My Breastfeeding Keepsake

Thirty-one months and counting, that is how long I have been breastfeeding my lovely Bunny girl. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs. We celebrated big milestones, especially after reaching the six-month mark (exclusively breastfed no solid food) and the one year mark. We powered through our downs, from low milk supply to spilt breastmilk.

I knew somehow that our journey will soon end. Bunny is now 2years old and our sessions have been reduced to nightly feedings. She would just latch when I get home from work or to go to sleep. I knew that I had to have a keepsake that would help us treasure our journey forever.

The Perfect Memento

It was hard for me to track down and locate a local maker of breast milk jewelry. Unlike overseas wherein I’ve seen many different online sellers who offer it, we have only two (to my knowledge) here in the Philippines.

The first one that I became familiar with was the Our Lady of La Leche Movement Ph. I have seen their page through a Facebook Group for Breastfeeding moms.


Then through thorough research and Facebook skills, I came across the Facebook Page of Pumped with Love.


I fell in love with her simple jewelry designs. I started messaging her last January asking for the prices of the jewelry. It wasn’t until June that I finally decided to push through with my order.


See, I haven’t pumped milk since August or September 2016. Given that I had limited supply already, I waited for the chance when I spent a night away from my daughter (work related). This opportunity only came last June.

I chatted away with Mommy Romina, of Pumped with Love. She diligently replied to all of my inquiries and messages. This made the transaction extra smooth! When it was time for me to ship my breast milk I just reread her instructions.

So I packed my expressed milk with love and care in a breastmilk storage bag. I packed it in three storage bags – to ensure that it won’t spill. I even put it in a KFC gravy container to be extra safe! I went to the nearest LBC branch and shipped it away to Mommy Romina.


She shared that she will only ask for the down payment for the jewellery once she receives my sample. So I waited for her to confirm her receipt and once she did, I sent half of the payment via bank transfer.

My Own Breastmilk Keepsake

Mommy Romina advised me that the turnaround time for the breast milk jewelry was 3 to 4 weeks. This was great because I didn’t need to message her every now and then just to check if she was done. For reference, she received my first payment last June 16 and she finished working on it last July 7.

Like clockwork, she finished after three weeks of working on my jewelry. She was even kind enough to wait for my payment to be settled a few days after she has sent me the final product (super busy last week due to work and stressed with a personal matter). So when I finally paid her last Thursday, she had it shipped before she left for the province Friday morning.

Since I was out of the office during the weekend, I only received the package this morning. My hands trembled as I cut through the plastic wrapping of LBC. I saw a tiny blue box enveloped in bubble wrap. I smiled because she wrapped my jewelry with such care. I opened the blue jewelry box and I finally held my keepsake.

20205631_10213424519270117_1417471229_oMy heart seemed to have skipped a beat seeing and holding it for the very first time.


Here was a physical remembrance of all of the hard work I have put through in breastfeeding my little girl.

I messaged Mommy Romina immediately. No words can describe how happy I was. I ended up just saying “thank you” and “I like it.” So I decided to write this post instead to express my gratitude to her.

I highly recommend her to breastfeeding moms. You have a lot of designs to choose from and it’s not that expensive too!


Breastfeeding Pieces of Advice

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I am a breastfeeding advocate. I am still breastfeeding my 2 year old toddler, and it seems like she won’t be stopping anytime soon.

I have grown accustomed to hearing different reactions, from praises to judgmental statements. Worry not, this post is not a rant about those sentiments, rather a post to help other moms continue breastfeeding their little ones.

Five Key Pieces of Advice for Breastfeeding Moms

First, let me start by saying that it is not as easy as it seems. Breastfeeding takes a lot of effort, determination, and discipline. You NEED TO WORK HARD FOR IT.

This is the most important thing that I would have to share. I am a full time working mom and there had been times when I wanted to give up but I didn’t. This was because I knew in my heart that it was the best for my child (note here that I say it is the best for my child – but to each her own mommas). If you will go back to work, slowly build your stash and make a strict pumping schedule at work. Pumping between 2 -3 hour intervals worked best for me.


