Hello Again

It has been over two months since I last published a post, and I have to say that it is because of two things:

  1. I’ve been so busy with our wedding prep that the downtime I had I spent with my little bunny
  2. My uncle suddenly passed away last August
  3. I transferred to a new company and I’m still trying to learn as much as I can – although really it is because of reason #1

So for the past two months a lot has changed with me and my little family. Work wise I have more time with my family because it is nearer and it is not as stressful as before. I am now working with Tupperware Brands Philippines and I am loving it so far. It is still a bit odd because I am the client now vs. before wherein I am the supplier or agency. Work load is not as intense as with agency since I am very focused on one brand.

Going to work is fun because I get to do what I like to do but at the same time , clock in and out on the dot. No work from home part or messages in the wee hours of the evening or morning. I do have to admit though that at times I miss the stressful life of being part of an agency but going home to my little one earlier sans the intense Makati traffic is just perfect.

Our office is so near our home, I can leave at 8 AM and arrive there before 9 AM – with just one van to ride as well. I don’t have to rush to the line as well when I clock in at 5:30 PM or 6 PM because there is an unlimited supply of van at the Mall of Asia terminal – which is just a 15 minute walk away from the office. Perfect opportunity for me so far – and the thing is I didn’t even look for this position. Ah, divine intervention. 🙂

To be honest I was looking for a new job first quarter of 2016, I went to take exams and interviews but I just didn’t feel right. I was about to give up when this opportunity came, right when I asked God if that is a sign that I should just stay with my last agency. I guess he wanted me to wait a bit longer for the best opportunity that will come my way. It was great because I stayed patient and I landed the job! God really has a knack at planning things out for us, it might be the right time for you but sometimes he wants us to wait a bit longer for the best opportunity to come along.

Oh yes, E and I finally said I dos! It was such a blur, everything seemed to happen in a daydream because I didn’t even realize that the day has ended and we were officially wed! As my uncle said it was bittersweet for our family because just two weeks before my wedding my uncle, the panganay of the siblings from my mom’s side, passed away. It was sad that he did but also we knew somehow that it was the best because he can finally rest. Up until today I sometimes wake and feel that he is still with us and that it was just a nightmare and we are all waiting to wake from it, but it never came. Sad as his passing on was we couldn’t postpone our wedding because everything was already set.

The day came and everything was perfect, well not really but I decided to be the nice bride and just let things be because I don’t want to become a bridezilla. Bunny walked down the aisle, sort of. She wore her gown and her other dress, she was dancing, and our closest friends were there to celebrate with us! It was a nice and intimate wedding with less than 70 present and more than half was our relatives.

I’ll post about it on my next blog, but everything was perfect. How about you? How have you been the last two months? I promise to keep this blog updated again – sopaltomom is back and will be blogging more, soon!

18 Months and Counting

Ah! Mid year is here and with that Bunny and I hit another breastfeeding milestone that is breastfeeding for 18 months!


To be honest, this time around was harder because the milk I pump is lesser than before because Bunny doesn’t latch as match as before. It was also more difficult to pump given the meetings I had to attend to and transitions at work. I did however ensure that I will still take home at least 5-7 oz of milk everyday which is enough to cover what she needs while I am gone.

There are times that I want her to stop, just because at times I feel like more than a year is good enough but then I look at her and know that what is best will be to allow her to wean on her own. This was also my realization when I read a letter I saw across my Facebook feed of a breastfeeding mom to her nursling. I cannot imagine not coming home and breastfeeding Bunny after a long day at work. Not sniffing her hair while she latches on as if saying where have I been and what took me so long to come home.


Now, our next milestone is 21 months. Honestly I do not know if we will be able to hit that milestone, but I sure hope that we do. Even if I have heard my relatives say that it is time for me to wean her I will not do so until she is ready. It is always up to Bunny on whether she will already give up mom’s milky or not. At the end of the day whichever way it goes I am proud to have breastfed this beautiful Bunny girl.



It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

As a mom, I want to always be at my best for Bunny. Her best playmate, her best buddy, her best mommy, and the list will go on. At times though I would have my bad days. You know? Days when you just want to stay in one corner, binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and eat popcorn the whole day. Days when you just want to sleep and relax, wake up late and eat.


