Legend of the Blue Sea Review

Please bear with me as I attempt to write my first ever K-Drama review. As I previously mentioned in my post last week, I’ve just started watching K-Drama’s again this year. Long story short, I have missed out on many different K-Dramas and I have a lot of catching up to do.

I recently finished to K-Dramas this past month, Guardian and Legend of the Blue Sea. For now, what I will share with you is my honest to goodness (cross my heart) review of Legend of the Blue Sea.


Brief Background

Legend of the Blue Sea is a straightforward story of a mermaid falling in love with a human (Little Mermaid feels).

It opens with a Joseon Era storyline, dating back in 1598, wherein a mermaid falls in love with a country official. Their love pursues a complicated fate, they try to go against all odds to fight for their love but they meet a tragic ending.


In present day Korea, we see a reincarnation, of some sorts, of the country official. He is now Heo Joon Jae, a conman, and the mermaid is now Shim Cheong. Their meet cute was during Heo Joon Jae’s Spain escapade – and what happens after is a repeat of their previous lives. Knowing what has happened in the past, Joon Jae does everything that he can to avoid the tragic ending they once met.

My Honest To Goodness Review

Okay, so if I can sum up my emotions as I was watching Legend of the Blue Sea in a sentence it would be: I can’t get enough of their cute and romantic moments.

Let’s start with the cast. Personally, that is the upside for this show, Lee Min Ho (Joon Jae) and Jun Ji Hyun (Shim Cheong) looked good together and that registered well onscreen. Their cute-romantic moments highlighted the chemistry they had.


I also liked it the Min Ho was able to showcase his acting skills that were asked from him (him being a conman and all in this drama).


The supporting cast picked were also great, especially Ji Hyun’s friends.


Second, for the overall story of this drama I honestly felt that it lacked something. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it was the obvious ending or maybe the expected twist in the reveal of the actual villains.


Somehow I felt that stretching it to 20 episodes was a bit too much since there are some scenes that can be removed, without losing the essence of the drama.

This doesn’t mean though that I didn’t like the series. To be honest, I enjoyed the cute romantic moments between the leads. I would probably re-watch it just for the sake of experiencing butterfly flutters in my heart.

K-Drama Rating

So what’s my verdict? I give this a rating of 4 out of 5 K-Drama stars. I will still recommend this show to K-Drama newbies. It is a good watch especially if you are in search of romantic excitement to brighten up your day.

Do you have any K-Drama series for me? Just comment your recommendations below so I can check it out!

Korean Drama Fever: The Highs and Lows of Watching Korean Novelas

I’m on my third Korean Novela this year. This is a big achievement for me because the last time I’ve watched Korean Novelas was 2013 or 2014. The long hiatus was due to my work schedule and series preference. From 2013 to early 2017 I watched American series such as; Big Bang Theory, FRIENDS, Scandal, How To Get Away From Murder, Jane The Virgin, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Devious Maids, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife, and so on.

Somehow, I got tired of watching shows that progressed slowly. I missed the “kilig” or romantic excitement that I had whenever I watched Korean Novelas. I missed the lightness that RomCom (romantic-comedy) K-Novelas had.

This year, I was lured back to K-Novelas because of Gong Yoo.

He owned my heart ever since I saw him in Coffee Prince, where he played the role of Han Kyul. Perhaps it was his dreamy eyes that made me go crazy – this was before I met E, my husband, and the love of my life – back in college. Because of that show, I started watching more K-Novelas, I started studying Hangul, and I cut my hair short (inspired by the lead actress’ haircut in the show).

Because of Gong Yoo, I decided to watch Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin). To me and my husband’s surprise, I finished the entire show in 4 days! I’ll try to write a review about it, but because of that show the spark of my Korean Novela loving soul came back.

Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

K-Novelas are different from telenovelas and western series. It usually has less than 20 episodes shown for three to four months. Each episode is at least an hour long, packed with ups and downs, and ends with a major cliffhanger.

In an episode, you will usually experience a lot of “kilig moments.”

You will try to keep it inside because people will think you are crazy. Just imagine yourself commuting in a bus or service van smiling like a high school girl.

At times, you will feel a need to scream because the two leads are just so damn cute! Or because you are frustrated with the guy lead for being too mean.

But there will also be moments when you will find yourself crying. Tears will fall down your eyes and you don’t even know why it happened.

Antagonists make you feel the need to scream.

Cliffhangers make you crave for the next episode which ultimately leads you to binge watch as much episodes as you can in a day.


