How to Apply for PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan

SSS (Social Security System) and PAG-IBIG both offer loan programs for their members here in the Philippines. Most are aware on how to apply for an SSS Salary Loan. I guess it’s because it is relatively easier and more convenient versus applying for the PAG-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL). I myself have applied for an SSS Salary Loan twice. Their online portal made it easier to apply for a loan. Aside from that, you will receive a higher amount vs. what you will receive if you apply for the MPL.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maximise the loan offering that PAG-IBIG is offering. Just think of it this way, you are paying them a monthly fee so might as well find purpose in what they can offer you.

What Is PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan

The Multi-Purpose Loan, simply put, is a loan that you can use for pretty much anything. Under their definition, it can be filed by a member to aid for house repair, educational assistance, health and wellness purposes, home enhancement, or other purposes.

Under this definition, you can use it to buy concert tickets or even pay your child’s tuition fee.


Steps In Applying for PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan

Here is a step by step guide on how you can get the MPL Loan. I hope the steps I have laid out for you below are easy to follow.

  1. Check first if you are eligible to get a loan from PAG-IBIG. You need to at least have 24 monthly contributions to be eligible for the Multi-Purpose Loan. You can do this by contacting them via phone (02-724-4244), email (, or Facebook PM ( ). You also should have 5 contributions made within the last 6 months.
  2. If you are eligible for the loan, download and fill up the application form and the prepaid card form. For your application form, make sure that two witnesses will sign on it.
  3. Prepare a photocopy of 2 valid IDs with signature, you can also add three specimen signatures on the photocopy page for their reference.
  4. Provide a copy of your latest pay slip (this should be equivalent to one month pay).
  5. Submit this to your HR if you are employed. You can also submit to the Pag-Ibig branch you are registered under.
  6. Wait for their update and release of the loan. Please note that they don’t release cheques or cash. They give you the loan through cash cards (which is either a Citibank Prepaid Card or Landbank Prepaid Card).

How Much Can I Receive from the Multi-Purpose Loan

This is the tricky portion of the MPL Loan. Unlike SSS which has a standard of P15,000/P30,000 loanable amount, MPL’s amount varies depending on how many month’s contributions you have paid.

This is why it is important to know as well how many contributions you have made. The percentage increases depending on the number of contributions you have made. For your easier reference here’s a table guide:

Number of Contributions Loanable Amount Sample Computation
24 – 59 Months Up to 60% of the Total Accumulated Value of your contributions 24 Mos Contribution x 60%:

(P100x24) x 60% = P1,440

60 – 119 Months Up to 70% 60 Mos Contribution x 70%:

(P100x60)x70% = P4,200

120 Months and above Up to 80% 120 Mos Contribution x 80%:

(P100x120)x80% = P9,600


How do I pay PAG-IBIG and How Much is the Interest?

Similar to SSS Salary Loan, the PAG-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan has an interest rate of P10.75 per annum. This interest rate is paid equally throughout that repayment period.

The repayment period of the loan is also 2 years, again similar to SSS Salary Loan. So the amount you have to pay monthly is not the big. It is also easy to pay your MPL. If you are employed it will be through salary deduction but if you are self-employed you can either; arrange an auto-debit payment scheme or pay over the counter.

I do hope this post helps you out if you are planning to avail of PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Loan. Do feel free to ask me if you have any questions or contact PAG-IBIG directly.

A Mother’s Day Celebration at Dusit Thani Manila

This is a sponsored post, I have been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed in this post however are mine and was not influenced by anyway.

Thinking of how to spoil your mom this Mother’s Day? Dusit Thani Manila offers an ultimate treat for the woman who deserves no less than the best.


