The Lolas Day Out

My mom and mamang are big fans of Eat Bulaga. As long as I can remember as a kid we always watch Eat Bulaga. Even if there were other shows aired to rival EB we are hard core Dabarkads. This is why I knew I had to do everything that I can to treat them to a day out at Broadway Centrum.

Dabarkads Photo from Eat Bulaga FB Page

Dabarkads Photo from Eat Bulaga FB Page

I’ve been to Eat Bulaga before to monitor for a brand we handled so I knew that I can score passes. I asked a dear friend of mine if she can help me out and she did! Thanks to Sol, the dear friend I mentioned, we got invites to watch Eat Bulaga today.

A week before this day I already told my mom, aunt, and mamang. Unfortunately my aunt can’t come so it was just the three of us (super sayyaaang but oh well).

The Road To Broadway Centrum

We left around 7.30AM and my mamang was super excited. Intense na excitement, she started talking about Alden while we were just in the van to MOA. She said that her neighbors are so happy for her and that she wants to kiss Alden and photo sana (ooops sorry mang already had a photo with Alden way way back when he was just a Cosmo Hunk).


I thought it will stop once we went down to grab our breakfast. Nooooo, it continued until we got into our Grab Car.


She now went on to update us about the latest deets she has about Maine and Alden. I think she can be a president na for an AlDub chapter, no joke!

Hello Eat Bulaga

After our 45 minute ride to Broadway from MOA we went up the studio and secured seats near the upper stage.

This was the time I used my previous knowledge on locating the best seats for my mom and mamang. I knew that they would want to seat at the center part but I advised them to seat at the right most part of the center aisle. You see this was the place where most hosts pass by on the way up the center stage aaaand we won’t be bothered by the swinging cameras and make shift couch.




This proved to be a good decision because my mom and mamang got to hold and shake Alden’s hand! No joke!

Screengrab by my brother

Screengrab by my brother

They got to shake hands with Tito Sen, Allan, Vic, and talk to Pauleen, Pia, and Patring too!

My mamang was suuuper happy! She can’t stop talking about the fact that she held Alden’s hand (until the time we got home that was all that she can talk about) and that she got to shake hands with the Dabarkads and even have a photo with Tito Sen!


A great day indeed that we wrapped up with a heavy meal over at Shakey’s. Even while we were eating all she can talk about was Alden!


Although Broadway is far I knew that it was worth the travel just to see my mom and mamang happy.

Book Review: Bo Sanchez’ Life Manual 101: How To Make Your Dreams Come True

It has been awhile since I last read a book. Most of my free time is given to blogging or watching korean novelas, or series. What urged me to read the book of Brother Bo was the fact that it was given as a gift by Brother Bo (perk I think of subscribing or being part of the Truly Rich Club) and I wanted to start January with an inspirational self help book.

Bo Sanchez

So as I mentioned I got the book: Life Manual 101: How To Make Your Dreams Come True by Brother Bo late last week. I started reading it this Monday and I finished reading it today. Overall it has a very natural flow to it which made it so hard to put down and so easy to read. I think I could have finished it in a day, but I wanted to read it bit by bit just to help my days start better (with a cup of inspiration).

Reading the book was a good decision for me, especially because we have a lot of plans this year (more on this on my next posts). Brother Bo basically tells you that you have the power to reach your dream, if your dream comes from a purpose and not from pride and if you work for it and not just be a passive receiver of blessings from God. That in a nut shell is what I learned from the book.

He shares that God has dreams for us and we also have dreams as individuals, we just have to meet in the middle to determine if our dreams will help us push forth with our main purpose in life or if it stems from pride. Badly put, do you want to be rich to help your family or you want to be rich just because you want to or you want to buy a car for the family vs. you want to buy a luxury car for show. He shares in his book that even if we sometimes think that God is not listening to our prayers (aka I want to be rich) God really wants us to succeed (aka if you want to be rich you have to work with God and not just wait for it to fall from the heavens above).

Dreams really do come true, especially if you pray for it and act on it. Emphasis on act because most if not all of the people I know pray day in and day out for a dream but they do not do anything to reach that dream. Aside from this he also points out that in achieving your dream (therefore succeeding) you must also help people around you achieve their dreams – for your life to have purpose or in his words significance.

At the end of reading the book I feel more inspired to work on my dreams, our dreams, and to be active in achieving it. I give this book a 4.5 out of 5. 🙂


Book Review: The Realm of Possibility

200px-RealmofPossibility-2004The Realm of Possibility is my first ever David Levithan book (well that he wrote on his own). Before reading this book, I was almost done reading all of John Green’s novels and I decided (after reading Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares that I will try reading David Levithan’s books.

At first, I had no clue that the book will be in verse form. I was expecting a regular book. I was a bit hesitant after seeing that it was in verse form, but then I read the first chapter. Basically the book is about 20 teens. Each teen’s story is linked to another showing how a usual high school functions (well of course how it functions in a way that is not that evident to everybody) that each person is connected to another in some cosmic way.

At one point I was struggling to keep up with the names of the characters and on mapping their connections. I wanted to know the implication of each character’s moves or decisions. Reading the book made me feel as though I am solving a case, a case of unlimited possibilities. That part made it frustrating for me, flipping over chapters remembering each story. But removing that from my whole journey on reading this novel, I liked it.

