which just leads to a crying toddler on the floor.

  • We ask her to do a specific activity and she’s just not in the mood.

  • She wakes up not feeling good. This happens to toddlers too! We would make her smile by giving her favourite things but to no avail. No smile no giggle, just a grumpy toddler.

  • She can’t deal with her emotions. She’s still a toddler and big emotions are sometimes too much for her.

How to Deal with Tantrums

I am no expert in dealing with tantrums but I do try my best every time she has one. At times it would be difficult and you might want to cry along to her tantrum fit. DON’T. Just breathe and be the mommy. Here are my tips so far:

  1. Remain calm. Seeing a tiny toddler crying, wailing, and lying down on the floor is not a pretty sight to see. I’m sure that most of the time you are tempted to scold that precious baby of yours but don’t. Believe me, it will just get uglier when you start scolding that toddler. She will try to match the volume of your voice with a higher – ear scratching – pitch. Just try to stay calm.
  2. Wait It Out. It might be short but it can also be long, no matter what happens, wait until she stops crying. Just sit down right beside her or at a distance close enough for you to observe her. Your toddler is dealing with big emotions, allow them to experience it first hand and discover how they can deal with it. Just wait for her to settle down, it will come. Remember, they can’t cry forever.
  3. Be ready to offer hugs. As the mommy or daddy of that wailing toddler, you should be ready to offer her a hug. She just dealt with big emotions and she needs a reassuring hug from the persons she trusts the most in the world. Your hug will make her feel safe and secure. You are not spoiling them by hugging them after a tantrum.
  4. Talk. Try to explain what has happened after the tantrum storm. Did she cry because you turned off the TV? Simply explain to her that her eyes needed rest. She might not have liked it because she was watching her favourite show but she can’t always get what she wants. Share with her that you understand that she got mad and that it’s okay to feel that way. Next time though she can say that she’s mad or say please, instead of crying. In this process, you’re helping her understand what she experienced. She’s learning her emotions so make sure you assist them in this process.
  5. Take note of what induces a tantrum storm. You will see a pattern every time your toddler throws a tantrum. Bunny would usually have a tantrum when we tell her we don’t understand what she’s saying, so now we try different ways to communicate with her better. It’s a learning process so be patient, it’s part of adulting.

So those are my tips on how you can deal with your toddler’s tantrum. Do you have any tips for me? Leave it in the comments section.

Toddler Tales #4: Singing Bunny

When I was pregnant with Bunny I listened to songs from different genres. It would range from pop songs to Disney medleys. So it didn’t surprise me when she started singing along to different types of songs too! Most of the time she would dance along too.

Today in playschool ❤🐰❤. Dance bunny, dance! #alexcutiepie

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She would switch from Bang Bang to Better When I’m Dancing depending on her mood. She also developed a liking to Clean Bandit’s Rather Be and even Crazy Frog!

Here she is singing Bang Bang just a couple of weeks ago.

Bunny's new lss this week. ❤🐰❤ #alexcutiepie

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She’s also keen on singing nursery rhymes especially the ones I sang to her before she goes to sleep before. A couple of weeks ago she was singing Head,Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

Lss toddler version #alexcutiepie

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After getting the song out of her system, she started singing along to Johnny,Johnny, Yes Papa.

My little preschooler singing her lss this week. ❤🐰❤ #alexcutiepie

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Just recently she can’t get the song Incy Wincy Spider out of her head.

Bunny's lss this week. Incy Wincy Spider! #alexcutiepie

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I guess she also suffers from Last Song Syndrome

How about your little one? Do they have a song stuck in their head too? Or do they love singing out loud too?

Family Bonding in Escala Tagaytay

For our special family bonding activity this summer, we decided to spend a night in Tagaytay. Last weekend was filled with fun memories, most were because of our amazing stay in Escala Tagaytay. So as promised in my previous post, here’s my review.

Discovering Escala

I was looking for staycation packages last March when I heard about Escala Tagaytay. I saw posts from Facebook featuring the hotel’s amazing view. I was captivated by the unique design that the hotel had. It showcased floor to glass ceilings upon entrance and offered amazing views for all of their rooms. This was very intriguing to me. I’m all about trying new hotels also that’s why I immediately looked for their website to check out their rates.

