Legend of the Blue Sea Review

Please bear with me as I attempt to write my first ever K-Drama review. As I previously mentioned in my post last week, I’ve just started watching K-Drama’s again this year. Long story short, I have missed out on many different K-Dramas and I have a lot of catching up to do.

I recently finished to K-Dramas this past month, Guardian and Legend of the Blue Sea. For now, what I will share with you is my honest to goodness (cross my heart) review of Legend of the Blue Sea.


Brief Background

Legend of the Blue Sea is a straightforward story of a mermaid falling in love with a human (Little Mermaid feels).

It opens with a Joseon Era storyline, dating back in 1598, wherein a mermaid falls in love with a country official. Their love pursues a complicated fate, they try to go against all odds to fight for their love but they meet a tragic ending.


In present day Korea, we see a reincarnation, of some sorts, of the country official. He is now Heo Joon Jae, a conman, and the mermaid is now Shim Cheong. Their meet cute was during Heo Joon Jae’s Spain escapade – and what happens after is a repeat of their previous lives. Knowing what has happened in the past, Joon Jae does everything that he can to avoid the tragic ending they once met.

My Honest To Goodness Review

Okay, so if I can sum up my emotions as I was watching Legend of the Blue Sea in a sentence it would be: I can’t get enough of their cute and romantic moments.

Let’s start with the cast. Personally, that is the upside for this show, Lee Min Ho (Joon Jae) and Jun Ji Hyun (Shim Cheong) looked good together and that registered well onscreen. Their cute-romantic moments highlighted the chemistry they had.


I also liked it the Min Ho was able to showcase his acting skills that were asked from him (him being a conman and all in this drama).


The supporting cast picked were also great, especially Ji Hyun’s friends.


Second, for the overall story of this drama I honestly felt that it lacked something. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it was the obvious ending or maybe the expected twist in the reveal of the actual villains.


Somehow I felt that stretching it to 20 episodes was a bit too much since there are some scenes that can be removed, without losing the essence of the drama.

This doesn’t mean though that I didn’t like the series. To be honest, I enjoyed the cute romantic moments between the leads. I would probably re-watch it just for the sake of experiencing butterfly flutters in my heart.

K-Drama Rating

So what’s my verdict? I give this a rating of 4 out of 5 K-Drama stars. I will still recommend this show to K-Drama newbies. It is a good watch especially if you are in search of romantic excitement to brighten up your day.

Do you have any K-Drama series for me? Just comment your recommendations below so I can check it out!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9: Work!

Over the weekend, I witnessed amazing lip-sync battles from the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9. This was the first time the show had back-to-back-to-back lip-sync battles from the top 4. Well, because it is also the first time in the show’s history that it had a top 4 instead of a top 3.

One of the Best Seasons

I have been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race since its third season. The primary reason I tuned in was because of Manila Luzon #PinoyPride. After that season, I was hooked.

I loved the transformation the queens go through in each episode. Changes weren’t just through the way they dressed up, but you can see queens become better with their craft. They have to work their bums off to show Mother RuPaul and the other judges, especially Michelle, what they can bring to the table.

I tuned in to as many episodes as I can get my hands on, but my favorite so far was season 6 (with Bianca del Rio, Adore Delano, and Courtney Act) and the current one.

Personally speaking, this is one of the best seasons of the queens. So I’ve rounded the reasons why I think it is one for the books!

Best Moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9

I’ll just enumerate my favorite moments here!

Sasha and Peppermint’s lip sync battle!


Sasha’s lip-sync battle – all that pazzaz! The passion in her face while she was performing was very evident!


Peppermint’s “Stronger” performance – I thought Trinity had it in the bag but girl you came through!


The reunion read over the “Miss Congeniality” award was epic!

Valentina’s lip-sync boo-ha-ha. Girl, I believed that you can go all the way, I seriously did.


Lady Gaga’s appearance in the first episode!


Trinity’s 9021HO and Sister Mary Koont performances!


Crew makeovers that gave us Winter Green!


How about you? What are your favorite moments from the recently concluded season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?


