My Breastfeeding Keepsake

Thirty-one months and counting, that is how long I have been breastfeeding my lovely Bunny girl. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs. We celebrated big milestones, especially after reaching the six-month mark (exclusively breastfed no solid food) and the one year mark. We powered through our downs, from low milk supply to spilt breastmilk.

I knew somehow that our journey will soon end. Bunny is now 2years old and our sessions have been reduced to nightly feedings. She would just latch when I get home from work or to go to sleep. I knew that I had to have a keepsake that would help us treasure our journey forever.

The Perfect Memento

It was hard for me to track down and locate a local maker of breast milk jewelry. Unlike overseas wherein I’ve seen many different online sellers who offer it, we have only two (to my knowledge) here in the Philippines.

The first one that I became familiar with was the Our Lady of La Leche Movement Ph. I have seen their page through a Facebook Group for Breastfeeding moms.


Then through thorough research and Facebook skills, I came across the Facebook Page of Pumped with Love.


I fell in love with her simple jewelry designs. I started messaging her last January asking for the prices of the jewelry. It wasn’t until June that I finally decided to push through with my order.


See, I haven’t pumped milk since August or September 2016. Given that I had limited supply already, I waited for the chance when I spent a night away from my daughter (work related). This opportunity only came last June.

I chatted away with Mommy Romina, of Pumped with Love. She diligently replied to all of my inquiries and messages. This made the transaction extra smooth! When it was time for me to ship my breast milk I just reread her instructions.

So I packed my expressed milk with love and care in a breastmilk storage bag. I packed it in three storage bags – to ensure that it won’t spill. I even put it in a KFC gravy container to be extra safe! I went to the nearest LBC branch and shipped it away to Mommy Romina.


She shared that she will only ask for the down payment for the jewellery once she receives my sample. So I waited for her to confirm her receipt and once she did, I sent half of the payment via bank transfer.

My Own Breastmilk Keepsake

Mommy Romina advised me that the turnaround time for the breast milk jewelry was 3 to 4 weeks. This was great because I didn’t need to message her every now and then just to check if she was done. For reference, she received my first payment last June 16 and she finished working on it last July 7.

Like clockwork, she finished after three weeks of working on my jewelry. She was even kind enough to wait for my payment to be settled a few days after she has sent me the final product (super busy last week due to work and stressed with a personal matter). So when I finally paid her last Thursday, she had it shipped before she left for the province Friday morning.

Since I was out of the office during the weekend, I only received the package this morning. My hands trembled as I cut through the plastic wrapping of LBC. I saw a tiny blue box enveloped in bubble wrap. I smiled because she wrapped my jewelry with such care. I opened the blue jewelry box and I finally held my keepsake.

20205631_10213424519270117_1417471229_oMy heart seemed to have skipped a beat seeing and holding it for the very first time.


Here was a physical remembrance of all of the hard work I have put through in breastfeeding my little girl.

I messaged Mommy Romina immediately. No words can describe how happy I was. I ended up just saying “thank you” and “I like it.” So I decided to write this post instead to express my gratitude to her.

I highly recommend her to breastfeeding moms. You have a lot of designs to choose from and it’s not that expensive too!


18 Months and Counting

Ah! Mid year is here and with that Bunny and I hit another breastfeeding milestone that is breastfeeding for 18 months!


To be honest, this time around was harder because the milk I pump is lesser than before because Bunny doesn’t latch as match as before. It was also more difficult to pump given the meetings I had to attend to and transitions at work. I did however ensure that I will still take home at least 5-7 oz of milk everyday which is enough to cover what she needs while I am gone.

There are times that I want her to stop, just because at times I feel like more than a year is good enough but then I look at her and know that what is best will be to allow her to wean on her own. This was also my realization when I read a letter I saw across my Facebook feed of a breastfeeding mom to her nursling. I cannot imagine not coming home and breastfeeding Bunny after a long day at work. Not sniffing her hair while she latches on as if saying where have I been and what took me so long to come home.


Now, our next milestone is 21 months. Honestly I do not know if we will be able to hit that milestone, but I sure hope that we do. Even if I have heard my relatives say that it is time for me to wean her I will not do so until she is ready. It is always up to Bunny on whether she will already give up mom’s milky or not. At the end of the day whichever way it goes I am proud to have breastfed this beautiful Bunny girl.



Breastfeeding While You’re Sick

I have been out for almost two or three weeks, been in and out of meetings and working on a special something. This plus the oh so hot (admit ko na – lagkit weather na may matching baskil for some or likod na basang basa ng pawis) weather resulted to my body surrendering. The stress and cray weather took its toll on my body and come Mother’s Day I had sniffles (sniff sniff).