When you finally finish the series, you are left with a hole in your heart. You start questioning yourself, why did you watch it all at once?

To fill that hole, you end up asking for recommendations from your friends or you start watching series that star the leads of the last one you watched. Then you start a new cycle again, promising yourself that you will watch the new series slower.

You might succeed at first, perhaps for the first five or ten episodes. But then cliffhanger after cliffhanger you are left with no choice but to binge watch again!

Oh My K-Novelas

I just shared a glimpse of the ups and downs that you might experience when you start watching K-Novelas. Remember, once you start it will be difficult to stop. So if you are ready to start your journey to the land of never ending “kilig” or romantic excitement, venture on and watch any of the K-Novelas below:


Britney Spears Live in Manila

Britney’s concert here in Manila was 19 years in the making, it was a dream come true!


I’m a big fan of Britney. My room was filled with posters you would think that it’s my wallpaper! Through her, I was introduced to the world of pop.

I followed Britney’s career since 1999. I fell in love with her songs, rejoiced whenever I watched her music videos, sang along to her live performances, cried when she stumbled, and cheered for her to get back to her feet again. So basically I’m a big fan.

The Road to Watching Britney Live

When it was officially announced that she will have her first ever concert here in the Philippines I knew that I would do everything to watch her perform live. Thankfully a good friend of ours knew the promoter. He helped us secure good tickets minus the hassle of lining up or waiting for the online selling to begin. My mind was basically like this.

I can only afford to shell out P6,000 for her tickets (USD 111) which was good for Upper Box tickets. Thank heavens for my brother! He was kind enough to upgrade my tickets to Lower Box B (P10,500 or USD 233). I was shouting out loud, in my mind, when he said that he will sponsor the upgrade for my tickets.

I had a sudden flashback of my high school days, when my free time would be spent memorizing her music video choreography, watching her concert DVD over and over again, or reading magazines to get the latest news about her.

April came and we finally received our tickets. I almost cried when I held it in my hands. In my mind, it was my passport to an event I had been waiting for 19 years.

See you soon , @britneyspears ! ❤❤❤❤❤

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Experience of a Lifetime

The day finally came, there were butterflies in my stomach. I will finally see Britney, in the flesh, performing live in front of me.

My brother, his partner, and I walked from Botejyu to the Mall of Asia Arena after dinner. Each step we made brought us a step closer to my queen. I knew that in just a few hours her show will start.

Shortly after arriving at the concert venue we made our way to our seats. After locating our seats I left my brother and his partner.

Amazing seats! Ang lapitd See you soon @britneyspears ❤❤❤

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I wanted to take a closer look at her official concert merchandise. I knew that I would regret not buying anything. At first, I only bought an armband. In my mind, at least I have something tangible to save aside from the ticket.

My husband thought otherwise, he urged me to buy a shirt because this is just a once in a lifetime concert. I happily lined up again to get a shirt! The long wait to get the shirt was worth it! I have something special from her first ever concert here in Manila!

Merch! ❤❤❤ #britneyspears #britneyinmanila

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Our Queen

After waiting for more than an hour, the show started. You could hear people screaming, going wild when they caught a glimpse of Britney taking her position on the stage. When the beat dropped the crowd went mad.

Love you @britneyspears ! Manila loves youuuu. #britneyinmanila #britneyspears

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My eyes were glued to her the entire time that she was performing. She had a certain aura that would make you just focus your eyes on her. Each move was on-point, she was amazing!

That legendary entrance! #BritneyAtMOAArena

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I won’t go into detail of each song she performed because you will just read the word amazing over and over again. One thing is for certain, she is an incredible performer. The crowd would go crazy every time she comes out of the stage. You would hear each person singing along to her hits, even the newer ones from her latest album.

Time for Toxic! #BritneyAtMOAArena

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When you look at her, you would see the same old Britney from the 90’s. She is the same charismatic girl who owned our hearts.

Britney Hangover

Everyone was on a high after the concert ended. People lined up like crazy at the merchandise booths. We were all singing along to the songs played by the brand booths. People coming down from the escalators were singing, those who were waiting for their turn in the merchandise booth were singing, and those who were exiting the concert grounds were singing too!

Everyone left with a smile on their face knowing that we are part of her first concert in Manila. This is something I would remember forever.

How about you?Have you attended the concert of your favorite artist? How was your experience? Share it with me below!