Set Meals Galore: Botejyu MOA Review

In my last post, I mentioned that we had dinner before Britney’s Concert here in Manila (still trying to recover from this once in a lifetime experience). We dined in at Botejyu. The Botejyu branch in Mall of Asia is located at the Galleo Wing. It is near IMAX for easier reference.

I didn’t really have any special reason as to why I chose Botejyu for dinner. It was between Basil and Botejyu, the latter won because E said so. Really, he did in a not so direct way.

See, the day before Britney’s concert I was looking at possible restaurants where I can treat my brother. I checked Booky.Ph and saw that they had a special deal for Basil.

While strolling around the Galleo Wing of MOA, sipping on Mango Slushie Tea, I chanced upon Botejyu. I told E that it was between the two. He looked at reviews for both restaurants, then shared that Botejyu had better reviews, and the food looked better.

Good for Your Tummy and Your Pocket

So here’s my short Botejyu MOA review!


While we were waiting for my brother and for his partner to arrive, I snapped photos of their rice bowl and set meals. Most are priced just below P400 (USD 9). The price can be a bit too much for a daily meal but for a special date or occasion, the price is just right. You can check out their menu here.19401197_10213129403732413_265764815_o



We ordered a total of five dishes. I chose the Beef & Tamagotoji Egg Rice Bowl (P365 or USD 8).


The serving size was good enough for sharing, to be honest. I wasn’t able to finish off everything in my bowl! The dish was delectable. Something I imagine myself craving for over and over again. I have to credit it all to their special sauce!

E ordered the Pork Cutlet Curry Rice Bowl (P395 or USD 8.5).


As all married couples do, we shared our dishes with each other. In this case, though, I only had a bit of his because I loved mine so much! From what I can remember, E was very much fulfilled with this dish. As he shared, the curry flavor blended well with the pork cutlet and sticky rice.

Aside from our two rice bowls, we also ordered their Premium Moonlight Yakisoba (P375 or USD 8).

Iz alive!

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It was just okay for me, maybe because we didn’t mix it as soon as it was served. It was a little on the dry side. Taste wise though it was still good.

My brother ordered their Garlic Rice with Bacon & Egg Set and Kushikatsu Platter (P370 or USD 8), while his partner ordered their Beef Sukiyaki Rice Set (P395 or USD 8.5). I can’t really give you any feedback for their dishes but they did say that it was okay.

Post for Free Ice Scream

What I love about Botejyu MOA is their special promo. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the mini-standee but you get a free Ice Cream (match/vanilla/sesame flavor) when you post about your Botejyu experience.

I had poor signal that night but I was able to charm my brother’s partner to post on his Facebook. True enough, we were given a free serving of ice cream!

Final YUM Verdict

For my final YUM verdict for Botejyu MOA, I give it a yum factor of 4 out of 5 stars. I love their rice bowls and I honestly think that their set meals are worth it. I will definitely come back for more! The ambiance was good and the staff were so nice too.

Do make sure that you post about your experience when you dine in so you can get a free ice cream too!

Family Bonding in Escala Tagaytay

For our special family bonding activity this summer, we decided to spend a night in Tagaytay. Last weekend was filled with fun memories, most were because of our amazing stay in Escala Tagaytay. So as promised in my previous post, here’s my review.

Discovering Escala

I was looking for staycation packages last March when I heard about Escala Tagaytay. I saw posts from Facebook featuring the hotel’s amazing view. I was captivated by the unique design that the hotel had. It showcased floor to glass ceilings upon entrance and offered amazing views for all of their rooms. This was very intriguing to me. I’m all about trying new hotels also that’s why I immediately looked for their website to check out their rates.

To my surprise they had special introductory rates offer for their rooms. I immediately consulted with E if we can book a room there. I shared with him that it can be our celebration for Mother’s Day and his birthday. At first, he was hesitant but with my charm, I was able to make him say yes. After receiving his confirmation, I booked a deluxe room for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast for P4,900 (USD 109). Now if you check their rates a deluxe room would cost you P7,000 (USD 155).

I also liked that it was situated right next to Sky Ranch ( a mini theme park in Tagaytay). We can drop by for meals and after to try some kid friendly rides with Bunny.