Give back the well-deserved love and appreciation to your mom by delighting her to a grand fair experience in A Mother’s Day Celebration on May 14, 2017 at Mayuree 1. Treat her to the biggest mother event of the year filled with freebies, raffle prizes, informative parenting talks, and exciting mom activities she’ll never want to miss! All mothers deserve the best, that’s why we partnered with prestige brands to lavish them such as Aveeno Baby, Mighty Baby, Mega-Malunggay, David’s Salon, Belo Essentials, The SM Store, SM Accessories, Babyliss, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Escada, Gucci, and many more. Moms will never go home empty handed as we will be giving away loot bags from our generous sponsors. Canapes and drinks to be served during the program.

received_10213495029318624What better way to spoil the most important woman in your life on her special day than a sumptuous Sunday Crossover Brunch. Enjoy the finest gastronomic varieties at The Pantry and savor authentic Japanese cuisines from UMU for PHP2,500 net inclusive of non-alcoholic beverages and PHP2,950 net inclusive of select alcoholic beverages. Moms dining in on May 14, 2017 get a 1 complimentary ticket to our special Mother’s Day Celebration. Or have the option to take your mother out for exquisite dining treat at Benjarong and make her feel the royal treatment with special Thai set menu for 4 persons for PHP4,800 net.
It’s time to give mom her much needed break by booking a relaxing staycation in one of the well-appointed rooms at Dusit Thani Manila. Room rate starts at PHP6,000 net in a Deluxe room inclusive of complimentary breakfast for 2, complimentary massage, late check-out and David’s Salon gift certificate valid from May 13-21,2017. Suite guests are entitled to a 60-minute Devarana Signature Asian Blend Massage per stay. Moms checked-in on May 14, 2017 get a 1 complimentary ticket to our special Mother’s Day Celebration.
Don’t just celebrate moms, pamper them with the best treats she will never forget at Dusit Thani Manila.



Zooper Cruise: A Magical Ride at Pasig River

This is a sponsored post.


Filipinos are using the Pasig River Ferries everyday, 400 of them according to Manila Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA), but must be one of the means of transportation of thousands more not just by hundreds,
so what hinders them?

The Philippines has many beautiful local tourist attractions, yet many Filipinos as well as foreign tourists have not yet discovered the beauty of Metro Manila. Zoomanity Group, with an aim to promote education and environmental conservation of Pasig River, launches Zooper Cruise, a zooper unique cruise experience under Zoomanity Foundation and for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River.

Just last February 14, 2017 at 4PM in the afternoon, Zoomanity Group serenaded travelers with love songs, sweet souvenirs, delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine and an experience they will never forget via our newest attraction “The Love Boat.” For only Php 1,400.00 per head, the participants had a magical ride.

Started last August 25, 2016, Zooper Cruise will be a specially arranged tour in Pasig River every first Saturday of the month. For as slow as P699 to P1, 999, you will get a chance to rediscover the beauty of historical places in Manila like Intramuros and Fort Santiago, highlighting also the World’s 1st and biggest China Town. The tour is complete with good ambiance and music, snacks and drinks, photo souvenir and a lot more.

Zooper Cruise is the newest project under Zoomanity Foundation which is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility. It caters the company’s 4 pillars which are Education, Entertainment, Environmental Conservation and Exhibit.

Zoomanity Group is one of the leading companies in the theme park industry in the Philippines under the Yupangco Group of Companies. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field and at present, we have eight operating local and international parks namely Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Clarkzilla in Clark, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol, Zootopia in Nagano, Japan and Animal Research and Development Park in Victoria Australia.

Rediscover the splendor of Manila historical landmarks.

TAG media and public relations is the marketing, branding and public relation company of Zoomanity Group. For our events and services, send inquiry to or call 09166299381

Dear Daughter Pt.6

Dear Daughter,

Earlier this morning, you woke up without the usual smile on your face. This just means that you will be a bit cranky versus your usual self. Even if that is the case, mommy still loves you. It is normal to have an off day. It is normal to sometimes feel sad or frustrated even if nothing has happened yet. This is what being a human being entails, a splash of happiness with a dash of sadness to produce a colorful rainbow that is called life.


I don’t want to lie to you and let you believe that everything will always have a happily ever after ending. Yes my love it is possible but with hard work and determination. Partly I think that is the reason why I allowed you to cry it out when you got cranky because mommy didn’t allow you to take a stroll outside (baby it was too early). Your dad and your lolo, of course, came to your rescue trying to pacify you. I stopped them and told them to allow you to cry it out. I told your dada that I want you to finish crying so I can explain to you why you got frustrated. See, I wanted you to discover and understand your emotions. It won’t always be the same happy sunny side you will have your moments.


Your dada listened to me and gave you space. I was sitting on the floor with you. You with your face buried between my legs. I patted your back slowly and ever so gently telling you that it is okay. I continued whispering to your ear that it is okay to cry and feel sad because you didn’t get what you want. You have to learn that not everything will be handed to you on a silver platter.