Hormones? Maybe, but I know that we all have our off days. Believe me when I say that I had those days before and up until today. Before it was easier, because I didn’t have Bunny factored in. I can just lay back and detach myself from the universe as I recuperate from my off day.


Now it is different, now I still try to be in my best mood when Bunny is around. It is not easy. My patience is shorter and to be honest I end up not being a good mummy. This breaks my heart when I see her pulling up her sad face. I then hate myself for not being in a good mood that day and for hurting her feelings. It is hard, because I only want Bunny to see the best side of me.


This is a struggle that all moms face, not just me. I realized this when I talk to other moms and when I see posts on Facebook from my other mummy friends. That is why I want to shout out to all the other mummies out there, it is okay not to be okay. It is. You are just human, after all. You have your off days and when you do know that it is okay. Your little bundle of joy will still love you for having an off day. Your little one should know that mummy has an off day because she will learn how to deal with it when it happens to her.

I know this as a fact that even Bunny has an off day. Usually she’s clingier than usual to me or my mom and would not mind anybody. She would lie down the floor or just insist on staying inside our room, or her version of my off day is to watch Elmo’s World and eat puffs. That is why it is okay mummy to not be okay.


Showing her your off days will help her deal with her own off days. Your little one will still love and adore you, just ask the help of your hubby or partner or relative when you have your off day. Just make up for it when you’re feeling better because everything will be just fine.

Bunny @ Gymboree

I have been thinking of enrolling Bunny in Playschool for quite some time now. She has playmates here  at home but they don’t see each other that often. Her Ate Hannah attends school and her Ate Hazel can only go out when Ate Hannah is with her.

gymboree 1

What pushed me to explore trial classes is the fact that Bunny really needs a place to socialize with other kids but at the same time learn through play. This is why I considered Gymboree.

I’ve read plenty of reviews and two playschools stand out, Gymboree and The Little Gym. I already signed up Alex for a trial at The Little Gym this coming week and Gymboree was last Saturday.

gymboree logo

Originally we planned to attend the Play and Learn Class at Sofitel but we ended up doing our trial at Greenbelt. It is more accessible through public transpo and there are a lot of establishments where we can eat first before her class. The PLC class for 16 to 22 month babies was scheduled at 1PM so we first had lunch at Jollibee.

Jollibee really wasn’t our first choice but Bunny started pointing at the Jollibee statue and started blowing kisses his way that we succumbed to her cry for Jollibee.

gymboree 2

We finished our lunch early and we just rested for a bit before leaving for her first class. I have to admit that I was super excited and nervous for her first trial class. I wasn’t sure how she would react to a big playground that she has to share with other babies. I wasn’t sure as well if she will listen to her teacher or if she will just run around!

We got there around 12.45 PM which gave us time to sign up and preview the PLC for younger babies. The trial class was worth Php600 and if we sign up within the week it will be deducted to whatever package we will avail of.

Bunny started playing with the ball outside the play area and the staff blew bubbles her way as well to entertain her while we were waiting.

After the PLC 3 class we were allowed to enter the play area. Note here please bring socks for the guardian or parent who will be in the class with the baby or toddler. We were told that we can do our warm ups by playing around the play area and that we will be called when the class starts.

gymboree 3

gymboree 10

Ah, Bunny started running around and exploring the place. She climbed and then tried the slide over and over again. I had to call her out when she didn’t like to share things and she listened.

gymboree 4

After 15 minutes or so Teacher Gem called us and we started our class.

This was our first time so I didn’t really have any expectations only that it might be similar to what Jane (in Jane The Virgin) does with Matteo with the singing and dancing). Tama naman ako, true enough there was a lot of singing and dancing, but there were also obstacles or relays. It really was fun for the moms and the babies.


First bit was the singing and dancing warm up, and then the play part but with solving skills and what I like about it is that they also teach the toddlers to pack up after playing (Bunny listened and helped teacher pack up the toys partly I think it is because I tell her to do so at home).

gymboree 5

gymboree 6

The last bit was another round of song and dance with tapping, bubbles and lastly with Gymbo the clown.