You need to replenish after pumping and/or breastfeeding your baby. Always have a water bottle near you. When my daughter was younger I would consume 2.5L of water or up. I was always thirsty, and would often wake up feeling like I haven’t drunk water for a day!

Third: Latch as much as possible.

The best way to sustain liquid gold is when your baby directly latches to you. This also helps eliminate nipple confusion – which can sometimes cause a halt to you and your baby’s breastfeeding journey. Directly latching also helps signal your body on what your baby needs for that moment.


Fourth: Drink Moringa supplements or take Lactation Cookies/Brownies

Help your body make liquid gold by supplementing yourself with moringa capsules. This has been proven to help boost the amount of liquid gold you can provide for your little one. Aside from this try eating lactation goodies. I would order a box of lactation baked goodies (good for a week) whenever I noticed that my output was low. After 2 days of eating lactation cookies I would see an increase of 2-3 oz per pump! Also, don’t worry if your output is low during your period – this is normal which is why you need to supplement with iron and calcium supplements.


Cup of tea for more milk. #breastfeedingdiary

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Fifth and final piece of advice: Think of happy thoughts and have your core support group.

My husband is my number one supporter when it comes to breastfeeding our daughter. I almost gave up two weeks after I gave birth to her. She wasn’t directly latching and she would cry non-stop! E would offer hugs whenever I felt like crying. Even though I was frustrated he would cheer for me. This encouraged me to push through and not give up.

2 Years and Counting

Now, our breastfeeding moments are not as difficult as before. I have stopped pumping at work but I do ensure that she latches when I get home. I have a steady supply good for night time feedings.

The journey to our 2year mark was filled with laughter and tears (sometimes scars from biting too)! So, for my final word of encouragement to breastfeeding moms – you can do it!

If you have any other advice that you would want to share for breastfeeding moms, do share it in the comments section below.

Til next time!


Parenting Pressure: Am I A Bad Mom?

I faced a wailing toddler last night because she didn’t want to get her bum washed after she pooped. I tried everything that I can to woo her.

I asked her nicely, bribed her with the promise of milky time after I wash her bum, pretended to wash her Teddy Bear’s bum, put up my angry face, but nothing worked. I just looked at her point blank as if asking why, why won’t she come with me? The answer is very simple, she was too tired and all she wanted was to sleep. I can’t let that happen, so as much as I would want her to rest, I scooped her up and asked Ha (my brother’s partner) for help.

What followed was a tantrum storm, so I just allowed her to cry. I know that she had to deal with her emotions on her own. I explained to her in a sing-song manner that I had to wash her bum even if she was sleepy because it was the right thing to do. This produced a follow-up tantrum scream to which I answered a big warm hug. It was all that I can do to calm her down.

After this boo-ha-ha of an event I felt guilty, should I just have wiped her damn bottom instead of washing it? Should I have just bribed her with her favourite, Kinder Egg or perhaps an episode of Pocoyo? Thinking about offering her screen time, however, made me feel bad – because some might see it as a bad parenting decision. I felt the parenting pressure build up in my throat last night that I just decided to nurse my daughter to sleep.

Living Up to Today’s Parenting Standards

What I experienced last night was another episode of my “Am I a Bad Mom” guilt trip. Believe me, it wasn’t the first time that I went through the whole should I do this or that, I should have anticipated this and that phase. I know that I am not alone in this battle as well.

Case in point, I saw a post on a private Facebook Group about screen time for kids. Most moms commented that they didn’t allow their kids to watch TV or even hold gadgets. I felt a bit guilty (okay, A LOT) because I allow Bunny to watch TV and even play gadgets (must be supervised and under 30 minutes). It made me question my whole belief on whether kids should be exposed to technology. It was all thanks to E that I was slapped back to reality that it is okay. I just muttered under my breath, it is okay – to each her own.


Aside from technology control, moms are now also pressured to feed their kids organic food or healthier food options. I originally wanted to feed Bunny all organic snacks and get her used to eating fruits and veggies.