Breastfeeding and TV Shows

I love watching telenovelas, local and foreign. One of my favorite shows currently is Jane The Virgin.


Photo from https://www.facebook.com/cwjanethevirgin/photos/a.1437123226536834.1073741826.1425838674331956/1648467442069077/?type=3&theater

I really like the story line of a pregnant virgin, due to wrong insemination, and how she copes up with her life and her plans with the unplanned pregnancy. The story has a very light take in life, and how it can sometimes be like the ones you watch in mexican telenovelas. Has a lot of ups and downs, but still continues because that is just how life is. Anyway, one of the reasons why I liked it even more was because it highlighted Jane’s desire to exclusively breastfeed Matteo. This is very new to me because local shows here in the Philippines seem bent to highlight formula milk as part of their story line. It will always be like this:

Mom and dad fights because mom will ask dad for money to be used to buy formula milk for their child


Single mom or mom needs money asks a relative for money to buy her child formula milk

This is a bit disappointing because it is becoming a repetitive theme. I know two shows from ABS-CBN that used this story line instead of promoting breastfeeding (Nathaniel and Ang Probinsyano). The question in my mind is why this is becoming a part of their programming instead of promoting breast feeding? I just wanted to put it out there, you know. Because it doesn’t really help us breastfeeding moms push forward the advocacy of normalizing breastfeeding. Why? Because even media outfits highlight formula feeding (believe me I don’t have anything against formula feeding because Alex was given formula for two weeks) instead of mixing it up and adding breastfeeding to their main story line.

Now this is why I like Jane The Virgin. From season 1 it became a show that felt closer to what some moms experience – going to classes and even discovering baby wearing! What made me fall in love more with this show is the first two episodes (well granted that they only aired two episodes, but those two were just packed with amazing real mommy goodness).


Photo from https://www.facebook.com/cwjanethevirgin/photos/a.1437403416508815.1073741828.1425838674331956/1648912748691213/?type=3&theater

For the first episode, let us set aside the part wherein Matteo was kidnapped. Jane felt for a time that she wasn’t being the best mom that she can be to Matteo. Why? Because they were having problems, with her milk coming in and with Matteo’s latch. This is such a big issue that breastfeeding moms experience, even I experienced this and sadly I resorted to the top-up method. This is the reason why Alex was given formula for 2 weeks, I didn’t believe in my body’s capacity to produce milk (sadly I became a member of Breastfeeding Pinays a few months after I gave birth to Alex). This top-up approach is not really beneficial for mommy and baby, because mommy won’t be able to respond well to baby’s need to eat therefore lesser milk will be produced. This is why Jane said that it is not an option for her (good for your Jane!).

Jane instead attend a lactation class, wherein she was told to shove her boob whenever Matteo latches to help improve her latch. But still Jane wasn’t confident that her body is producing enough milk for him. Why, you may ask. The silly baby is feeding every 30 minutes, which after Rafael’s research is because he was cluster feeding! Ah, made so much sense and lo and behold Jane’s milk came in and Matteo gained weight (as shared by his pedia after his second check up).

Now, this is where I would want to say thank you to the writers of Jane The Virgin. What you did for that episode and the whole deal when Jane struggled to breastfeed Matteo was amazing. It is something that moms can relate to and at the same time it helped normalize breastfeeding (and even share what moms experience). This is something that I hope and wish local shows would do, promote breastfeeding. Normalize it so that moms would discover another alternative to formula milk. This is so that moms will be curious about it and be able to discover the choices that she has in feeding her new born child (so that she will not automatically think of formula milk as the default route).

As a last note, I am not against formula feeding or mix feeding what I am for is informed decision making which seems to be lacking nowadays. To share, again as I mentioned already Alex was formula fed, mix fed and eventually was exclusively breast fed until today. The decision to breastfeed her was because I wanted to provide what I think is best for her after doing as much research as I can.


Scandal S03.Ep07 – Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

In the last episode of Scandal, Shonda Rhimes dropped another surprise when she revealed that it was the president who shot a plane down. One of the passengers of the plane just so happens to be Olivia’s mom.

In the 7th episode for season 3, I was expecting the story to revolve around Pope’s team uncovering more about the incident. Well that happened, but in a very different way. While the gladiators were digging more information about the plane incident ,Mellie’s story was highlighted and it even showed her connection with the plane “crash”.