Bunny liked the tapping and dancing part. She listened closely to teacher when she said tap and freeze and when they were told to clap and stomp.

gymboree 7

gymboree 8

Bunny wasn’t such a fan of big Gymbo but liked little Gymbo. She even started talking to me and teacher when little Gymbo disappeared! The other babies were cute too because they all had different ways of dealing with the missing little Gymbo.

gymboree 9

After the class Bunny wasn’t ready yet to leave so I had to tell her that we will just come back. Teacher Gem gave her a parting gift before we left, a little Gymbo stamp on her arm and told us that goodbye.

Overall I really like the way that the class was structured. Play and Learn is great for little ones and toddlers because they aren’t pushed to do things if they are not comfortable. The tasks are not that hard and they get to partly socialize with other toddlers.

Another plus for me is the attention that the teacher gave to each toddler. She would adjust when she feels like Bunny isn’t comfortable to do a task but play peek-a-boo with her during the singing part.

Lastly the location is great also because it is accessible altough I do hope they have a branch here in Cavite so that it is closer to us.

My final verdict is that it is a good investment for babies and toddlers. Best of course if it will be the parents who will accompany the babies or toddlers and not the help if possible (I really don’t have anything against this but in our class one or two were with their yayas and the attention was split. I noticed that they were checking their phones and I think babies will enjoy it best with mum or dad or a sibling. Simply put it’s a good bonding experience kasi).

If you have spare time do check out their site here and schedule a trial class at the nearest Gymboree school in your area! We might sign up for a month na package first and we will see from there if Bunny likes it a lot.

It Takes A Village

I have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” numerous times but I never really thought that it will be applicable to Bunny. In my mind I wanted to be a very hands on mom and we don’t really need a village just her, e and I. Now 18 months after she was born I realized that it does take a village to raise a child and for good reasons.


E and I are out on weekdays for 12 hrs (shorter if the traffic isn’t insane perhaps just 10 hrs but the traffic situation really is intense). So when I am out my aunt takes care of Bunny. I asked her to look after Bunny because I know that she is great with kids. She is part of our village. She is Bunny’s lola and her main caretaker when I’m away for work. Bunny is super happy when she gets here but we still have difficulty sometimes when I have to leave. She still clings to me but when that happens her wawa steps in.


Her wawa aka my mommy is Bunny’s 2nd spolier. We’ll get to her ultimate spoiler in a bit. In my previous post I have mentioned before that when I scold her and her wawa is in site she will run to her for comfort. You see my mom is best in fulfilling her lola role. I have heard her say as well “apo ko ito eh” (she is my grand daughter) which I think gives her the freedom to spoil her. Well partly that is why we stay in one place, I want Bunny to grow up surrounded by her grandparents like what I had before.

Mommy also has some magical sleeping dust, she has that capacity to make Bunny fall asleep no matter what circumstances there are. Until now I wonder how she does it. I guess I would never know.


Her wowo aka my dad, is another spolier but not her ultimate spoiler. Bunny and he share the love for food. And we see that everytime we eat. Bunny would eat a spoonful of whatever I make her eat and she would offer her wowo the next spoonful. Her wowo would also share with her their favorite biscuit snack (skyflakes) and give her water.


Ah but the spoiler of them all is my brother, nongnong Monkey. Great thing it is balanced by Ha’s presence (my brother’s partner).

My brother would buy her stuff and ice cream. YES ICE CREAM AND THEY WOULD EAT IT TOGETHER. Both have a secret world when you put them in a room together. They would play loudly but can also exist with each other in silence. She would look at her nongnong and he in turn would make her watch Elmo’s World. She would look at her nongnong’s dj equipment and he would allow her to play with it. I think they have a secret language. And we’re not in it.


Ha on the other hand also plays with Bunny but would tell her no and would limit her screen time. They also have a special thing together, Bunny would call him ha and he would call her bata. They would play and bond during his rest day. She would ask him to play Rather Be by Clean Bandit and she would dance while he sang.

Both his nongnong and ha are playmates and their room her playground.