Of course I did not allow this to stop our plan to celebrate Mother’s Day swimming and having our special dinner as well. (more about this in my next posts). The next day, my sniffles seemed to be a bit better (see yung swimming helped because my lungs worked extra – sabi ni E). I went to work ready to conquer my to-do’s, but after lunch I felt worse – boohoo! Even if I was blowing my nose and even if I consumed lots of fluids walang effect pa din. I seriously tried to make it until 5 PM before I asked Q, my boss, if I can go home (di na kinaya talaga ng katawan ko).



I rested the whole night and still went to work Tuesday and Wednesday (kasi nga work work work work work) but finally decided to go on sick leave Thursday and Friday too. Now, I know that you will ask me if I still breastfed Bunny and the answer is YES. YES I continued breastfeeding her even if I had cough, cold, and fever. Not because I wanted her to get sick too, but because I want her to get the anti-bodies that she needs so that she won’t get what I have or if she does get what I have she’ll feel better soon or not that severe yung sa kanya.

Bunny taking care of mommy

Bunny taking care of mommy

Some would probably be shaking their heads because our lolo’s and lola’s would have said na bawal, no because mapapasa or my baby will get it too. To be honest, I too believed this way back then and actually stopped breastfeeding Bunny when I had flu (this was during our first month) but then I researched after and it is more recommended to continue breastfeeding even while you are sick.

Momma’s milk is really good for babies and again as I mentioned, your milk creates anti-bodies that is special for your little one. Even if I was down Thursday and Friday, Bunny only had mild fever morning and sniffles but not that severe. She still played non-stop and was still as kulit as ever!

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Still don’t believe me? My other proof was when I got chicken pox last year. People around me told me to stop breastfeeding Bunny, but I insisted that she needs my milk more. I would cover my whole body and just expose my booby when she needs to feed. I would also pump so that she is not as exposed (the hard part really was not to hold her close and not kiss her goodnight for two weeks – my heart). She never got chicken pox, although she was grumpier because mommy-bunny time was cut short due to my pox.

So, if you get sick I highly recommend (if not super severe naman yung sickness) to continue still breastfeeding but make sure that you consult with your doctor for meds you can take. Here’s my usual flow when I get sick:

  1. If I’m not feeling well – check temperature and drink lots of water
  2. Check with my doctor or with E what meds to take (E is my personal nurse because he’s a RN)
  3. Check E-Lactancia if my meds are compatible with breastfeeding moms if not raise it up with my doctor so we can look for an alternative
  4. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids

I hope this helps prove that really, breastfeeding is still best when you are sick. Don’t stop just because you are sick just check with your doctor (best if she’s a breastfeeding advocate) and make sure that your meds is okay for lactating moms! Happy Breastfeeding mommies!

Dear Daughter Pt 8

Dear Daughter,

This Sunday I will be celebrating my 3rd Mother’s Day. The first one was when I was pregnant with you. the second one was last year, and the third one this year. I still have no idea if I am doing well with this motherhood thing, but I know one thing for sure and that is I need you as much, or at times more, than you need me.

I realized this when I read this note from Breastfeeding Mama Talk’s Facebook Page:



At first I thought it was a letter or a note from a baby to her mama, but it was from a mama to her little nursling. This made me tear up and realize that I cannot imagine the day when you won’t welcome me home with big loving eyes looking at me as if saying momma I need my milky. I cannot imagine the day when our bonding activity would not be a thirty minute nursing session. I know that the time will come when you will wean, but not now. I need you, I need the comfort that our nursing session brings, the calm it gives whenever my world at work becomes crazy, the way it reminds me that whatever I do I’m your momma and you need me so.


At times I doubt if you will still need me even after you have weaned off of milky, but your dada repeatedly tells me that it is not true that whatever happens you will still look for momma. My love, I need you as much as you need me, I may not show it at times but I need your embrace to remind me that a simple hug can make everything feel better. I need your tiny kisses to remind me how much you love momma. Even our silly playtime brings so much joy to me because it allows momma to be silly again, to be a child again by seeing things from your perspective. I need you to remind me that what I do matters. I need you because you provide momma the comfort I need whenever I feel down or drained from work.


Oh my daughter, you have changed so much in my life and I know that it is not just my life that you have changed, but that of your dada’s as well. You have given more meaning to our lives and we are forever grateful for that. We will forever treasure our memories my love. I will keep this letter short and sweet because I might end up crying and waking you up.





Struggling Milk Supply

Last March 10 marked my 15 month of exclusively breastfeeding Bunny. Oh what a roller coaster ride it has been! A lot of ups and some downs here and there, but still we pushed on and continued our breastfeeding journey. I am proud to have accomplish 15 months since I only thought that I can do it for just 6 months. I mean, I have had issues before and extreme difficulty in making her latch directly to me in the beginning but, here we are going strong.