Holy moly, it is HARD. I tried everything that I can to get that toddler to eat fruits and veggies but she has a mind of her own. Fine, some would say that I’m the adult but really have you ever tried making a picky eater consume food? I cried to E about it and we both resolved to just ensure that she consumes food every day.


Another parenting issue I dealt with is choosing to breastfeed Bunny. Day in and day out I would hear people say that it’s great that I was able to breastfeed her. This complement could end there or have a follow up of, but wouldn’t you think it is best to switch her to formula, or aren’t you afraid that your boobs will look bad, or she’s too big to still be latching. This is a sensitive part for me, mostly I just smile and ignore but deep inside I am stopping myself from screaming. I honestly worked hard to continue breastfeeding my daughter for 2 years while working full time. Hearing discouraging and judgmental statements aren’t helpful, it’s just plain disrespectful.

My Own Parenting Style

To help relieve myself from the pressure I experience as a first time mom, I will now approach each situation in my own style.

I will accept criticism and pieces of advice with caution. I will only apply what I think is good for my daughter since I would always know what is best for her.

To other moms out there, I know that sometimes you question decisions that you have made for your child. There are times that you may have doubted your “mom instinct” but please don’t. There’s too much pressure coming from different areas of your life to be the best mom. The only thing that your child need though is you and your love. So the next time you question yourself if you are a bad mom, just take a breather, remind yourself that you are an amazing woman and mom-on!


Dealing with My Picky Eater

Ah, terrible twos. I personally wanted to rename it terrific twos but with Bunny’s tantrums and eating habits, I can’t. Every day is a struggle. It’s not because she’s eating air but because she’s very particular about what she wants to consume! Red flags started to rise last year. She would choose oatmeal over rice, puffs over veggies, and biscuits over fruits.


We tried every trick we can think of. Some would work well but most don’t. I even found myself crying in a corner thinking where I went wrong.

Why Are Toddlers Picky Eaters?

Partly Bunny’s eating habits are my fault. I was a picky eater too when I was young. I recall that my food choices were limited to hot dogs, lugaw (rice porridge), bread (I preferred eating the crust vs. the actual pizza), and rice. I’ve read some articles which pointed out that genes have something to do with it.

Aside from hereditary issues of my little fickle eater, I shielded her from poultry and seafood. Bunny has mastocytosis and would have allergic reactions to poultry and seafood. I hated the itchy red bump she had on her arm. So with her dermatologist’s help, we were able to control it from spreading.

As per her derma, the only way to help lessen the itch was if I slowly introduce poultry and seafood to her diet through my breastmilk first then to her diet. I hovered too much and decided to introduce poultry and seafood a bit too late.

Lastly, toddlers are naturally picky eaters. They know now that they can say no or throw a tantrum fit when you force food to them. Knowing this helped me tone down a bit on the where did I go wrong rant to E.

How I Dealt with My Picky Eater

  1. Don’t force feed your toddler. Your toddler will be traumatised whenever you force feed her! Believe me, Bunny would look terrified and would avoid our dining table whenever she can. She dreaded meals for 2 days because I force fed her. There was even a time when she tried to force feed me too!
  2. Identify her favourite food. For Bunny its oatmeal, pizza, and biscuits. Now we have a steady supply of her go-to snacks. In our minds, it’s better than an empty stomach.
  3. Don’t deprive your toddler food. No, please don’t. If your toddler drinks milk (whether it is formula or breast milk) she is getting nutrients that she needs. Add supplements to the mix and your toddler would be fine. Just please don’t deprive them just because they don’t like what you offered.
  4. Eat with them. This is my current tactic. I would make sure that I eat breakfast and dinner with her. Seeing mommy eating the food served in front of her made her more comfortable. This is my best move so far. Now she’s eating rice again! Just be prepared to share your plate with your toddler.19243541_10213076301844899_544503411_o
  5. Supplement with Milk and Vitamins. This is how we tackle Bunny’s low food intake in her bad days. We ensure that she takes her vitamins daily and that she latches at night when I come home.
  6. Be patient. Toddlers would like one food today and hate it the next day. Bunny loved noodles before! Now she hates it and wouldn’t even touch it! Just make sure you have enough reserve of her go to food.19263907_10213076295084730_658694920_o

Hope my tips above helped. Do drop your personal tips in the comments section below!