Luxury and Child-friendly Rooms

Upon reaching the hotel, we were warmly welcomed by their staff. I was immediately impressed with their interior design. Each detail was well thought off. There was a sense of continuity in the design of their lobby. Upon arriving you will already see what they have to offer: the view of Taal and their infinity pool.


Even my little girl was impressed with the view. Bunny instantly noticed their pool and started asking us if she can go swimming! I had to tell her that we had to settle in first in our room. Fortunately, she agreed and we proceeded to our room after checking in.

When I opened the door to our room we were welcomed with a spacious room – good enough to fit 4 adults. Even though the capacity said that max is 3 adults you can squeeze in one more! Each deluxe room had one queen bed and one single bed, a veranda with a view of the infinity pool, coffee and tea set, hot and cold shower, Wi-Fi connection, and cable TV.




18870574_10212918297134880_119333189_o 18838295_10212918297174881_773334260_o




If you are travelling with a toddler like us I can assure you that their rooms are child-friendly. Bunny loved the carpeted floors and our veranda. She was smiling the entire time that we were there.

The Amenities

Aside from the room guests can also use their infinity pool and access their restaurant. The infinity pool was not that deep and had a section for kids. I guess they also thought of catering to families when they conceptualised the hotel.

My only comment for their pool is that it has no heater. It’s usually cold in Tagaytay so guests do expect the water to be warmer.



Included in our package was buffet breakfast for two. We were told upon checking in that we will be dining al fresco in their restaurant in the morning. However, a wedding reception was scheduled so our breakfast was transferred to their other function room. This was a bit of a downer for me because the al fresco area offered a better view. Fortunately, their function room also had a good view and the breakfast buffet served was good (I recommend their tapa paired with garlic rice).




If you want to get a massage, they also offer on call massage. This will cost you anywhere between P1000-P2000 (USD 22 – 45). I didn’t avail of this anymore because Bunny might find it weird when I woman comes in to massage me (silly thought in my head).

The Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend Escala Tagaytay. It’s a perfect venue for couples, friends, and families to bond and enjoy each other’s company. You get your money’s worth with the spacious rooms, amazing views, and accommodating staff. Interested in reading other detailed reviews like this one? Just click here for more reviews.

I do look forward to visiting them again. Hopefully, I get to dine in the al fresco area and try on a relaxing message when we come back. You can book your rooms through their website at  http://www.escalatagaytay.com/



My Britney List

It’s just less than a month away from Britney’s First Ever Concert here in the Philippines! I’m super excited! Seriously, I am. I have been a fan of hers since I was in grade school. I know her songs by heart and I even memorized the choreography of I’m A Slave 4 U and Anticipating (from her Las Vegas concert DVD).

That’s why I was persistent in buying a ticket to her show here in Manila! I kept on bugging my brother that he go with me to the concert (I know deep inside he lurves Britney too). I never stopped messaging him, until finally, he bulged. He said yes and even sponsored part of my ticket so that we can watch her closer. Cue in tiny violin sound, tears, and aaahhhhs.

See you soon , @britneyspears ! ❤❤❤❤❤

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To pay tribute to my Queen, I came up with this list. This list is a rundown of my favorite Britney songs, from 1998 until today. It is sooo hard to choose the songs but I had to, as a special challenge to myself.

  1. Overprotected Dark Child Remix
  2. If I’m Dancing
  3. (You Drive Me) Crazy
  4. Anticipating
  5. Work B**ch
  6. Circus
  7. Me Against The Music
  8. Stronger
  9. I’m a Slave 4 U
  10. Toxic

My ultimate favorite is Overprotected, at the time it was released I totally resonated with her song. The choreography is spot on as well as her look.

This track deserves a special mention too! From the Deluxe Version of her Glory Album, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) has a great beat and that distinct Britney sound too. Here’s a choreography video from Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall.

Booky Ph Review: Discounts for Foodies

Hey! How have you been? I’ve been quite busy, juggling work, mom life, and K-dramas. Now I have free time in my hands because I finished watching Goblin: The Lonely Guardian over the weekend, so I can catch up on my backlogs (hurray)!
First up is my App review for Booky Ph. To be honest, I have seen this app featured in other blogs but I keep on forgetting to download it. So when an officemate shared her experience about it, thanks, Ms.Maj, I immediately downloaded it.