After a few minutes your tears stopped falling, and I wiped each tear on your face to reveal your beautiful face. I smiled and told you again that it is okay. I picked you up and hugged you ever so tightly. At this time you settled down but hugged me so closely and rested your face on my chest.

Oh my love how I wish you knew how hard it is for me to resist your requests but I can’t give you everything that you ask for. You are now at the age when you start learning what is right from wrong. The power of your tears and the power that mommy has to say yes and no. It is hard to resist you especially because I am out for 11 hours every weekday, but I know that giving in is bad as well. Please understand mommy that I am doing this just for you as well. I love you forever, forever you will be my love.


I will see you soon, and I hope that you welcome me with a big hug and a huge smile on your face.

Mom Guilt

The last two weeks has been crazy for me at work. It was my first and second time to go home late ever since I came back from my maternity leave. I really can’t divulge details since it is confidential and work related, just that I had to stay to fix some stuff or present some stuff. I felt super guilty when I went home late two weeks in a row (if it is life-balance related like attending events E and I are okay with it, it is my way of coping up with life and releasing stress) and both times Bunny waited for me before sleeping straight. This definitely hit the guilt trip button for me.


In my mind, I started thinking of how bad I am as a mum to not stay at home and be with her. I felt bad that I went home late just to take care of work. I tried a bunch of times to tell myself that it is okay, as E said it happens even if I plan out everything to the last minute detail, it happens. I knew that she would not remember, but I will. I will remember how she would wait up for me before sleeping, or how she would wake in the middle of the night to have milky and I am not there. It’s really hard to be a working mum, I mean nobody said that it will be easy. I did think of leaving work and just being a full time mum for her, but I know as well that this would not work. Psychologically speaking, my brain farts a lot and I need an avenue to release it. I also know that I thrive being in places where I can mingle and create meaningful and lasting relationships. I know that if I stay at home I would not be the happy-chirpy mum that I am to Bunny, and I needed to be the happy-chirpy mum that I am to keep her happy to. Why? Because a happy mom fosters an environment that will help raise a happy baby.


This doesn’t mean though that I don’t want to be with Bunny, I just want to achieve happiness so that I can take care of her better. There are days though that I want to stay at home, curl up, wait for her to lie down next to me, and just be with her. Like this morning, she was still sleeping at 6:00 am. Usually she is up by 5.30 AM and we play after I take a bath. I feed her, and dress her up before I leave. Earlier, she just slept, damn you cold bed weather! So I picked her up and hugged her as tight as she hugs her Monkey. I whispered to her ear that I needed to go before 7 AM and that she should wake up so we could play. She still slept, so I just carried her and kissed her multiple times. It then hit me that if I wasn’t a full time working mum, I would probably be sleeping next to her as well, that I would probably be hugging her waiting for her to wake up. Reality is that I had work and I had to leave my little girl at home with her lolo and my aunt. I had to leave her for 12 hours (which should really just be 10 – 11 but traffic is super bad) and she will be well taken care of by my aunt and my dad. I have to believe that she will understand why I do what I do, that she will not forget my face, my smell, my warmth when I am away. I have to let her learn things from other people, even if I am supposed to be her first and only teacher.


Today was harder versus other days because she clinged on to me longer than usual, because she held on tight to my arms even if her lolo is asking her to come out with her and check her plants, because when she was outside and I was saying goodbye she didn’t meet my eye. But, just before I left I tried again to get her attention and ask for a kiss, she kissed me multiple times just how I kissed her when she was fast asleep. She flashed her 8 teeth so cute and tiny. She waved bye-bye and blew kisses my way. She kept on looking at me even if I was a bit far off along the road. It was if she was saying that she will be okay and that she understands.

It is hard, but E and I make it work. I think what makes it easier for me to continue working is because E supports my decision. He also sends me snaps of Bunny when he gets home from work (he’s usually at home by 2 PM). I think what makes it easier is the fact that I get updates from my dad and mom when they post photos of Bunny. It is also easier for me because I know that I leave her in the arms of people who love her as much as I love her (but I know that I love her the most). It is easier because when I get home I am welcomed by a running baby, smiling with arms wide open for a big welcome home hug for mommy. What makes it easier are nights when I get to cuddle with her, kiss her, read to her, and play with her.


