The Lolas Day Out

My mom and mamang are big fans of Eat Bulaga. As long as I can remember as a kid we always watch Eat Bulaga. Even if there were other shows aired to rival EB we are hard core Dabarkads. This is why I knew I had to do everything that I can to treat them to a day out at Broadway Centrum.

Dabarkads Photo from Eat Bulaga FB Page

Dabarkads Photo from Eat Bulaga FB Page

I’ve been to Eat Bulaga before to monitor for a brand we handled so I knew that I can score passes. I asked a dear friend of mine if she can help me out and she did! Thanks to Sol, the dear friend I mentioned, we got invites to watch Eat Bulaga today.

A week before this day I already told my mom, aunt, and mamang. Unfortunately my aunt can’t come so it was just the three of us (super sayyaaang but oh well).

The Road To Broadway Centrum

We left around 7.30AM and my mamang was super excited. Intense na excitement, she started talking about Alden while we were just in the van to MOA. She said that her neighbors are so happy for her and that she wants to kiss Alden and photo sana (ooops sorry mang already had a photo with Alden way way back when he was just a Cosmo Hunk).


I thought it will stop once we went down to grab our breakfast. Nooooo, it continued until we got into our Grab Car.


She now went on to update us about the latest deets she has about Maine and Alden. I think she can be a president na for an AlDub chapter, no joke!

Hello Eat Bulaga

After our 45 minute ride to Broadway from MOA we went up the studio and secured seats near the upper stage.

This was the time I used my previous knowledge on locating the best seats for my mom and mamang. I knew that they would want to seat at the center part but I advised them to seat at the right most part of the center aisle. You see this was the place where most hosts pass by on the way up the center stage aaaand we won’t be bothered by the swinging cameras and make shift couch.




This proved to be a good decision because my mom and mamang got to hold and shake Alden’s hand! No joke!

Screengrab by my brother

Screengrab by my brother

They got to shake hands with Tito Sen, Allan, Vic, and talk to Pauleen, Pia, and Patring too!

My mamang was suuuper happy! She can’t stop talking about the fact that she held Alden’s hand (until the time we got home that was all that she can talk about) and that she got to shake hands with the Dabarkads and even have a photo with Tito Sen!


A great day indeed that we wrapped up with a heavy meal over at Shakey’s. Even while we were eating all she can talk about was Alden!


Although Broadway is far I knew that it was worth the travel just to see my mom and mamang happy.

Goodbye Mediacom Part 1

Yesterday was my last day in Mediacom. I’ve been working under the digital team for almost two years as a social media executive. I will not bore you with my history with the company, but it has been an amazing ride.

Ground breaking Projects

In my stay in Mediacom, I was given the opportunity to handle many different projects. Projects that tested my capability as a social media executive and my patience. However, in my 2 year stint in Mediacom I am proudest of 2.

First is #OnFullBlast – Berocca!


This was my first ever try in handling a Twitter account. It was a challenge that I was scared to tackle but at the same time made me push myself to learn more about the platform.

Before I always felt that brands are too focused on creating conversations on Facebook, but they are neglecting other social platforms. Aside from Facebook you have Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Forums, Blogs and now WeChat and Line. Other platforms have great potential if only you will take time to discover it and the market who are using it. Yes I am aware that Facebook’s penetration in the Philippines is high, but the other social platforms are there for a reason (sorry for the social rant).

Berocca was my Twitter baby and I take pride in being part of the awesome team behind Berocca. This baby gave me two of my first ever trending topics – #BeroccaGiveawayTuesday and #OnFullBlast. Immersing myself with the brand and the platform helped open my eye on Twitter’s potential. It has the potential to reach influential people, people who are not afraid to voice out their concerns, people who have something to say.

Aside from Berocca giving me my trending topics, it’s also one of the most, if not the most, talked about pharma brand in the Philippines. BOOYA! Who ever said pharma should be blah and boring? With the right social strategy and the right platform brands can make a statement!

I also met amazing people along the way, thanks to the series of #OnFullBlast activities. With my first campaign I met Chico, Del and Gino from TMR, and Slick and Sam from BNO.


With my second campaign I got to bond with people from Fox, meet Saab, Viktor.




With my third campaign (my favorite) I met the amazing DJs of Magic Davao, CDO, and Cebu (who made us drink lots and lots of alcohol, who pampered us sooo much, and who came to my rescue when I had no ciggs), Jojo the Love Survivor, Slick, Sam, and Tony Toni.

Well, the best people I met are of course the Berocca Team.



