Motorino MOA Review

Last week E and I tried the newly opened pizza store in MOA. Motorino is still in its soft opening but I’ve been hearing great feedback about it.




It is beside Recovery Food and KFC near Hypermarket in MOA. It is very accessible for E-com employees, just a 5 minute walk from Five E-com. For normal customers though placement is odd since it won’t be seen immediately versus if it is placed inside the mall or in between the malls (like other restos).


Their menu features Pizza, Pasta, and Hotdog Sandwiches. Since it claims to be a New York Style food hub emphasis is really on their Pizza offerings. Think Sbarro but cheaper.



What I personally like in Motorino is the fact that I can order a complete meal for under P150! Yup that cheap for a slice of pizza, drink, and ice cream. They also have other set meals that feature their pasta and sandwiches.


Yummy! The first time E and I ate there we tried out the carne trio and four cheese pizza (which were their best sellers). Carne trio was so yummy I finished my big slice immediately. The right combination of meats plus cheese was what I needed that Friday evening to cap off my work week. E’s four cheese pizza was just okay for my taste. When I ate there for lunch with my officemates I tried pepperoni and it is now one of my favorite pepperoni pizzas next to S&R’s.


I was able to taste as well their Zitti pasta (thanks to Reggie and Cath). Don’t be fooled by the small container the dish was good for sharing if you also have pizza. It was so creamy and way better than Sbarro’s Baked Zitti.

To top it all off I got a cone of chocolate ice cream! Yummy!



If you are going there with a friend I suggest you order one pizza meal and ask them to half the slice and order a pasta meal for sharing. You will pay around P320 for that and both of you will have drinks already!

Subic Escapade: When Work Meets Play

After our Bohol getaway we had another escapade – in Subic! No this wasn’t really planned (I mean the kuripot side of me is dying inside – kidding). But it was a fun trip anyway. See, I had to attend the Ad Summit @ Subic and because it spanned for 4 days and 3 nights I really can’t leave Bunny that long. The longest we have been apart is overnight due to our office planning session and it was hard on me and her – I was looking at her photos just to fall asleep and she had to comfort suck her dada’s nips just to fall asleep! So imagining 4 days without her was just hard, so I booked a hotel stay for Bunny, her dada and I.

The Plan

It was simple, I will be away from 10 AM until 4 PM everyday and out as well by 7 PM for dinner. She and her dad will stay at the hotel and order food while I am away. To make sure she has enough milk I will be pumping in between talks and when I get back to the hotel. Sounds easy, but really it was hard at times – especially when I lost my breastfeeding bag (thank God the guard found it)! So for 3 days that was our routine, and it worked! The nice thing was that she and her dad bonded even more that at times I got jealous because she was super sweet to her dad and sometimes ignored me.



The Hotel

Hotels are pricier when it is within the SBMA so we opted to stay at a hotel within Olongapo but walking distance to SM and the buses going to the Summit. For 4 days and 3 nights we stayed at Subic Residencias and it was less pricey but very much worth it. Bunny even had fun playing with the phone – peg nya ata to call for room service always!


12801325_10208706629965833_2633655573292640927_nWork and Play

Very apt for the theme of the year is our final day in Subic! The talks during the summit for me really centered on not limiting yourself to possible executions that you can do for your brand which sometimes entailed playing. To be honest, working in an agency is fun but it sometimes can be too much especially if you get drowned with JOs, briefs, and to-dos. This meant of course time to let go and let loose – maybe through drinking for some but can also be achieved by playing. Playing with apps or playing outside.

This then inspired me to tell E to ask his cousin he lives nearby to visit us while we were there and to take Bunny and her dad out to visit Zoobic Safari on our last day in Subic. It was her Tito’s first time to meet Bunny and although she didn’t really play that much with her tito they had their moments.



As for our Zoobic Safari escapade will post a more detailed entry about this soon but it was really fun to see both of them with eyes wide open, seeing new things and interacting with the animals. Definitely the highlight of our trip in Subic.



Since this wasn’t really a travel-travel we only spent on our hotel accommodation, food (mostly for Bunny and E), and transpo. We only spent around Php 10,000 but 50% is for the 4D/3N at Subic Residencias.