I have to admit, I hate Mellie but I wanted to know more about her character. I knew at one point that she and Fitz were madly in love, but I can’t connect it with the current situation that they are in. With this episode, I hate to say this but I have a new found respect for her. She went through a lot to help her husband be who he is right now (including that devastating crap that happened between her and Fitz’s dad). There were a lot of revelations about her character, but you get to see just how much she loves Fitz. That it’s not just about being the first lady that drove her to be the power hungry woman that she is, rather her passion to support her husband.

Aside from Mellie’s story, poor Quinn is now part of B613. Well that’s because of her thirst for blood. She agrees to help Charlie finish a job without knowing that she killed a man who has vital information about the night when the plane crashed. The plane which Olivia’s mom boarded – or so I thought. In the end of the episode another bomb was dropped (oh hail Shonda Rhimes for this amazing series). That is, Olivia’s mom is still alive.

Here’s a peek at the next episode of Scandal:



Searching for an exciting series to follow? ABC’s Scandal is a must see! The series premiered last year, April 5. It’s first season only had 7 episodes, I guess the show producers were testing the waters to see if the show will be accepted by the viewers.

I started watching the show late last year. I saw an episode on Star World which started my frenzy over Scandal. It got me hooked, and I just started watching one episode after another. The gripping narrative hooked me. The story revolves around Olivia Pope, former media relations officer of the President of the United States who now heads a firm of gladiators, fixers. Olivia Pope’s character was well developed and I personally wanted to get to know more about her. She looks strong outside but you see her crumble every time Mr. President calls her.

Right now the series is on it’s second season and from what I heard, the ratings of the show our continuously rising. It’s a must watch specially if you love law, politics, and unexpected twists. What I hate about it is that I have to wait  a week for new episodes, and sometimes 2 weeks just to see new episodes. Here’s the Season 1 trailer. 🙂

I will probably blog about my favorite episodes soon! 🙂

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Still waiting for Season  of Smash and the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars. So I searched for new shows to follow and as of this moment my fave. is Bunheads.

Bunheads, from ABC Family, is a small town drama written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, same person who gave us Gilmore Girls. It revolves around Michelle, a Vegas Showgirl, and her life when she married Hubble. She moved in to Paradise only to discover that her husband is still living with his mom, Fanny.

Now, the story takes a drastic turn when Hubble dies from a car accident. Michelle then decides to stay at Paradise.

What I love about Bunheads is the fact that:

  1. The cast consists of real ballet dancers.
  2. The witty and quick dialogue exchanges between Michelle and Fanny, and Michelle and everybody she talks to.
  3. The small town feel, which I can relate to somehow.
  4. The dances.
  5. The struggle that Michelle has, if she will teach or if she will pursue dancing.
  6. Madame Fanny (who also played Rory’s grandmum)
  7. Boo (Bettina)

The show has 10 episodes as of today, but ABC Family announced the return of Bunheads come January 7, 2013. 🙂 Now, if you are looking for a funny yet touching show and you were a big Gilmore Girls fan, check out Bunheads.

I give it an 8. 🙂

Bench Body and Georgina Wilson on ANTM Cycle 17

Guess who’s guesting on ANTM Cycle 17? One of our very own local brands and half-Pinay model/host Georgina Wilson. 🙂

Yes, you read that right, ANTM Cycle 17 will feature Bench Body undies on one of their oh-so awesome shoots, in one of the most amazing places on Earth, Greece. 🙂

This big reveal was tweeted by Georgina Wilson today:

Georgina's Tweet

ANTM is now on its 17th Cycle, and what makes this cycle stand out from the rest is that it featured fan favorites from the previous seasons of ANTM. My personal fave is Laura(from the petite ANTM season, with unique dresses made by her grandmom) and Lisa (from Season 5). ANTM is produced and hosted by Tyra Banks.

Being a big fan of ANTM, from Season 1, can I just say that this makes me super proud, and this makes me want to go off and buy a new batch of Bench Body items. 🙂

ANTM first featured a pinoy designer named Michael Cinco on their last season. His designs were featured in one of the photo shoots in ANTM.

Photo from of http://teddmabitazan.blogspot.com/2011/04/michael-cinco-on-americas-next-top.html

First Michael Cinco and now Bench and Georgina Wilson. This is a huge milestone for Bench, to be the first Filipino Retail Brand to be featured in ANTM, to Georgina and also for aspiring filipino designers. 🙂 Very much looking forward to that exciting episode on ETC.

To get to know more about Bench’s road to ANTM click here. 🙂

Here are some other tweets from the now trending topic, ANTM 🙂

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