Tammy, who was as cray cray as I was but is the best activation person I’ve ever met. Her team, Lavina and Kim who always called me mam and po until such time I begged them to stop calling me mam and saying po. Their dedication is astounding and they are the best in what they do.

Ikai and Winlove, who loved the brand as much as I did. They did everything that they can to make everything work. Working with them pushed me to be at my best, to only think of the best for the brand. There were no stupid or too cray cray ideas with them. They listened and they trusted me enough even if I was the cray cray girl of digital.

Jermae and Suukyi, who were part of the digital side of Berocca. Together they complemented the organic efforts with paid means (uh because you have to invest!).

And of course Ms. Clarice, who saw my cray cray side, liked it, and believed in it. 🙂

Second is the Ganda Trio Campaign

This has to be the biggest project I ever handled. I was terrified when my former mommy gave this campaign to me. She was the first person involved in it, but she trusted me enough to give this to me (THANK YOU GEIA).

This campaign was not just any other digital campaign, it had a digital part, but it was linked to a movie. A MOVIE! At the time when it was given to me, I wasn’t able to fully grasp how monumental it was. Well not until after a day. I knew it was big, but I didn’t know it will be so big that it will birth 2 worldwide trending topics (#KathNielMustBeLovePremiereNight and #GandaTrioDaywithKathNiel (if I remember it correctly).

I had so much fun giving away premiere tickets, covering the events, and knowing the best fans in the world.

It would never happen if I never had the support of Kathryn and Daniel’s fans. Knowing them was one of the best parts of handling this campaign. We owe the success of this campaign to their support.


Of course I handled other campaigns, but if you work in an agency like I did deep inside there will be at least one or two campaigns that will define you and your stay there. Those two are the campaigns I will always be remembered for. Of course, I made mistakes before, I had sleepless nights because of those two campaigns (hell, part of it was staying up until the wee hours of the morning to tweet) but it was all worth it.

I’ll blog away next time for the second part. 🙂

Regine’s Silver Concert

Last night, Regine Velasquez held her 25th anniversary concert, Regine Velasquez “Silver,” at the MOA Arena. The venue was full of Reginians and of people who like her. I was looking forward to this concert because I was with my closest friends, because I wanted to see her perform live, first time to watch it at the corporate sosh/posh suite, ,because this is my first legit local concert, and my second concert this year, well ever in my life!

Our seats…
view from where we were seated 🙂
fish and chips plus margarita 😀

Once the orchestra, Raul Mitra, and Mr.C came in, the crowd went wild. Everybody was waiting for this, everybody wanted to see her sing! The overture played and I felt chills, seryoso. 🙂 Of course this plus hearing Ate Joyce scream, I was like this show will be AWESOME!

However when Regine came in, she didn’t look well, at one point I noticed that she was catching her breath in between the dance routine. I felt that something was off. Her voice wasn’t hitting some of the high notes so it made me think if she was really okay.

After her song, that was when she admitted to everybody that she was sick. My best friend even told me that Regine seemed to have lost her voice. True enough, paos si Ate. 🙁 She started crying saying that she wanted to give us her best, but she wasn’t even able to give even 50% of herself because of the virus she caught. People started cheering her, we all clapped and encouraged her to make her feel that she doesn’t need to explain anything. We understood that crap happens, and that we know that she is a great singer she need not prove anything to us or to her haters.

What she showed is true professionalism, she is a real performer ready to give everything that she can for the crowd. I guess this separates her from the other singers. Regine has a personality that is very unique. She was so honest! I almost cried when she said that she was expecting the worst, that the crowd will boo her and that we will leave the arena. Nobody left, everybody was there for her! Her fans don’t just like her, they love her and they are very understanding. They know how hard she worked for this, and how much she wanted to give us her best. It was then that I realized that I am becoming a true blue Reginian, yes I like her and everything my favorite song pa nung bata ako is Zoom na rendition ni Regine and Bluer than Blue, but last night she gained my respect.

Not only did she give us everything that she can, she showed how much she loved what she was doing and just how passionate she is with her craft. Aside from that she showed just how much she loved Ogie and her boo boo bear. She sang God Gave Me You, and I cried, the way she sang it was just so beautiful.

When she came out and announced that she will be having a repeat or a take 2 and that we should all hold on to our tickets. The concert will be for free to all of the ticket holders. Everybody was ecstatic even more when MOA said that they will be giving the venue for free (good job guys). She danced gangnam style out of joy! Here are Cacai’s tweets about it:

I resist to post any of her performances because I know that it might just hurt her feelings, but here’s Vice, Regine, and Sweet. 🙂 Get well soon, and see you at Silver Take 2! 🙂