What’s In It For You?
So what do you get after downloading this app? Basically, you get discounts and perks in selected establishments and restaurants. This ranges from the likes of La Lola, 8cuts, and Auntie Anne’s to fine dining restos, such as Golden Cowrie, Buddha Bar, and Cocina Peruvia.

You can either receive up to P500 off in your chosen establishment (with a minimum of P1000 spend) or avail of Buy 1 Get 1, in specific establishments and products.
Not bad, eh?
The Actual Booky Experience
I wanted to try it out for myself, so with my officemates, we marched to La Lola during our lunch break. La Lola is near our office since I just work in Five E-com, hence it was the most convenient choice for us.
When we arrived at La Lola, I started fumbling with my phone. I opened the Booky App and preceded to the Buy 1 Get 1 option, please make sure that you are logged in to your account already before using availing any offer. I scrolled down and chose La Lola’s Buy 1 Get 1 offer, 6 pcs Churros Clasicos.18698863_120300003915315148_1626194351_o
After choosing the Buy 1 Get 1 offer, the digital coupon will appear. You will have 10 minutes to redeem the coupon, so best is to access it when you are ready to order.



I just presented the coupon to the cashier, and my transaction was swiftly processed. Note that when you avail of this coupon, the dip is also included in the Buy 1 Get 1 offer. Our total bill was just P170 (P110 for the Churros and P60 for the dip). We split it in 4, so each one of us just paid P42.5 for 3 pcs of churros each and for the dip!

I haven’t tried booking a table yet through the app, but based on their FAQs you can book up to 30 minutes before seating time but no further than 2 weeks before the actual date.
The Good and The Bad
My overall experience with Booky was great and here are my observations:

  • There is a bit of a hassle when you try to register by connecting your account to your Facebook Profile. It was faster when I opted to confirm registration via mobile.
  • I was surprised that the registration came with P1000 credits. After browsing through their FAQ the P1000 credits is for your trial of the app. If you want to continue enjoying the perks you need to pay P199 per month (no amount limit).
  • For those who will subscribe to Booky Prime, you can only pay via credit card – I guess they have to add other options such as debit cards (not everyone naman kasi has credit card here in Ph)
  • For the Buy 1 Get 1 offers, it can only be used once. This is such a downer for me, I hope they can consider unlimited or limited to 2 – 3 in a month.
  • There are limited choices available, I hope they can add more resto and/or establishment offers in their app.

So there you have it! My short and succinct review for Booky! Will I use it anytime soon? Maybe, but I think I’ll try the restaurant discount next time.

H20 Hotel Review

I’m still in the process of catching up with my blog backlogs, so here I am sharing my overnight stay experience at H20 last December.

Maximising a MetroDeal Voucher

As early as September last year I bought this voucher from MetroDeal.


As a consumer, you have the option to choose from the different rooms available in H20 Hotel and the type of activity you want to try at Manila Ocean Park. My long talk with E, my husband, ended with us booking the Aqua Room plus 2 tickets to Manila Ocean Park’s Ultimate Adventure. This meant that from the offer posted at the site, at P2,999 my final dues was P4,999.

To compute for the savings I decided to break down the booking if we were to book on our own:

P7,320 for the overnight stay at the Classic Aqua Room

P 760 per person for the Manila Ocean Park Activity

P 300 per person for entrance to Yexel’s Museum

P 400 per person for Liquid Buffet

Total would be at P 10,240 and our savings at P5,241 or 50% of the total bill. This is a good price already for me, so I know we made the right purchase.

Birth Month Staycation

You may be wondering why we booked an overnight stay at H20 in December. No, it’s not our Holiday celebration or our pre-holiday celebration. The reason why we went there was to celebrate my daughter and I’s birth month! Both of us are December babies and I wanted to start a little family tradition. It’s really important for me to start our own family tradition since technically speaking we are a legit family since last August.