Goodbye Mediacom Part 1

Yesterday was my last day in Mediacom. I’ve been working under the digital team for almost two years as a social media executive. I will not bore you with my history with the company, but it has been an amazing ride.

Ground breaking Projects

In my stay in Mediacom, I was given the opportunity to handle many different projects. Projects that tested my capability as a social media executive and my patience. However, in my 2 year stint in Mediacom I am proudest of 2.

First is #OnFullBlast – Berocca!


This was my first ever try in handling a Twitter account. It was a challenge that I was scared to tackle but at the same time made me push myself to learn more about the platform.

Before I always felt that brands are too focused on creating conversations on Facebook, but they are neglecting other social platforms. Aside from Facebook you have Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Forums, Blogs and now WeChat and Line. Other platforms have great potential if only you will take time to discover it and the market who are using it. Yes I am aware that Facebook’s penetration in the Philippines is high, but the other social platforms are there for a reason (sorry for the social rant).

Berocca was my Twitter baby and I take pride in being part of the awesome team behind Berocca. This baby gave me two of my first ever trending topics – #BeroccaGiveawayTuesday and #OnFullBlast. Immersing myself with the brand and the platform helped open my eye on Twitter’s potential. It has the potential to reach influential people, people who are not afraid to voice out their concerns, people who have something to say.

Aside from Berocca giving me my trending topics, it’s also one of the most, if not the most, talked about pharma brand in the Philippines. BOOYA! Who ever said pharma should be blah and boring? With the right social strategy and the right platform brands can make a statement!

I also met amazing people along the way, thanks to the series of #OnFullBlast activities. With my first campaign I met Chico, Del and Gino from TMR, and Slick and Sam from BNO.


With my second campaign I got to bond with people from Fox, meet Saab, Viktor.




With my third campaign (my favorite) I met the amazing DJs of Magic Davao, CDO, and Cebu (who made us drink lots and lots of alcohol, who pampered us sooo much, and who came to my rescue when I had no ciggs), Jojo the Love Survivor, Slick, Sam, and Tony Toni.

Well, the best people I met are of course the Berocca Team.



Tammy, who was as cray cray as I was but is the best activation person I’ve ever met. Her team, Lavina and Kim who always called me mam and po until such time I begged them to stop calling me mam and saying po. Their dedication is astounding and they are the best in what they do.

Ikai and Winlove, who loved the brand as much as I did. They did everything that they can to make everything work. Working with them pushed me to be at my best, to only think of the best for the brand. There were no stupid or too cray cray ideas with them. They listened and they trusted me enough even if I was the cray cray girl of digital.

Jermae and Suukyi, who were part of the digital side of Berocca. Together they complemented the organic efforts with paid means (uh because you have to invest!).

And of course Ms. Clarice, who saw my cray cray side, liked it, and believed in it. 🙂

Second is the Ganda Trio Campaign

This has to be the biggest project I ever handled. I was terrified when my former mommy gave this campaign to me. She was the first person involved in it, but she trusted me enough to give this to me (THANK YOU GEIA).

This campaign was not just any other digital campaign, it had a digital part, but it was linked to a movie. A MOVIE! At the time when it was given to me, I wasn’t able to fully grasp how monumental it was. Well not until after a day. I knew it was big, but I didn’t know it will be so big that it will birth 2 worldwide trending topics (#KathNielMustBeLovePremiereNight and #GandaTrioDaywithKathNiel (if I remember it correctly).

I had so much fun giving away premiere tickets, covering the events, and knowing the best fans in the world.

It would never happen if I never had the support of Kathryn and Daniel’s fans. Knowing them was one of the best parts of handling this campaign. We owe the success of this campaign to their support.


Of course I handled other campaigns, but if you work in an agency like I did deep inside there will be at least one or two campaigns that will define you and your stay there. Those two are the campaigns I will always be remembered for. Of course, I made mistakes before, I had sleepless nights because of those two campaigns (hell, part of it was staying up until the wee hours of the morning to tweet) but it was all worth it.

I’ll blog away next time for the second part. 🙂