To my surprise they had special introductory rates offer for their rooms. I immediately consulted with E if we can book a room there. I shared with him that it can be our celebration for Mother’s Day and his birthday. At first, he was hesitant but with my charm, I was able to make him say yes. After receiving his confirmation, I booked a deluxe room for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast for P4,900 (USD 109). Now if you check their rates a deluxe room would cost you P7,000 (USD 155).

I also liked that it was situated right next to Sky Ranch ( a mini theme park in Tagaytay). We can drop by for meals and after to try some kid friendly rides with Bunny.

Luxury and Child-friendly Rooms

Upon reaching the hotel, we were warmly welcomed by their staff. I was immediately impressed with their interior design. Each detail was well thought off. There was a sense of continuity in the design of their lobby. Upon arriving you will already see what they have to offer: the view of Taal and their infinity pool.


Even my little girl was impressed with the view. Bunny instantly noticed their pool and started asking us if she can go swimming! I had to tell her that we had to settle in first in our room. Fortunately, she agreed and we proceeded to our room after checking in.

When I opened the door to our room we were welcomed with a spacious room – good enough to fit 4 adults. Even though the capacity said that max is 3 adults you can squeeze in one more! Each deluxe room had one queen bed and one single bed, a veranda with a view of the infinity pool, coffee and tea set, hot and cold shower, Wi-Fi connection, and cable TV.




18870574_10212918297134880_119333189_o 18838295_10212918297174881_773334260_o




If you are travelling with a toddler like us I can assure you that their rooms are child-friendly. Bunny loved the carpeted floors and our veranda. She was smiling the entire time that we were there.

The Amenities

Aside from the room guests can also use their infinity pool and access their restaurant. The infinity pool was not that deep and had a section for kids. I guess they also thought of catering to families when they conceptualised the hotel.

My only comment for their pool is that it has no heater. It’s usually cold in Tagaytay so guests do expect the water to be warmer.



Included in our package was buffet breakfast for two. We were told upon checking in that we will be dining al fresco in their restaurant in the morning. However, a wedding reception was scheduled so our breakfast was transferred to their other function room. This was a bit of a downer for me because the al fresco area offered a better view. Fortunately, their function room also had a good view and the breakfast buffet served was good (I recommend their tapa paired with garlic rice).




If you want to get a massage, they also offer on call massage. This will cost you anywhere between P1000-P2000 (USD 22 – 45). I didn’t avail of this anymore because Bunny might find it weird when I woman comes in to massage me (silly thought in my head).

The Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend Escala Tagaytay. It’s a perfect venue for couples, friends, and families to bond and enjoy each other’s company. You get your money’s worth with the spacious rooms, amazing views, and accommodating staff. Interested in reading other detailed reviews like this one? Just click here for more reviews.

I do look forward to visiting them again. Hopefully, I get to dine in the al fresco area and try on a relaxing message when we come back. You can book your rooms through their website at



Weekend Tagaytay Getaway

Last weekend we went away to Tagaytay for our quarterly family bonding. E and I agreed that we will have quarterly getaways with our little girl. This doesn’t need to be expensive out of the country getaways. It can be as simple as an overnight staycation or a short out of town trip. The end goal is to just spend extra time with Bunny.

We arrived at our quarterly getaway agreement after noticing how happy Bunny was during our trips. She smiles the whole day during our trips. We see a glimmer in her eye as she sees something new and different. An article we read shared that travelling with kids is a good teachable experience.

The Road To our Tagaytay Vacation

We hopped on a bus to start our trip to Tagaytay. E and I were so excited for this trip. See it had been awhile since our last staycation. Our last one was December 2016 when we celebrated our birth month at H20 Hotel.

I was thinking of rescheduling the trip to end-June because of the gloomy weather. Halfway through our bus ride it started raining. I honestly thought that we won’t be able to enjoy our trip. I even started thinking of activities we can do inside the room, short, and fun activities that Bunny can enjoy. I was glad to see that after 20 minutes or more the rain finally stopped.


We reached our drop off point an hour and a half after we left our starting point (SM Bacoor). There was a bit of traffic but it was manageable. We rode a tricycle to get to our hotel for the weekend.

Escala Staycation

We stayed at the newly opened Escala Hotel (more on this in my next post). Check in was a breeze! We were given our access card within 5 minutes of checking in. This didn’t stop Bunny from wandering in their lobby. She immediately pointed their infinity pool exclaiming “miming I found a pool” (swimming I found the pool). I had to talk to her and tell her that we will go swimming after we leave our things in our room.