I honestly believe that it is not in the amount of time that I spend with her that matters, but on the quality of time that I spend with her. I may not be present during weekdays but when I get home my phone is away and would usually get noticed only after she is sleeping. I give her my 101% attention always taking note of things she likes and things she doesn’t. I think this is why I know her best even if our time together is limited. Again, it is for me in the quality of time that I spend with her, because for a day sometime before I was present the whole day but glued to my phone that I wasn’t able to give her even fifty percent of my attention. I felt guilty after this and have sworn off using phones when she is looking.

I also make up for time during weekends,when I cook for her and for her dada. When we go out and take her around Alabang after her check ups, and when we go to our min travels/staycations when she gets all of our attention.

So now, I cope up with unlimited hugs and kisses, with sweet prayers, with photos and videos sent, and updates from my parents. I know that even if time passes by it will still be hard for me to leave her, but I know that we are doing this for her.


Dear Daughter Pt. 5

Dear Daughter,

If you guessed that mommy is writing this while you and your papa is sleeping, you are right. I think this is because I clear my mind at night and most often than not writing helps me (except when mum is watching series).

The past few weeks went by so fast, just like how you grew up so fast. A lot of things happened that mum did not expect, good ones and bad ones which helped mum become a bit more stronger. At times I get home feeling so tired, but the sight of you welcoming me with arms wide open is more than enough to rid my weary mind of worries.



My love, you and your papa are my saviors. You remind me that life happens but that I have the both of you to come home to. I have both of you to comfort me and welcome me. There are times when I forget this bit of truth, but everything changes when I come home to you, to my world, my everything.1


You and your papa are my universe. The two most important people in my life. You my inspiration and your papa my rock. I know that some people would say that it is usually women as the steady rock foundation of the family, but for ours it is your papa. He does not know it, but I am a bit of a mess without him. I might go on and on always about the room being messy or his no mobile phone phobia, but really he is our rock.

  • FB_IMG_1450282848579

At times that you get sick, my mind goes bonkers and he will be there telling me that everything would be okay. At times when I become over protective he will whisper to my ear that I should let you play because you need to learn how to rise up when you fall. When I get cranky due to my hormones, he knows when to back off and when to be extra sweet. Whenever I tell him of my wild dreams, he pushes mum to go for it. And whenever mum has a bad day he would always lend an ear to listen out and and his chest for mum to lean on. This is true for you too. You always have him to lean on.


Love, when you grow up remember that he is our rock. Our steady and calm rock. He believes in the best without expecting anything. He believes in our dreams and knows how to push forward to achieve it.


When you grow up, remember that my love.

That is all for now cause mum needs to drift off to sleep as well.

I love you always, forever.



How To Cook Pancit Canton with the Microwave Oven

Yesterday was such a toxic day. I ended up craving for happy food, comfort food ko ba. At first I was thinking of pizza with the social team, then fries, until eventually nag end up na pancit canton.

But how will I satisfy this craving without a stove? Ah that’s where the handy dandy microwave oven comes in! In my first advertising stint we used to cook pancit canton using the microwave oven. It was Ressil who was on charge of this so I had zero experience cooking it pancit canton using the microwave oven.

Pero I really wanted to eat pancit canton kaya ayun, i ended up experimenting. I filled the cup 3/4 hot water before placing the broken noodles (so that it will fill).


I timed the microwave at 8 minutes but I kept on checking every 2 minutes. At the four minute mark i saw that the noodles were almost cooked and that I needed only a minute more.


After seeing that the noodles were cooked just right, I drained the water and added the oil and seasoning. And tada! My first ever microwave cooked pancit canton! Oh what fun it was!


How about you? Have you ever cooked pancit canton or any other meal using the microwave?

Breastfeeding And Working: Our Breastfeeding Journey

This August 10, Alex will be 8 months and that also means that she’s an exclusively breastfed baby for 8 months. Keeping her an EBF baby is hard especially because I work full time, but it is not something that I have allowed to become my excuse to stop giving her liquid gold.