E knows this is true because Bunny ignores him when I am close. She chooses to be near mommy’s bossom and even latch without even suckling! Oh yes, she does that a lot now! She comfort sucks just to be near me sometimes. I find this super cute because this becomes her lambing to me. However, now I am faced with milk supply issues. Ever since our Bohol Vacation and Ad Summit we noticed that she consumes more milk than usual.


This usually happens when I am with her for longer periods vs. weekends and perhaps due to two consecutive weeks of more days with her she got used to more milky time with mommy! This is great because this, I think, helped extend our breastfeeding journey because we saw she still prefers to direct latch over bottle feeding but because of my monthly menstrual cycle my supply dipped!

I didn’t know that it had that much effect, but ever since my monthly cycle came back I noticed that from 4 to 5 oz per pump my supply went down to 2 – 3 oz per pump! The dip doesn’t just last during my cycle, it usually lasts a week. 🙁 To this note, I think my mom noticed and I heard her mention that we should start alternating milk already. This was bad news for my ears, I know that my dip in supply is just temporary and that I didn’t understand why most people of same age or batch as my mom’s push formula milk over and over again. I think during their generation the milk industry boomed and pushed this idea that it is superior over human milk – which really is not true! I ended up closing our door, and hugging Bunny as if there is no tomorrow. E came in and asked why I seemed stressed and I told him it is because I heard my mom say that we need to alternate milk already. Being the type of person that he is, he just told me to ignore it because my milk is good for Bunny.

To help me counter my low supply, I started drinking again tea for breastfeeding mommas. I got this from Health Options and I think it helped somehow, from the usual of 2-3 oz I got 4 oz for my first pump! Aside from this I also started drinking more water and unli-latching still with Bunny. If my supply is still down over the weekend, I do intend on ordering some mommy treats to help increase my supply or eat oatmeal again like before. How about you? How do you bump your supply up?




BTW, decrease of supply during your monthly cycle is totally normal because it is somehow associated to drop on blood calcium levels so some mommies also recommend taking calcium supplements.

Working and Breastfeeding: Is It Possible?

I want to make a firm stand that working moms can continue with their aim to exclusively breastfeed their little ones. Some people have this misconception that once a mom decides to go back to work they have to discontinue giving liquid gold to their precious little ones. Some go as far as telling moms to pick between their career and breastfeeding (believe me I have read some comments like these). That is where I want to jump in and say that it is possible to do both.

I would be lying if I say that it is a walk in the park. That doing both is as simple as typing words in your laptop. No, it is hard work and it needs dedication. Let’s emphasize the word DEDICATION. That is what you need to be able to accomplish this goal of breastfeeding and working at the same time. Again, not impossible but not easy.

From Baby Center UK

From Baby Center UK

You might ask me, what makes me qualified to share that statement. I am a working mom who is still breastfeeding my little one for almost 15 months now. She is not showing any signs of weaning and I am not stopping her any time soon. I will allow her to wean on her own time. Now back to working and breastfeeding.



It is hard, and you would have a lot of things to consider when you do continue providing your little one. You would have to answer questions such as:

  • Will you still direct latch?
  • Will you be an exclusive pumper or would you switch between cupfeeding or bottles and then direct latch when you are at home?
  • Will you hand express or use a pump?
  • Will you buy a manual pump or an electric pump?
  • Will you build your stash using bottles or breastmilk bags?
  • If you choose breastmilk bags, which specific bag will guarantee you no spills of your liquid gold?
  • When should you start building your stash before you go home?
  • How can you keep your supply up?
  • How often do you need to pump per day?
  • How do you plan to bring home your milk? Especially if you are living far away or you have attend a business out of town trip?

That’s a lot right? I personally can answer each for you but at the end of the day it will have to be your choice. But believe me it is possible. I have heard of other moms who have survived breastfeeding and working for more than 2 years. But believe me it takes dedication.

There will be times when your supply will go down, because of stress or self-doubt. This happened to me just yesterday when I doubted my capacity to produce milk for Bunny. My output from the usual 4 – 5 oz dropped to 2 oz.

There will be times when you would forget to pump. I am guilty of this whenever I get too absorbed in what I do that I forget to check what time it is. Sometimes my boob will hurt but I would put it off because I am stuck in a meeting.

There will be times when my milk stash will be not enough for her daily needs. This is a nightmare, because you would have to rush home (think of Manila traffic) and time yourself. That or you would have to stay up at midnight or set an alarm to pump extra even if you have a sleeping baby latched to one of your boobies.

There will be times when you just want to quit, because let’s just be honest, sometimes it gets tiring. Physically and emotionally you would feel tired from providing and pressured to take home 3 to 4 bags per day to cover for her needs.