Her dada is her ultimate protector. Her rock. With him she would play with more confidence and she’s more daring. He would play his favorite opm hits or songs and she would sit on his lap as they both listen or watch the MTVs. She is her daddy’s little girl . His princess. She is the girl who holds a special place in his heart never to be replaced by any other person.


Lastly she has me, her mumma. I’m her number one fan, her milky provider, but also here to discpline her. I am always here for her to provide comfort when she needs to and protecion, although her dada thinks I protect her too much at times,  that I think is just part of the whole mummy thing.

Over all each person I mentioned has a special role in Bunny’s village. She also has 4 dogs to add to that village.

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Her ultimate best friend Bootleg,


her big kuya oatmeal, her playmate/enemy papup, and her nana chachay. All of them teaching her how to care for animals.

This is our village parenting style. A bit traditional like before but with a modern twist. It may seem odd but in the end it worked out to help raise a wonderful girl named Alexis Chloe.

A Trip To The Dentist

I was out last Thursday and Friday due to stomach flu and also of my on and off tooth ache. If I remember correctly it has been a week since my tooth started aching and even if it is just a minuscule part of my body it lead to a grumpier me. I kept on touching my left chin and massaging my jaw bone to relieve the pain (because I am not really a believer in pain medicines afraid that if I take one frequently my body will get used to it). But alas, last Wed I asked my mom for help in setting up an appointment with an emergency dentist in Cincinnati, OH (her batch mate before in high school).

Before my appointment last Saturday, the pain was on and off. More painful when I think of it (because I think partly my brain is triggering the pain) and less when I forget about it. I knew that it was probably because of the times I missed brushing my teeth (occupational hazard of becoming a mom). I would doze off to sleep while breastfeeding bunny and would wake up 2 or 3 AM by which time I either get up and brush my teeth or cancel it out altogether because I will be waking up soon anyway.

So when Tita Chie checked my teeth she said that the pasta that was placed still looks good but she had to remove it to put something to help heal my tooth and that she will put in temporary pasta first. The bad news for me is that if the pain will not subside for a month (by which time I have to go back and get permanent pasta) I would have to undergo a root canal procedure. My mind went bonkers at the idea of the root canal, to which I think she felt my panic. She told me

“Iha, it’s not painful. Masakit yung anesthesia but after nun hindi na. ”

This helped a bit, but still scared me. To think that I had CS for Bunny!

So I am praying that the pain will go away. Although some pain after tooth filling or pasta is normal, should be gone by 1-2 weeks time. Just some reminders when you do get pain after your pasta filling:

  1. Some pain is normal since your tooth/teeth were exposed to laser or drill
  2. Pain should subside each day after your trip to your dentist
  3. Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth first
  4. Take pain meds if necessary
  5. Avoid extreme hot and cold food or drinks since this can stimulate pain
  6. Notify your dentist if the pain is still present after 2 weeks

Working and Breastfeeding: Is It Possible?

I want to make a firm stand that working moms can continue with their aim to exclusively breastfeed their little ones. Some people have this misconception that once a mom decides to go back to work they have to discontinue giving liquid gold to their precious little ones. Some go as far as telling moms to pick between their career and breastfeeding (believe me I have read some comments like these). That is where I want to jump in and say that it is possible to do both.

I would be lying if I say that it is a walk in the park. That doing both is as simple as typing words in your laptop. No, it is hard work and it needs dedication. Let’s emphasize the word DEDICATION. That is what you need to be able to accomplish this goal of breastfeeding and working at the same time. Again, not impossible but not easy.

From Baby Center UK

From Baby Center UK

You might ask me, what makes me qualified to share that statement. I am a working mom who is still breastfeeding my little one for almost 15 months now. She is not showing any signs of weaning and I am not stopping her any time soon. I will allow her to wean on her own time. Now back to working and breastfeeding.