How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Time flies by so fast, my once prim and proper little girl is now throwing tantrums left and right! Yes, that cute baby girl who would welcome me home with warm hugs and kisses is now a tantrum monster. Well, tantrum monster might be an exaggeration but you get the picture.


It started last May; her tantrums became frequent and longer than before. Gone are the days when I can easily pacify her with my boob (she’s still breastfed) or sway her with a tickle fight.

There are times when I have no clue as to what I should do to make her stop crying. I just look at her and scratch my head.

Why Are You Crying?

So why do toddlers experience tantrums? Observing bunny, it would happen when:

  • We don’t understand what she’s saying – this is the usual suspect. We would ask her to repeat what she’s saying, but there are times when we just don’t understand. We will ask her to show it to us which just leads to a crying toddler on the floor.

  • We ask her to do a specific activity and she’s just not in the mood.

  • She wakes up not feeling good. This happens to toddlers too! We would make her smile by giving her favourite things but to no avail. No smile no giggle, just a grumpy toddler.

  • She can’t deal with her emotions. She’s still a toddler and big emotions are sometimes too much for her.

How to Deal with Tantrums

I am no expert in dealing with tantrums but I do try my best every time she has one. At times it would be difficult and you might want to cry along to her tantrum fit. DON’T. Just breathe and be the mommy. Here are my tips so far:

  1. Remain calm. Seeing a tiny toddler crying, wailing, and lying down on the floor is not a pretty sight to see. I’m sure that most of the time you are tempted to scold that precious baby of yours but don’t. Believe me, it will just get uglier when you start scolding that toddler. She will try to match the volume of your voice with a higher – ear scratching – pitch. Just try to stay calm.
  2. Wait It Out. It might be short but it can also be long, no matter what happens, wait until she stops crying. Just sit down right beside her or at a distance close enough for you to observe her. Your toddler is dealing with big emotions, allow them to experience it first hand and discover how they can deal with it. Just wait for her to settle down, it will come. Remember, they can’t cry forever.
  3. Be ready to offer hugs. As the mommy or daddy of that wailing toddler, you should be ready to offer her a hug. She just dealt with big emotions and she needs a reassuring hug from the persons she trusts the most in the world. Your hug will make her feel safe and secure. You are not spoiling them by hugging them after a tantrum.
  4. Talk. Try to explain what has happened after the tantrum storm. Did she cry because you turned off the TV? Simply explain to her that her eyes needed rest. She might not have liked it because she was watching her favourite show but she can’t always get what she wants. Share with her that you understand that she got mad and that it’s okay to feel that way. Next time though she can say that she’s mad or say please, instead of crying. In this process, you’re helping her understand what she experienced. She’s learning her emotions so make sure you assist them in this process.
  5. Take note of what induces a tantrum storm. You will see a pattern every time your toddler throws a tantrum. Bunny would usually have a tantrum when we tell her we don’t understand what she’s saying, so now we try different ways to communicate with her better. It’s a learning process so be patient, it’s part of adulting.

So those are my tips on how you can deal with your toddler’s tantrum. Do you have any tips for me? Leave it in the comments section.

How to Raise Brave Girls

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and the theme for this year is #BeBoldForChange. Perhaps that is the reason why I see a lot of encouraging posts on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to those encouragement posts I discovered this TED talk by Caroline Paul.

Her talk was short but was packed with such an inspiring message. As my blog post title suggests, her talk is about raising brave girls.

I wouldn’t divulge the details of her talk, but merely share key takeaways from it. I wouldn’t want you to miss how she shared her experiences as a firefighter and a paraglider pilot.