2015-07-18 17.30.57

The decision to breastfeed her came easily after mommy friends encouraged me to breastfeed her, even just for 6 months. So after I gave birth to Alex, I tried and tried to get her to latch properly. Alas, it was not easy (even if I thought it was going to be super easy). We struggled to get her to latch because she was nipple confused (she was given formula as I was recovering from CS) and because I was hesitant, doubting my milk supply.

The normal scenario for her first few weeks was, I gave her formula milk and she will go to sleep. While she’s sleeping I will pump for milk which I will give to her for her next meal. Bit by bit we were able to eliminate the formula milk and slowly, with E’s encouragement, we were able to remove the bottle from the equation. After almost giving up, she latched directly! I was super happy for this achievement. I realized then how wonderful it was to directly breastfeed Alex. It was fulfilling especially when she looks at me with contentment, as if saying “thank you mommy for my milky.”

Learning More About Breastfeeding

E’s a registered nurse so he shared with me just how healthy breast milk is. I did my own research which helped me become a member of the “BreastFeeding Pinays” Group on Facebook. Because of this group I learned a lot more about how healthy breastmilk is and that I should stop questioning my milk supply. From that group I learned that what I make is just enough for Alex:


Thanks to this group as well, I learned that my breastmilk changes depending on the needs of Alex. I also learned that I shouldn’t stop breastfeeding her just because I am sick, contrary to what other people are saying. She needs more of my liquid gold, because it will help protect her from what I have and lessen the chances of her getting sick as well (this one I have proven just a month ago. I was sick for 2 weeks, but Alex was super fine).

10488009_10202141257561080_4638326915769592545_nAside from what I have learned, what I value the most about being a part of that community is having the support of other mommies as well. Getting encouragement to target breastfeed Alex until she’s 2 years old. This infographic below is also my favorite from the group:


Working, Pumping, Breastfeeding

Of course my maternity leave had to end, and as early as a month before I had to go back to work I slowly built my breastmilk stash. I feared of course the fact that my milk supply might decrease and that I will not meet my mini-breastfeeding milestone of keeping Alex exclusively breastfed for 6 mos.

It was hard at first, I was only storing 2 oz per pump, because I only pumped after Alex finished nursing. Eventually I was able to build a 30 plus oz stash. All were frozen using Honeysuckle Storage Bags. A few weeks before the end of my leave, we started training Alex to bottle feed again. She was hesitant at first, we struggled, but eventually she learned to feed from the bottle again (I am lucky that she didn’t get nipple confused like before, but it is advised to cup feed instead of bottle feed breastfed babies).

2015-02-27 12.24.51

On my end, I had to figure out a schedule of pumping to ensure that my supply won’t dwindle so I can take home precious breastmilk for my little girl. At first it was hard, I had to deal with finding space to pump and keeping up with my schedule amidst my full work day schedule. After some time though, I realized that with enough discipline it will be easy. I just had to keep a 10.30 AM – 1 PM- 4. 15 PM pumping schedule. At the end of the day this will yield to a 12-15 oz stash for Alex.

To be honest, there are times that I missed my pumping schedule because I forgot about or I was stuck in a meeting. This changed after I experienced a decline in my supply, from 15 oz to a low of 9 oz per day. During that time when I only had 9 oz per day, I would check with E if Alex has any milk left at home. He will update me every afternoon so that I would know if I will need to pump extra that night. Thankfully we only encountered a day when I had to rush home due to low milk supply. This was a signal for me to eat up lactation cookies again to re-establish my supply and stick with my pumping schedule. To date, Alex has extra supply at home and I never worry about milk supply anymore.


As I shared earlier, Alex and I will soon hit our 8 month. I am extremely happy to have surpassed my initial goal of 6 months but I know that we can go for up to her first year or even longer. I just have to keep up with my pumping schedule and direct+unli latch every night.

I hope my short and summarized story will encourage other working moms to also continue breastfeeding their babies. Remember, you have rights mommies. Reinforce it and just remember that the best thing that we can give our babies, aside from our love, is our breastmilk.

* All photos (except for milk stash and Alex’s photo were from the Breastfeeding Pinay’s page)


Cebu Day 4: Pasalubong Shopping + Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

Our last day was spent going to different shops to buy “pasalubong.” It is common tradition here in the Philippines that if you go on a vacation, you will buy knick-knacks, trinkets, food, or any type of souvenir item for your friends, officemates, loved ones, or anybody you know.
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