It is hard, and you would have a lot of things to consider when you do continue providing your little one. You would have to answer questions such as:

  • Will you still direct latch?
  • Will you be an exclusive pumper or would you switch between cupfeeding or bottles and then direct latch when you are at home?
  • Will you hand express or use a pump?
  • Will you buy a manual pump or an electric pump?
  • Will you build your stash using bottles or breastmilk bags?
  • If you choose breastmilk bags, which specific bag will guarantee you no spills of your liquid gold?
  • When should you start building your stash before you go home?
  • How can you keep your supply up?
  • How often do you need to pump per day?
  • How do you plan to bring home your milk? Especially if you are living far away or you have attend a business out of town trip?

That’s a lot right? I personally can answer each for you but at the end of the day it will have to be your choice. But believe me it is possible. I have heard of other moms who have survived breastfeeding and working for more than 2 years. But believe me it takes dedication.

There will be times when your supply will go down, because of stress or self-doubt. This happened to me just yesterday when I doubted my capacity to produce milk for Bunny. My output from the usual 4 – 5 oz dropped to 2 oz.

There will be times when you would forget to pump. I am guilty of this whenever I get too absorbed in what I do that I forget to check what time it is. Sometimes my boob will hurt but I would put it off because I am stuck in a meeting.

There will be times when my milk stash will be not enough for her daily needs. This is a nightmare, because you would have to rush home (think of Manila traffic) and time yourself. That or you would have to stay up at midnight or set an alarm to pump extra even if you have a sleeping baby latched to one of your boobies.

There will be times when you just want to quit, because let’s just be honest, sometimes it gets tiring. Physically and emotionally you would feel tired from providing and pressured to take home 3 to 4 bags per day to cover for her needs.

But it will all be worth it, because you know in your heart that you are providing what you think is best for your little one. I still breastfeed because I know that it is what she needs and the bond we have is stronger. Even if I am away for 10-12 hours per day, going home and being welcomed by a tiny human who only wants to latch on reminds me that it is all worth it. All of my efforts are not wasted because she smiles back when she’s latching or when she’s drinking milk from her bottle. She smiles with satisfaction as if saying that she knows I am there with her because she has my liquid gold.


It is possible to do both, believe me, but you need to want to provide. You need to put in all of your effort for this goal that you have. Never compare yourself to other moms who also do the same. Never compare your stash or your output because her little one’s needs are different from that of yours.

It is possible, because you are protected by the law. Republic Act 10028 or the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act states that:

  • Your workplace should establish lactation stations
    • This lactation station should have
      • Area for hand washing
      • Plug for electric pumps
      • Comfy chairs
      • Refrigiration for storing of your expressed milk
    • You as a breastfeeding mother are entitled to break periods when you can pump and store your milk
      • This is aside from your normal break periods
      • Should not be less than 40 mins per 8 working hours

It is possible if you believe in yourself and if you keep a positive attitude. Push through and just think of the positive effects it has for your baby. No matter how long you choose to breastfeed your baby, whether 6 months, a year, 2 years, or beyond know that you have the capacity to do so.

Mom Guilt

The last two weeks has been crazy for me at work. It was my first and second time to go home late ever since I came back from my maternity leave. I really can’t divulge details since it is confidential and work related, just that I had to stay to fix some stuff or present some stuff. I felt super guilty when I went home late two weeks in a row (if it is life-balance related like attending events E and I are okay with it, it is my way of coping up with life and releasing stress) and both times Bunny waited for me before sleeping straight. This definitely hit the guilt trip button for me.


In my mind, I started thinking of how bad I am as a mum to not stay at home and be with her. I felt bad that I went home late just to take care of work. I tried a bunch of times to tell myself that it is okay, as E said it happens even if I plan out everything to the last minute detail, it happens. I knew that she would not remember, but I will. I will remember how she would wait up for me before sleeping, or how she would wake in the middle of the night to have milky and I am not there. It’s really hard to be a working mum, I mean nobody said that it will be easy. I did think of leaving work and just being a full time mum for her, but I know as well that this would not work. Psychologically speaking, my brain farts a lot and I need an avenue to release it. I also know that I thrive being in places where I can mingle and create meaningful and lasting relationships. I know that if I stay at home I would not be the happy-chirpy mum that I am to Bunny, and I needed to be the happy-chirpy mum that I am to keep her happy to. Why? Because a happy mom fosters an environment that will help raise a happy baby.