H20 Aqua Room

In the eyes of my toddler, the Aqua Room was the bomb! She fell in love with our room because she saw Dory! Yes, blue tang fishes were present in our gigantic aquarium! According to their website, there are up to 35 different species of fishes present in the aquarium. This alone made our stay worthwhile.


You can just sit back and relax while you watch the fishes swim by. If you have a toddler who loves Dory and Nemo, a background chatter of “swim, swim, swim” and “Dowy” would be heard as well.


As for the other amenities of their classic Aqua Room, our queen sized bed was super comfy. It made leaving the bed to roam around Ocean Park a struggle. It was as if the bed was hugging as back when we lied down.

The t&b was roomy although there are no bidets and no bathtubs present. Free toiletries were also provided inside the bathroom.

Our room also had a personal fridge. My problem though is that at times it seemed like it wasn’t cooling our drinks efficiently.

Zenyu Eco Spa

What I loved the most about our stay at H20 was Zenyu Eco Spa! I swear my one exclamation point is not enough to show how much I enjoyed my 90 minutes massage.

Thanks to E, I was able to sneak out after bunny finally fell into a deep slumber after dinner. Truth be told though she fell asleep while we were eating! I think she got super tired from our full day experience of Ocean Park.

From the H20 Website

From the H20 Website

Zenyu Eco Spa is conveniently located just across the check-in counter of the hotel. I noticed that only a few people were waiting outside. I was guessing that most didn’t even bother to try it out. To this I say, you missed out on an amazing massage!

My 90-minute massage at their spa was the best I’ve ever had so far. Better than my experience at The Spa, really. The masseuse listened intently to my body and pampered it well. I even fell asleep for 30 minutes or less.

My money was well spent! I guess they really deliver on what their name’s translation in Japanese which is “complete healing.” Needless to say, I slept like a log until morning when I came back from the spa.

Outdoor Jet Pool

The morning after, E decided that they will take a dip at the Outdoor Jet Pool. Location of this pool wasn’t really convenient. We had to get out of the hotel and walk past the entrance of Ocean Park to access it.


I wasn’t also impressed with the structure of the place. The freaked out mum inside of me was screaming. Kids can slip if they run too fast and the pools weren’t really that fantastic.

Overall Rating

I give H20 a 4 out of 5 rating with room for improvement – to be frank with their outdoor jet pool. The rest of their facilities were great and I would definitely come back with my family when we can.


Mount Sea Resort Review

Back in December, I urged my choir batchmates to indulge in a staycation at Mount Sea Resort.


We rarely see each other now that we weren’t that active anymore. Most often than not, we get to see each other eirher once a month or even once every other month. I guess this is part of adulting. Schedules do not meet and surprise get togethers are better than planned ones. That is why we planned our Christmas staycation, hopefully this will become a tradition.

Merry Christmas from our crazy part of the world.

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Scheduled on the third weekend of December, we had pure fun at Mount Sea.

The location was good, it was just a short bus ride away from everyone. Getting there was easy. If coming from Manila, it is easily accessible via CavitEx.

When we got there, we had a minor hiccup with our reservation. There was a minor miscommunication. See, I reserved three rooms and I was given the Caviteno Privelegio rate. However, upon our check in we were charged with their normal flat rate. Price difference was almost at P4,000 if I recall correctly. Great thing is that they were able to sort it out immediately. I just mentioned the name of the person whom I contacted for the reservation.

When we went inside our rooms, my initial reaction is that it looked good. I haven’t stayed there before, but I do know that they were undergoing renovation.

Photo from Chinee

Photo from Chinee

Rooms were big, bathrooms clean and with free toiletries, complimentary snacks were provided, and the door warning system was good. AC was good and easy to adjust too.

Since we were there not just to stay in our rooms, but really to enjoy each other’s company, we went around the resort. What thrilled me the most was their entertaimment area, which they call Vertical Avenue.


This area had a mini gym, pool table, darts, sala with entertainment console, and a videoke room! Of course we all sing, aside from being filipinos we are choir members, singing is second to talking.

We did explore Vertical Avenue but the pool looked so inviting. We decided to go for a swim first in their private pool in the afternoon and have mature dinner, because adulting, in the resort restaurant.