Our room was spacious and more than what I expected. It had an amazing view and to Bunny’s liking, it was carpeted! She momentarily forgot about the pool. She started lying down on the floor before proceeding into jumping up and down on the bed – as if it was a trampoline! She would look to us and giggle out loud as if saying she’s having so much fun.


We allowed her to take a dip in the hotel’s infinity pool but only for a short bit of time. It was starting to get cold, even if it was just a little before four. I guess that’s to be expected because of the gloomy weather. We didn’t want to risk her catching a cold. We also wanted her to rest before we go out for dinner.



This turned out to be a good decision. Fog appeared and our little bunny exclaimed, “scary.” We had to wait for the fog to disappear before we headed out to dinner at Sky Ranch.


Dinner at Skyranch

We decided to have dinner at Mesa located in Skyranch. Skyranch was just a five to ten-minute walk from our hotel.  I didn’t want to risk going to a far restaurant that time.

The rain made it hard for us to reach our destination easily. When we reached Mesa their staff quickly escorted us to our table.

We decided to just order two dishes: Crispy Kare Kare and Crispy Boneless Tilapia with Four Sauces. The cold weather made me crave for Kare Kare (a unique Filipino dish made with beef, vegetables, and creamy peanut-based sauce) and fish. Mesa did not disappoint!


The creamy peanut sauce complimented the crispy fried short ribs. My only comment was that there was a scarcity of peanut sauce! I wanted more! Bunny liked the Crispy Tilapia so much! She’s a picky eater and it was a rare treat to see her eat fish!

Skyranch Tour

The next day, after checking out, we went to Skyranch. Bunny smiled ear to ear exclaiming “laki playground” all the time (big playground). She wanted to try every ride but we just limited it to three. She wasn’t big enough yet to ride the other attractions. This seemed to be okay with her it was just crucial for her to ride the train (she has a thing for trains).


She was ecstatic to ride the train. She couldn’t help but giggle and squeal during our ride. Seeing her enjoy such simple pleasures in life made our day.



Going Home

After retrieving our luggage from Escala we told Bunny that we were going home. It was so funny because she started her way towards the elevator. Our funny bunny pressed the down button, giggling to herself. She thought that home meant our room in Escala.

I had to slowly explain to her that we were going home to her grandpa and grandma. At first, she seemed okay. She just looked a bit sad. She wasn’t crying or screaming. When we were near the bus stop she suddenly said “come back.” E and I looked at each other shocked to hear her say comeback. I guess she really had fun during our weekend getaway.

Looking back, she was always smiling and giggling. She liked lying down on the carpet and hiding from us. The room was her playground and her dad and me her playmates. I did tell her that we will try to go back but next time perhaps longer. We will surely give everything that we can to make her squealing happily again.

If I learned anything from this trip it’s that kids appreciate time away with their parents. They see the world from a different perspective while we introduce them to a new portion of our world. I highly recommend that parents go on vacations with their kids at least once to twice a year. Again, it need not be expensive. What’s important is that you spend time with them.


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My Britney List

It’s just less than a month away from Britney’s First Ever Concert here in the Philippines! I’m super excited! Seriously, I am. I have been a fan of hers since I was in grade school. I know her songs by heart and I even memorized the choreography of I’m A Slave 4 U and Anticipating (from her Las Vegas concert DVD).

That’s why I was persistent in buying a ticket to her show here in Manila! I kept on bugging my brother that he go with me to the concert (I know deep inside he lurves Britney too). I never stopped messaging him, until finally, he bulged. He said yes and even sponsored part of my ticket so that we can watch her closer. Cue in tiny violin sound, tears, and aaahhhhs.

See you soon , @britneyspears ! ❤❤❤❤❤

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To pay tribute to my Queen, I came up with this list. This list is a rundown of my favorite Britney songs, from 1998 until today. It is sooo hard to choose the songs but I had to, as a special challenge to myself.

  1. Overprotected Dark Child Remix
  2. If I’m Dancing
  3. (You Drive Me) Crazy
  4. Anticipating
  5. Work B**ch
  6. Circus
  7. Me Against The Music
  8. Stronger
  9. I’m a Slave 4 U
  10. Toxic

My ultimate favorite is Overprotected, at the time it was released I totally resonated with her song. The choreography is spot on as well as her look.