But it will all be worth it, because you know in your heart that you are providing what you think is best for your little one. I still breastfeed because I know that it is what she needs and the bond we have is stronger. Even if I am away for 10-12 hours per day, going home and being welcomed by a tiny human who only wants to latch on reminds me that it is all worth it. All of my efforts are not wasted because she smiles back when she’s latching or when she’s drinking milk from her bottle. She smiles with satisfaction as if saying that she knows I am there with her because she has my liquid gold.


It is possible to do both, believe me, but you need to want to provide. You need to put in all of your effort for this goal that you have. Never compare yourself to other moms who also do the same. Never compare your stash or your output because her little one’s needs are different from that of yours.

It is possible, because you are protected by the law. Republic Act 10028 or the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act states that:

  • Your workplace should establish lactation stations
    • This lactation station should have
      • Area for hand washing
      • Plug for electric pumps
      • Comfy chairs
      • Refrigiration for storing of your expressed milk
    • You as a breastfeeding mother are entitled to break periods when you can pump and store your milk
      • This is aside from your normal break periods
      • Should not be less than 40 mins per 8 working hours

It is possible if you believe in yourself and if you keep a positive attitude. Push through and just think of the positive effects it has for your baby. No matter how long you choose to breastfeed your baby, whether 6 months, a year, 2 years, or beyond know that you have the capacity to do so.

Breastfeeding and TV Shows

I love watching telenovelas, local and foreign. One of my favorite shows currently is Jane The Virgin.


Photo from

I really like the story line of a pregnant virgin, due to wrong insemination, and how she copes up with her life and her plans with the unplanned pregnancy. The story has a very light take in life, and how it can sometimes be like the ones you watch in mexican telenovelas. Has a lot of ups and downs, but still continues because that is just how life is. Anyway, one of the reasons why I liked it even more was because it highlighted Jane’s desire to exclusively breastfeed Matteo. This is very new to me because local shows here in the Philippines seem bent to highlight formula milk as part of their story line. It will always be like this:

Mom and dad fights because mom will ask dad for money to be used to buy formula milk for their child


Single mom or mom needs money asks a relative for money to buy her child formula milk

This is a bit disappointing because it is becoming a repetitive theme. I know two shows from ABS-CBN that used this story line instead of promoting breastfeeding (Nathaniel and Ang Probinsyano). The question in my mind is why this is becoming a part of their programming instead of promoting breast feeding? I just wanted to put it out there, you know. Because it doesn’t really help us breastfeeding moms push forward the advocacy of normalizing breastfeeding. Why? Because even media outfits highlight formula feeding (believe me I don’t have anything against formula feeding because Alex was given formula for two weeks) instead of mixing it up and adding breastfeeding to their main story line.

Now this is why I like Jane The Virgin. From season 1 it became a show that felt closer to what some moms experience – going to classes and even discovering baby wearing! What made me fall in love more with this show is the first two episodes (well granted that they only aired two episodes, but those two were just packed with amazing real mommy goodness).


Photo from

For the first episode, let us set aside the part wherein Matteo was kidnapped. Jane felt for a time that she wasn’t being the best mom that she can be to Matteo. Why? Because they were having problems, with her milk coming in and with Matteo’s latch. This is such a big issue that breastfeeding moms experience, even I experienced this and sadly I resorted to the top-up method. This is the reason why Alex was given formula for 2 weeks, I didn’t believe in my body’s capacity to produce milk (sadly I became a member of Breastfeeding Pinays a few months after I gave birth to Alex). This top-up approach is not really beneficial for mommy and baby, because mommy won’t be able to respond well to baby’s need to eat therefore lesser milk will be produced. This is why Jane said that it is not an option for her (good for your Jane!).

Jane instead attend a lactation class, wherein she was told to shove her boob whenever Matteo latches to help improve her latch. But still Jane wasn’t confident that her body is producing enough milk for him. Why, you may ask. The silly baby is feeding every 30 minutes, which after Rafael’s research is because he was cluster feeding! Ah, made so much sense and lo and behold Jane’s milk came in and Matteo gained weight (as shared by his pedia after his second check up).

Now, this is where I would want to say thank you to the writers of Jane The Virgin. What you did for that episode and the whole deal when Jane struggled to breastfeed Matteo was amazing. It is something that moms can relate to and at the same time it helped normalize breastfeeding (and even share what moms experience). This is something that I hope and wish local shows would do, promote breastfeeding. Normalize it so that moms would discover another alternative to formula milk. This is so that moms will be curious about it and be able to discover the choices that she has in feeding her new born child (so that she will not automatically think of formula milk as the default route).

As a last note, I am not against formula feeding or mix feeding what I am for is informed decision making which seems to be lacking nowadays. To share, again as I mentioned already Alex was formula fed, mix fed and eventually was exclusively breast fed until today. The decision to breastfeed her was because I wanted to provide what I think is best for her after doing as much research as I can.