This doesn’t mean though that I don’t want to be with Bunny, I just want to achieve happiness so that I can take care of her better. There are days though that I want to stay at home, curl up, wait for her to lie down next to me, and just be with her. Like this morning, she was still sleeping at 6:00 am. Usually she is up by 5.30 AM and we play after I take a bath. I feed her, and dress her up before I leave. Earlier, she just slept, damn you cold bed weather! So I picked her up and hugged her as tight as she hugs her Monkey. I whispered to her ear that I needed to go before 7 AM and that she should wake up so we could play. She still slept, so I just carried her and kissed her multiple times. It then hit me that if I wasn’t a full time working mum, I would probably be sleeping next to her as well, that I would probably be hugging her waiting for her to wake up. Reality is that I had work and I had to leave my little girl at home with her lolo and my aunt. I had to leave her for 12 hours (which should really just be 10 – 11 but traffic is super bad) and she will be well taken care of by my aunt and my dad. I have to believe that she will understand why I do what I do, that she will not forget my face, my smell, my warmth when I am away. I have to let her learn things from other people, even if I am supposed to be her first and only teacher.


Today was harder versus other days because she clinged on to me longer than usual, because she held on tight to my arms even if her lolo is asking her to come out with her and check her plants, because when she was outside and I was saying goodbye she didn’t meet my eye. But, just before I left I tried again to get her attention and ask for a kiss, she kissed me multiple times just how I kissed her when she was fast asleep. She flashed her 8 teeth so cute and tiny. She waved bye-bye and blew kisses my way. She kept on looking at me even if I was a bit far off along the road. It was if she was saying that she will be okay and that she understands.

It is hard, but E and I make it work. I think what makes it easier for me to continue working is because E supports my decision. He also sends me snaps of Bunny when he gets home from work (he’s usually at home by 2 PM). I think what makes it easier is the fact that I get updates from my dad and mom when they post photos of Bunny. It is also easier for me because I know that I leave her in the arms of people who love her as much as I love her (but I know that I love her the most). It is easier because when I get home I am welcomed by a running baby, smiling with arms wide open for a big welcome home hug for mommy. What makes it easier are nights when I get to cuddle with her, kiss her, read to her, and play with her.


I honestly believe that it is not in the amount of time that I spend with her that matters, but on the quality of time that I spend with her. I may not be present during weekdays but when I get home my phone is away and would usually get noticed only after she is sleeping. I give her my 101% attention always taking note of things she likes and things she doesn’t. I think this is why I know her best even if our time together is limited. Again, it is for me in the quality of time that I spend with her, because for a day sometime before I was present the whole day but glued to my phone that I wasn’t able to give her even fifty percent of my attention. I felt guilty after this and have sworn off using phones when she is looking.

I also make up for time during weekends,when I cook for her and for her dada. When we go out and take her around Alabang after her check ups, and when we go to our min travels/staycations when she gets all of our attention.

So now, I cope up with unlimited hugs and kisses, with sweet prayers, with photos and videos sent, and updates from my parents. I know that even if time passes by it will still be hard for me to leave her, but I know that we are doing this for her.


12 Month Milestone Project

Though a tad bit delayed, I finally finished my milestone project for bunny!!! (pat in the back for me wohoo yay mommy projects)

Basically the idea was to take photos of Bunny wearing her milestone onesies every month for her first year. I have to admit, at times I really felt like giving up (read here: bit lazy or I forget to take photos on the day of her month birthday) but I tell myself to finish it because it is such a cute memorabilia!

So here it is, the collage of her photos!

Alex Months

For the first six photos, it wasn’t difficult to make her wear her headband. She allowed me to dress her up and it was easy to keep her still for the photos. I recall that during those first six months, I adjusted from a stay at home mum for 3 months to a full time mum for Alex/working mum/a team’s mum/ E’s partner. It was extremely difficult for me to leave home each day, especially in my first day at work. Bunny cried all day long and would only drink a bit of the stored milk. This was also the time when she would poop a lot at her papa’s lap with her poopy face. Overall I can say that the first 6 months were easy. She was an easy baby who learned to sleep through the night a day after we got home from the hospital (she would wake up every 3 hours but we co-slept so I just gave her a boob and she would fall asleep after – note that when you breastfeed a baby technically speaking there is no need to burp the baby vs. when you a bottle feed a baby).