Bravery wasn’t a trait expected from women. To be blunt we were expected rather we are expected to be damsels in distress, we are seen as fragile beings. But this really shouldn’t be the case. In her talk, she shared how this mentality was often ingrained in our systems unknowingly from the time we were toddlers. Words such as be careful, watch out, stop, and no are often exclaimed when little girls try to do something risky. Boys do hear those too, but girls hear it more. To this, I was hit with a sudden tinge of guilt. See I often exclaim the words be careful to bunny whenever she tries to climb a chair or basically do something I deem is risky. How often? To the point wherein she know exclaims the words be careful when she is playing.


Taking a step back, I realize that there really was no need for me to say be careful or no to her. She was just being a toddler, as my husband would say. She is discovering the world around and her, perhaps telling her to be careful is too much.

Further in her talk Caroline also shared four things that can help raise brave girls.

The first is risky play which she deems is really important for kids. Now, this is the first time I’ve heard of it so I consulted Google. Turns out it is a type of play that kids should be exposed to. It is defined as

A thrilling and exciting activity that involves a risk of physical injury, and play that provides opportunities for challenge, testing limits, exploring boundaries and learning about injury risk.

(Sandseter 2007; Little & Wyver, 2008)

The reason why it is important is because it helps children learn how to assess situations, know how risky it is, and how they can deal with it.


Second, Caroline shared that we should cease cautioning girls. Doing so will make her feel that it is okay to not push herself and push boundaries.

Third, we ourselves should practice bravery. For me personally, as a mom, I should become an example for bunny. I don’t need to jump off a plane to give an example of bravery. What I can do instead is take risks and speak up for my beliefs. I think this would be easy for me because I do have a knack for taking risks, I just assess situations as much as I can. I also like trying extreme activities. Maybe one of these days I can teach her the different types of rappelling, I was an instructor once.

Water Rafting @ CDO

Water Rafting @ CDO

Lastly, we should guide our little girls to access their bravery when they need it. There will be times when a task would be too much for them or a play too risky for them. We should help them with that task or help guide them in their play. We have to remember that one day, we will not be there when they face a tall situation. Guiding them now can help them face their challenges in the future braver.

Caroline’s message was loud and clear: you have the power to raise a brave girl. Encouragement is key, as well as being an example for her. Let her experience life with bumps and bruises because ultimately it helps her become a brave individual ready to face challenges along the way.


Hello Again

It has been over two months since I last published a post, and I have to say that it is because of two things:

  1. I’ve been so busy with our wedding prep that the downtime I had I spent with my little bunny
  2. My uncle suddenly passed away last August
  3. I transferred to a new company and I’m still trying to learn as much as I can – although really it is because of reason #1

So for the past two months a lot has changed with me and my little family. Work wise I have more time with my family because it is nearer and it is not as stressful as before. I am now working with Tupperware Brands Philippines and I am loving it so far. It is still a bit odd because I am the client now vs. before wherein I am the supplier or agency. Work load is not as intense as with agency since I am very focused on one brand.

Going to work is fun because I get to do what I like to do but at the same time , clock in and out on the dot. No work from home part or messages in the wee hours of the evening or morning. I do have to admit though that at times I miss the stressful life of being part of an agency but going home to my little one earlier sans the intense Makati traffic is just perfect.

Our office is so near our home, I can leave at 8 AM and arrive there before 9 AM – with just one van to ride as well. I don’t have to rush to the line as well when I clock in at 5:30 PM or 6 PM because there is an unlimited supply of van at the Mall of Asia terminal – which is just a 15 minute walk away from the office. Perfect opportunity for me so far – and the thing is I didn’t even look for this position. Ah, divine intervention. 🙂

To be honest I was looking for a new job first quarter of 2016, I went to take exams and interviews but I just didn’t feel right. I was about to give up when this opportunity came, right when I asked God if that is a sign that I should just stay with my last agency. I guess he wanted me to wait a bit longer for the best opportunity that will come my way. It was great because I stayed patient and I landed the job! God really has a knack at planning things out for us, it might be the right time for you but sometimes he wants us to wait a bit longer for the best opportunity to come along.