This track deserves a special mention too! From the Deluxe Version of her Glory Album, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) has a great beat and that distinct Britney sound too. Here’s a choreography video from Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall.

How to Apply for PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan

SSS (Social Security System) and PAG-IBIG both offer loan programs for their members here in the Philippines. Most are aware on how to apply for an SSS Salary Loan. I guess it’s because it is relatively easier and more convenient versus applying for the PAG-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL). I myself have applied for an SSS Salary Loan twice. Their online portal made it easier to apply for a loan. Aside from that, you will receive a higher amount vs. what you will receive if you apply for the MPL.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maximise the loan offering that PAG-IBIG is offering. Just think of it this way, you are paying them a monthly fee so might as well find purpose in what they can offer you.

What Is PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan

The Multi-Purpose Loan, simply put, is a loan that you can use for pretty much anything. Under their definition, it can be filed by a member to aid for house repair, educational assistance, health and wellness purposes, home enhancement, or other purposes.

Under this definition, you can use it to buy concert tickets or even pay your child’s tuition fee.


Steps In Applying for PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan

Here is a step by step guide on how you can get the MPL Loan. I hope the steps I have laid out for you below are easy to follow.

  1. Check first if you are eligible to get a loan from PAG-IBIG. You need to at least have 24 monthly contributions to be eligible for the Multi-Purpose Loan. You can do this by contacting them via phone (02-724-4244), email (, or Facebook PM ( ). You also should have 5 contributions made within the last 6 months.
  2. If you are eligible for the loan, download and fill up the application form and the prepaid card form. For your application form, make sure that two witnesses will sign on it.
  3. Prepare a photocopy of 2 valid IDs with signature, you can also add three specimen signatures on the photocopy page for their reference.
  4. Provide a copy of your latest pay slip (this should be equivalent to one month pay).
  5. Submit this to your HR if you are employed. You can also submit to the Pag-Ibig branch you are registered under.
  6. Wait for their update and release of the loan. Please note that they don’t release cheques or cash. They give you the loan through cash cards (which is either a Citibank Prepaid Card or Landbank Prepaid Card).

How Much Can I Receive from the Multi-Purpose Loan

This is the tricky portion of the MPL Loan. Unlike SSS which has a standard of P15,000/P30,000 loanable amount, MPL’s amount varies depending on how many month’s contributions you have paid.

This is why it is important to know as well how many contributions you have made. The percentage increases depending on the number of contributions you have made. For your easier reference here’s a table guide:

Number of Contributions Loanable Amount Sample Computation
24 – 59 Months Up to 60% of the Total Accumulated Value of your contributions 24 Mos Contribution x 60%:

(P100x24) x 60% = P1,440

60 – 119 Months Up to 70% 60 Mos Contribution x 70%:

(P100x60)x70% = P4,200

120 Months and above Up to 80% 120 Mos Contribution x 80%:

(P100x120)x80% = P9,600


How do I pay PAG-IBIG and How Much is the Interest?

Similar to SSS Salary Loan, the PAG-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan has an interest rate of P10.75 per annum. This interest rate is paid equally throughout that repayment period.

The repayment period of the loan is also 2 years, again similar to SSS Salary Loan. So the amount you have to pay monthly is not the big. It is also easy to pay your MPL. If you are employed it will be through salary deduction but if you are self-employed you can either; arrange an auto-debit payment scheme or pay over the counter.

I do hope this post helps you out if you are planning to avail of PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan. Do feel free to ask me if you have any questions or contact PAG-IBIG directly.

Trying on Different Looks with #Divatress #beauty #ad

This is a sponsored post, I have been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed in this post however are mine and was not influenced by anyway.

I’m known by my close friends as a person who likes to try different hairstyles. There are days when I just stare at my phone, looking at Pinterest searching for a new style to sport. That was before when I was still younger with my adventurous spirit intact.

886522_10151527364627419_1812847255_o 1375645_10202214896476553_723707643_n

Things change when you become a mom and you start working in a corporate environment. I have noticed that I became less adventurous with hair styles now that I have Bunny. I just don’t want to look weird in front of my kid, she might cry at the sight of mommy with perms! Aside from that, I am more cautious with what I do to my hair. I don’t color as much as I want to nor do I go to the salon to try out different treatments. My hair is still trying to recover from all of that hair loss I experienced post-partum (baby hair up front and mid part of my hair).