Alex First 6


The second half of the photos were more difficult to capture. She would fling her arms wildly up in the air, remove her headband, and even crawl away from the frame. The second half of her first year was filled with boo-boos, travels, and many firsts. Her first word (mama), her first trick (close-open), her first sick day (due to teething), her first step (walking towards her papa), her first trick or treat (dressed as boo from Monster’s Inc), her first tooth, her first out of town trip with mama and papa (Balay Indang), and her first birthday. Still an easy baby although she does have her tantrum moments to which I make her sit in a corner until she behaves (works fine with us because I explain to her that she can’t always get what she wants (like watching Elmo’s World for the nth time or High 5 Season 11 Episode 1) or until she crawls or walks towards me to make lambing.

Alex Second 6


Oh tiny human, looking back at each photo I can’t help but feel as though there are hundreds of onion cutting ninja’s around mum. You have grown to be such a beautiful baby girl who loves to share food (each time you eat you would give lolo or lola a bite), give palo-hugs to your pal bootleg, play with your ninong monkey by going in his and ha’s room, and who makes everybody smile with your cutie pie antics.

I am so happy I completed this collage. I told E that I feel I was holding off on snapping the last image because that would officially mark her first year is over. He of course said that aside from that it would mean that I wouldn’t have a monthly project anymore (well partly yes but really it is because finishing the collage means she really is a toddler and not anymore a baby. But even if that is the case, she will forever be my baby.

If you want to get the onesies, you can check out Baby sTeeckies ( https://www.facebook.com/babysteeckies/ ). This mommy project would not have been possible without them. I think each onesie costs Php 180 for the white ones.


Product Review: Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 Planner

Since I was a college student, I always had a planner. Before it was just because it looked nice and I had this idea to use it as my diary, but it then evolved as I grew older as an item to help me function well. This year, after spending more than half an hour at Powerbooks in Greenbelt I decided to get the Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 Planner.

Mom 24/7 Planner

The top contenders for my 2016 planner were:

  1. Mom 24/7 Planner
  2. BDJ Planner
  3. Tita Witty Planner

In the end, I picked the Mommy Mundo Planner because:

  1. It had a simple lay-out that I can work around with. I liked the fact that it allowed me to list down my to do’s as I go and it had a section of to-do’s or reminders specific for my mom duties.
  2. The planner is just the right size, not too bulky nor too small
  3. It has a pages and perks section wherein I can input our medical history details (which according to E is perfect for OC moms like me)
  4. It has discount coupons which is hand picked for moms like me (I love that it has a coupon for Mommy Treats!)
  5. It has a weekly #MindfulMom corner which helps me zone in on what I need to think about/plan out as bunny’s mom

After a week of using it, I was able to personalize it’s simple spread layout:

Mom 24/7 Planner

As you can see I picked colored pens to help me organize to-dos depending on the life side of myself it is assigned to (pink for work/green for blog/purple for family). Aside from just using it as my work-family planner, I also maximize the bottom part of the page with:

  • Daily thankful for list (my version of the gratitude jar)
  • Expenses monitoring sheet

A week after of using it, I am satisfied with this planner because I really think that they really though of the modern mom when they made this planner. I do hope though that the next planner would have:

  • A back panel pocket, so that I can use it to store receipts or notes
  • A ziplock page, just like the one I think from BDJ. This is something that can be very useful for mommies
  • A monthly expense page, to be part of the first part of each month spread – moms usually are the ones tasked to budget household finances and this will come in handy
  • A list of declared holidays – although I did print out my own and pasted it on the back of the front cover of my planner
  • Frebbie sticky notes (for random reminders and to list down quotable quotes from the kids or husband or friends
  • Ad pages to be well integrated with the overall look and feel of the planner (although I get the need for this I hope the execution part is similar to that of BDJ’s)

Mom 24/7 Planner

Overall I give this planner a 3.5 out of 5.

How about you? What’s your planner for this 2016?