Oh yes, E and I finally said I dos! It was such a blur, everything seemed to happen in a daydream because I didn’t even realize that the day has ended and we were officially wed! As my uncle said it was bittersweet for our family because just two weeks before my wedding my uncle, the panganay of the siblings from my mom’s side, passed away. It was sad that he did but also we knew somehow that it was the best because he can finally rest. Up until today I sometimes wake and feel that he is still with us and that it was just a nightmare and we are all waiting to wake from it, but it never came. Sad as his passing on was we couldn’t postpone our wedding because everything was already set.

The day came and everything was perfect, well not really but I decided to be the nice bride and just let things be because I don’t want to become a bridezilla. Bunny walked down the aisle, sort of. She wore her gown and her other dress, she was dancing, and our closest friends were there to celebrate with us! It was a nice and intimate wedding with less than 70 present and more than half was our relatives.

I’ll post about it on my next blog, but everything was perfect. How about you? How have you been the last two months? I promise to keep this blog updated again – sopaltomom is back and will be blogging more, soon!

18 Months and Counting

Ah! Mid year is here and with that Bunny and I hit another breastfeeding milestone that is breastfeeding for 18 months!


To be honest, this time around was harder because the milk I pump is lesser than before because Bunny doesn’t latch as match as before. It was also more difficult to pump given the meetings I had to attend to and transitions at work. I did however ensure that I will still take home at least 5-7 oz of milk everyday which is enough to cover what she needs while I am gone.

There are times that I want her to stop, just because at times I feel like more than a year is good enough but then I look at her and know that what is best will be to allow her to wean on her own. This was also my realization when I read a letter I saw across my Facebook feed of a breastfeeding mom to her nursling. I cannot imagine not coming home and breastfeeding Bunny after a long day at work. Not sniffing her hair while she latches on as if saying where have I been and what took me so long to come home.


Now, our next milestone is 21 months. Honestly I do not know if we will be able to hit that milestone, but I sure hope that we do. Even if I have heard my relatives say that it is time for me to wean her I will not do so until she is ready. It is always up to Bunny on whether she will already give up mom’s milky or not. At the end of the day whichever way it goes I am proud to have breastfed this beautiful Bunny girl.



Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

2012 was challenging, so I welcomed 2013 with open arms.

2013 was my year (well sort of). I faced a lot of challenges, but it made me a better person. I know that this year did not go to waste. I didn’t do the whole live life one day at a time, but I did take everything that was thrown at me and turned it to something spectacular.


Personal Life

My mom’s still under medication, but at least she’s making progress. I do miss her and our Gilmore Girls – Lorelai and Rory – type of relationship, but I am still hoping for the best. We are not the perfect mother and daughter tandem, because I do know that I’m not her favorite, but I still love her.



This year, I learned to become more independent and to stop being a baby. I had to face a lot of hurdles, but I got up knowing that I am a better version of me. I know that I am a fighter, because I faced a lot of fight or flight situations and I am proud to say that I always fought. Perhaps it is in my genes or it is because my aunt told me that in life you always have to stand up. Nobody will bother why you fell because they see how graciously you stood up. She also reminded me that life is like a rainbow, if I just experience happy times I will never be complete and my world will just be a blur of gray.


E and I have been going through a lot, but we became stronger. We are growing up together. I am also lucky to have somebody who is very supportive of all my endeavors but he never forgets to keep me grounded.

Me and E

Me and E

But of course, I also encountered a lot of hurdles this year. I held on to a grudge and it ate me up inside. I am just glad that everything is well know between me and the people who are important to me.

The highlight perhaps is my talk with Ate Ginger, when she made me realize that holding on to grudges will never make me happy. Yes, it will take some time for me to forgive, but never should I allow it to ruin what I have with the people who know me best. Another highlight is when meowsie and I finally smiled at each other. I missed her a lot, especially because we both love reading books. She got me to read the Percy Jackson novels and even lent it to me. I am glad that we are okay.

My HKC Family

My HKC Family

309982_3584145733756_586373659_nThe one sad thing though is that I still have yet to talk to somebody. I was hurt with what he did, primarily because I treated him like a brother and I trusted him more than I trusted anybody in my life. Yes, I forgive him, but I am afraid that it will take a lot of time to mend the crack in our friendship. I guess that is something we both have to work for in 2014.