Their private pool area had two pools, one is good for kids and the other one for adults. What we all liked about their private pool was the seats submerged in the adult pool (the area where it was situated was elevated). We spent the afternoon and morning after, swimming and taking lots of photos.


Photo from Chinee

Photo from Chinee

Crazies @letgoletgao @iamchineeta @kulet_coh @iameduard02

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For dinner, their in-house restaurant was good but nothing stellar. I think what I liked the best was their chicharong bulaklak. Service was fast and they had high chairs for kids (yay for bunny).



We went to Vertical Avenue after dinner to drink and be merry. You can request for your drinks to be served there after dinner. Just a reminder, usage of the videoke room is limited to 45 minutes per room. Since we were staying in 3 rooms we had 2 plus videoke hours. Of course we maximized those 2 plus hours, we had the whole vertical avenue to ourselves! The staff even allowed us to go a bit over our time because nobody else was lined up to use it.

Photo from Chinee

Photo from Chinee

The rooms, before I forget, comes with free breakfast for two. Since more than two people were assigned per room, we paid a bit of extra. Breakfast was plated and you can choose from the usual continental or local plates.


Near the dining area for breakfast was a mini garden. My little girl, being a nature lover, went around with her daddy. She had so much fun talking with the macaw bird and feeding the koi fish.


Overall, our stay at Mount Sea Resort was great. My only feedback though is that they should have spa services offered and better reservation tracking. We would definitely visit and stay there again.

Motorino MOA Review

Last week E and I tried the newly opened pizza store in MOA. Motorino is still in its soft opening but I’ve been hearing great feedback about it.




It is beside Recovery Food and KFC near Hypermarket in MOA. It is very accessible for E-com employees, just a 5 minute walk from Five E-com. For normal customers though placement is odd since it won’t be seen immediately versus if it is placed inside the mall or in between the malls (like other restos).


Their menu features Pizza, Pasta, and Hotdog Sandwiches. Since it claims to be a New York Style food hub emphasis is really on their Pizza offerings. Think Sbarro but cheaper.



What I personally like in Motorino is the fact that I can order a complete meal for under P150! Yup that cheap for a slice of pizza, drink, and ice cream. They also have other set meals that feature their pasta and sandwiches.


Yummy! The first time E and I ate there we tried out the carne trio and four cheese pizza (which were their best sellers). Carne trio was so yummy I finished my big slice immediately. The right combination of meats plus cheese was what I needed that Friday evening to cap off my work week. E’s four cheese pizza was just okay for my taste. When I ate there for lunch with my officemates I tried pepperoni and it is now one of my favorite pepperoni pizzas next to S&R’s.


I was able to taste as well their Zitti pasta (thanks to Reggie and Cath). Don’t be fooled by the small container the dish was good for sharing if you also have pizza. It was so creamy and way better than Sbarro’s Baked Zitti.

To top it all off I got a cone of chocolate ice cream! Yummy!



If you are going there with a friend I suggest you order one pizza meal and ask them to half the slice and order a pasta meal for sharing. You will pay around P320 for that and both of you will have drinks already!

Las Tiendas @ Freedom Park Kawit

Yesterday E was bugging me to go to Las Tiendas at Freedom Park. To be honest I just wanted to rest because I was super exhausted after Bunny’s skin check up. But seeing his paawa face I stood up and dressed up Bunny and changed as well. Mom wanted to tag along so the 4 of us rode a tryke to Freedom Park.


I wasn’t expecting much so I was delighted to see different choices at the food bazaar. Of course there were favorites such as isaw and fishballs, but there were also great picks such as shawarma, sisig rice, and ribs! Yes ribs! For 150 you get ribs and rice.


E and I ended up eating sisig rice and isaw, mom got bbq rice, and bunny had goto.

The food was good but it was the small town feel that made the experience of eating at the park great. They hired a band and bunny got to run around the grass area as well. Also we just spent 500 for what we ate!

Bbq rice – 100

Sisig rice for two- 150

Goto – 40

Pasta – 90

Drinks – 100




What they are lacking? A site map and other food choices. Maybe they can add more stalls or change up some of the stalls every now and then.

Will we go back? We sure will!

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