2015-09-10 19.03.26

Still, I want to try out different styles every now and then. It’s great that I found out about Divatress! Divatress specializes in offering hair care products and wigs to different consumers. They have a lot of products to offer, they even have lace front wigs! This is good because lace front wigs give that natural look less the pain in your pocket. It is a popular choice, perhaps because it will give you that natural hairline look when you wear it. This type of wig is the best for me because I have naturally fuller hair. It will look like my hair has finally recovered from the post-partum hair loss I experienced.

I tried browsing through their site and there are a lot of lace front wigs options available. The price isn’t that heavy as well. This is great because I honestly want to try out different looks – straight, colored, and curly hair styles. Another thing I noticed is that they offer different styles in different hair colors. This is a plus, especially if you are particular in color. For example, I would prefer trying out dark and light browns over red and blonde wigs (again I can’t sport a super drastic look at the office).


So go ahead and browse through their site! Take time to check the different styles they have to offer for you. Here are just some of the styles that I want to try from Divatress!bobbi-boss-swiss-lace-front-wig-mlf-147-chiffon-d0b




My Little Pre-schooler: Bunny at Cradle’s Summer Workshop

My little bunny finished her first ever summer workshop! Hurray! I am very proud of her achievement because this is her first step towards pre-school. I was hesitant at first when we enrolled her in Cradle’s Summer Workshop. To be honest, I felt that she was too young to attend playschool. In my eyes, she will always be that tiny baby I held close to my heart.

all smiles for momma

all smiles for momma

I was assured by her teacher during her trial class that she’s ready to handle short classes. She will be exposed to other kids of the same age and at the same time work on fun activities.

Cradle’s Summer Workshop

Over the course of four weeks, Bunny had to attend 15 sessions of Cradle Playschool’s Summer Workshop. Teacher Fen provided a snapshot of what they will be doing per session on their first day of playschool.

It covered simple topics fit for toddlers. Each class had a structure of playing, singing, and participating in the day’s activity. I guess this helped pace the flow of the workshops. It wasn’t a straightforward class but a holistic one starting with socialisation.



Their class ends with a goodbye song and star stamping. Bunny proudly shows her stars whenever I get home. Believe me, it is the first thing she does when I get home from work.


The 15 sessions went by so fast! Their last day was yesterday! Compared to the first day of the workshop fewer kids were crying.

After the workshop kids were exiting the room smiling. Each toddler who completed the session was given a certificate too!


Bunny Before and After Playschool

I have been keeping close watch of Bunny’s attitude before and after playschool. Overall she’s more articulate.

She seems more confident. She’s colouring within the drawing and focuses on one page at a time. She has learned to count until twendy (twenty) but still prefers to skip payb (five) and sic (six). Every morning she would greet everyone “Good Morning! How you doin?”.


Moving Up with Cradle

I can definitely say that Cradle Playschool helped her a lot in that short period of time.

After their last class, I approached Teacher Fen and asked how she did during their summer workshop. She gave positive feedback towards Bunny. She said that Bunny was a good girl, a good student who didn’t give her a headache. Bunny seemed to be excited to try out activities, in fact, she was one of the first to always try it out.


After discussing with E, we decided to continue sending her to playschool. We won’t be enrolling her full term. We will give her monthly breaks so she can rest. Teacher Fen said that this was okay. Apparently, they allowed toddlers to enrol on a monthly basis.

I am excited to see her progress more when she goes back to Cradle. I know that she is excited too! I can see the joy in her eyes whenever she goes to Cradle, to see her classmates and her teacher.

You can contact Cradle through their Facebook page if you want to try out their trial class. 🙂

Booky Ph Review: Discounts for Foodies

Hey! How have you been? I’ve been quite busy, juggling work, mom life, and K-dramas. Now I have free time in my hands because I finished watching Goblin: The Lonely Guardian over the weekend, so I can catch up on my backlogs (hurray)!
First up is my App review for Booky Ph. To be honest, I have seen this app featured in other blogs but I keep on forgetting to download it. So when an officemate shared her experience about it, thanks, Ms.Maj, I immediately downloaded it.

What’s In It For You?
So what do you get after downloading this app? Basically, you get discounts and perks in selected establishments and restaurants. This ranges from the likes of La Lola, 8cuts, and Auntie Anne’s to fine dining restos, such as Golden Cowrie, Buddha Bar, and Cocina Peruvia.