A crazy year for a crazy social media executive. There I said it! People still think that being a social media practitioner you just post things on walls, but believe me it comes with a lot of strategy.



I had a lot of milestones this year, and I have a lot of people to thank. From my former boss, and former mom, my team, the Unit 1 team, Tammy and everybody else I forgot to mention. You helped me succeed, without you I’m probably facing the wall stressing out over a lot of things.



I was super happy when we trended worldwide three times for Must Be Love, when we pulled the best party series in town, every single time we trended locally, and when some of our posts go viral. But perhaps the cherry on top of my ice cream is working with the best digital practitioners!



I am looking forward to another challenging year. I am hoping that 2014 will be the year wherein I will get out of my comfort zone and be better in what I do. I still have a lot to learn, and I am ready for it!


This is my best travel year so far!

Vigan – Laoag – Pagudpud with E, Chinee and Palos. Our first ever trip together! First 4×4 ride, sand boarding, and exploring the Ilocos region. It was fun and amazing, which is why I am looking forward to our Cebu adventure on March.

laoags laoagg

Sand surfing for beginners

Sand surfing for beginners



Boracay for Berocca. Executing the Berocca challenge, bonding with Tammy, Jermae, and Ikai. I know that Jermae will never forget how we missed our flight back to Manila because I was kayaking. But hey, I booked our return flight with Tammy’s help.

390616_10201050097477306_1203137823_n 603857_10201050073316702_1445064546_n 943039_10201050081076896_835383381_n

Mind Museum with E for his birthday/our 5th anniversary. This was our geeky date, because we both love science and technology.

2983_10201466692051910_48057520_n 546785_10201466677571548_1112059479_n

Davao for Berocca. Meeting the Magic team was amazing. I will never forget how nice they were to us, how they helped me find a place where I can smoke and not get caught by the police.

Cebu for Berocca. Working again with the Magic provincial team, how Carlo and Tom treated us with free flowing drinks, amazing food (especially dessert) thank you!!!! Also, partying with the boys and Tony Toni giving us a free pass to Anchology!


Shanghai with my Mediacom family. This was my first overseas trip, and it was amazing. From meeting Rayver Cruise, visiting the tourist spots in Shanghai, shopping, hanging out with Ginny, Mika, Karen in our room our outside Dan and Joey’s room. Visiting the water village (best day ever) and getting to know more about the people I work with.

1378685_10202213076031043_1997373891_n 1402822_10202213361758186_1624272317_o 1385006_10202213380318650_1454798196_n 1375314_10202212939827638_1494328927_n 539785_10202213141632683_1258462489_n 1402970_10202213411239423_168805501_o

920584_10202213494921515_900796295_o 1402373_10202213514081994_807905840_o

Overall an amazing year! I am excited to do more and be more in 2014, to be #OnFullBlast as I challenge what’s possible.

Random Blah

So, finally talked to mom about Davao, we had this slight misunderstanding during the 4 day long weekend, wherein she exclaimed that she wouldn’t be going with me to Davao.

So this afternoon, I had to “convince” her to come with me to Davao, first of all the main reason I booked a flight there is because I have this goal to take her to the different tourist destinations here in the Philippines, and I already booked a room for two, there in Davao City so I need to make her come with me next week.

Our conversation went a little like this

Me: Ano ma sasama ka ba sa akin sa Davao?

Mom: Eh, wala akong pera, tsaka kailan ba yun?

Me: Wala ka namang masyadong gagastusin dun, 2 days lang tayo dun. Next week. ( Me to self, mom, I’m the one who ends up broke when we travel. )

Mom: Ah, kailan ang alis at balik?

Me: (to self, yes, ok na to payag na to) Monday ng umaga tapos Tuesday ng hapon balik na tayo, saglit lang.

Mom: Ah, sige sige.

End result, moms goin’ with me! Very much excited to go there, and I now have to decide whether we are going to Samal Island or not. Must go blog hopping for this!