You can either receive up to P500 off in your chosen establishment (with a minimum of P1000 spend) or avail of Buy 1 Get 1, in specific establishments and products.
Not bad, eh?
The Actual Booky Experience
I wanted to try it out for myself, so with my officemates, we marched to La Lola during our lunch break. La Lola is near our office since I just work in Five E-com, hence it was the most convenient choice for us.
When we arrived at La Lola, I started fumbling with my phone. I opened the Booky App and preceded to the Buy 1 Get 1 option, please make sure that you are logged in to your account already before using availing any offer. I scrolled down and chose La Lola’s Buy 1 Get 1 offer, 6 pcs Churros Clasicos.18698863_120300003915315148_1626194351_o
After choosing the Buy 1 Get 1 offer, the digital coupon will appear. You will have 10 minutes to redeem the coupon, so best is to access it when you are ready to order.



I just presented the coupon to the cashier, and my transaction was swiftly processed. Note that when you avail of this coupon, the dip is also included in the Buy 1 Get 1 offer. Our total bill was just P170 (P110 for the Churros and P60 for the dip). We split it in 4, so each one of us just paid P42.5 for 3 pcs of churros each and for the dip!

I haven’t tried booking a table yet through the app, but based on their FAQs you can book up to 30 minutes before seating time but no further than 2 weeks before the actual date.
The Good and The Bad
My overall experience with Booky was great and here are my observations:

  • There is a bit of a hassle when you try to register by connecting your account to your Facebook Profile. It was faster when I opted to confirm registration via mobile.
  • I was surprised that the registration came with P1000 credits. After browsing through their FAQ the P1000 credits is for your trial of the app. If you want to continue enjoying the perks you need to pay P199 per month (no amount limit).
  • For those who will subscribe to Booky Prime, you can only pay via credit card – I guess they have to add other options such as debit cards (not everyone naman kasi has credit card here in Ph)
  • For the Buy 1 Get 1 offers, it can only be used once. This is such a downer for me, I hope they can consider unlimited or limited to 2 – 3 in a month.
  • There are limited choices available, I hope they can add more resto and/or establishment offers in their app.

So there you have it! My short and succinct review for Booky! Will I use it anytime soon? Maybe, but I think I’ll try the restaurant discount next time.

A Mother’s Day Celebration at Dusit Thani Manila

This is a sponsored post, I have been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed in this post however are mine and was not influenced by anyway.

Thinking of how to spoil your mom this Mother’s Day? Dusit Thani Manila offers an ultimate treat for the woman who deserves no less than the best.


Give back the well-deserved love and appreciation to your mom by delighting her to a grand fair experience in A Mother’s Day Celebration on May 14, 2017 at Mayuree 1. Treat her to the biggest mother event of the year filled with freebies, raffle prizes, informative parenting talks, and exciting mom activities she’ll never want to miss! All mothers deserve the best, that’s why we partnered with prestige brands to lavish them such as Aveeno Baby, Mighty Baby, Mega-Malunggay, David’s Salon, Belo Essentials, The SM Store, SM Accessories, Babyliss, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Escada, Gucci, and many more. Moms will never go home empty handed as we will be giving away loot bags from our generous sponsors. Canapes and drinks to be served during the program.

received_10213495029318624What better way to spoil the most important woman in your life on her special day than a sumptuous Sunday Crossover Brunch. Enjoy the finest gastronomic varieties at The Pantry and savor authentic Japanese cuisines from UMU for PHP2,500 net inclusive of non-alcoholic beverages and PHP2,950 net inclusive of select alcoholic beverages. Moms dining in on May 14, 2017 get a 1 complimentary ticket to our special Mother’s Day Celebration. Or have the option to take your mother out for exquisite dining treat at Benjarong and make her feel the royal treatment with special Thai set menu for 4 persons for PHP4,800 net.
It’s time to give mom her much needed break by booking a relaxing staycation in one of the well-appointed rooms at Dusit Thani Manila. Room rate starts at PHP6,000 net in a Deluxe room inclusive of complimentary breakfast for 2, complimentary massage, late check-out and David’s Salon gift certificate valid from May 13-21,2017. Suite guests are entitled to a 60-minute Devarana Signature Asian Blend Massage per stay. Moms checked-in on May 14, 2017 get a 1 complimentary ticket to our special Mother’s Day Celebration.
Don’t just celebrate moms, pamper them with the best treats she will never forget at Dusit Thani Manila.