The emotion that each person shows through verse is amazing. The voice that each character had was so clear that I didn’t confuse one person to the other. Each person can find one character from the 20 that he/she can easily relate to, because each voice has a unique story worth telling.

Here’s what I know about the realm of possibility— it is always expanding, it is never what you think it is. Everything around us was once deemed impossible. From the airplane overhead to the phones in our pockets to the choir girl putting her arm around the metalhead. As hard as it is for us to see sometimes, we all exist within the realm of possibility. Most of the limits are of our own world’s devising. And yet, every day we each do so many things that were once impossible to us.

David Levithan



Book Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson


Another late post. Been busy with the work transition, but here’s my review of Green and Levithan’s YA novel Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

This is a book about two Will Graysons. Green’s Grayson and Levithan’s Grayson. The story is about the two Grayson’s, their struggles, and how a single person help bring them together in understanding how important friendship is.

To be honest, I love this novel. It is very rude, upfront and honest. Green’s Grayson shows a person who is afraid of getting involved and in the process blocks off everyone around him. While Levithan’s Grayson is depressed and is still trying to discover who he really is. But the star of the book for me is Tiny.  A loud, honest, flamboyant character that I’m sure readers will just love.

This is my last John Green novel, because I’ve read all, and this is one of my favorites. The collaboration with Levithan made Will Grayson, Will Grayson a jem amongst any other YA books. It is a bit different from the usual YA books, different from Green’s novels, different from any other book I have read.

Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children


I was looking for a new book series to follow, and I ended up buying Ransom Rigg’s Miss Peregine’s Home For Peculiar Children. I had high hopes for the novel, especially because of the reviews placed on the first page of the book. Also, because of the photos used to illustrate some of the characters and situations.I honestly thought that it will be Twilight Zone meets Harry Potter. Sorry to disappoint, but it falls a bit short of what it promises. 

Basically the book is about Jacob and his need to uncover his grandfather’s secret life after he passed away. Jacob thinks a monster kill his grandfather, but other people around him think that it is just a fragment of his imagination. It can stem from what happened when he was a child. As a child, his grandfather shared stories of a mysterious island where peculiar children with different abilities lived. An invisible boy, a girl who levitates, a girl who can produce fire, a boy who can awaken the dead, and so forth. 

Photo from

Photo from

In the end Jacob discovers that he too is a peculiar child. He decides to stay in the mysterious island with the peculiar children to help them fight the hollowgasts and to help Miss Peregrine return to her human form.

High points for the novel is how Ransom Riggs combined text with creepy photographs. This is the first book I have read that made use of actual photos to help tell a story. The story also has a great potential to become creepier (if that is his original intention). When I read it, I cannot say that I didn’t like it but it felt as though he is trying to write a novel for kids but at the same time write a novel that will probably give somebody nightmares. I myself felt confused as to what the novel is trying to convey, but again the photos helped me finish reading the book. 

With that being said, I am very much looking forward to reading the second part of the series. I have high hopes that it will be better than the first.



Book Review: 13 Reasons Why


This is a late post. I finished reading the book a few weeks ago but because of the deadliest deadlines that I have to meet before our Christmas break I’m just sharing my review now.

I went to Fully Booked to buy books that I can read over the break with E,  when I picked up a copy of 13 Reasons Why. The cover was okay but the brief description at the back got my attention.

The book is about Hannah – the girl who committed suicide. She recorded tapes that featured 1 person per side (there is a total of 7 cassette tapes, but only 13 sides had a recording). In the recording Hannah detailed how that person or whatever that person did contributed to her decision commit suicide (hence 13 reasons why).

It is eerie but eye opening, especially because it allows you to take a look into two different perspectives. The first is the perspective of the person who committed suicide, which in this case is Hannah. You get to see what drove her to end her life, to understand that suicide isn’t necessarily caused by one major reason rather the snowball effect (the instance wherein a chain of events that are intertwined builds up drive for a person to do something drastic). The other perspective is from the people who caused the snowball effect or people who cared about her or both. You get to see the struggle that they go through knowing that they could have done something to stop that person from committing suicide, from taking their own life because of the snowball effect.

The book had such an effect on me. I was able to realize that whatever a person does has an effect on other people (may it or may it not be intentional) and that the best way to recover from the snowball effect, from sadness, anger, and/or grief is by talking about it.

I personally think that this is a must read book not just for teens, but for everybody. It will make you look at things from a different way and you will be more cautious of every word and action that you do.

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

I have read almost all of John Green’s novels (I started with Looking for Alaska). So I finally decided to read The Fault in Our Stars. I’ve been putting off reading this book because I felt that I was not ready to read it yet. So after much thought, I finally bought my own copy of the book and read it.

The book revolved around Hazel, who was diagnosed with cancer, who was very reluctant to attend support group. Her mom pushed her to attend it and she soon met a young man named Augustus, who had a rare form of bone cancer but was declared to be cancer free.

Soon, they got to know each other better and started to become more than just friends. Augustus even gave up his “wish” to fulfill Hazel’s dream of meeting the author of her favorite book in Amsterdam. Everything seemed well until Augustus shared with Hazel the truth. The events that follow were both heartbreaking and eye opening.

I found myself laughing and crying as I read the book. It was very eye opening for me, especially because of the characters. Though they are not perfect characters, they act very mature for their age. This is probably because they are aware that they are living a borrowed life and they have experienced pain beyond their age. They have been exposed to not just physical pain but also a roller coaster of pain, the thought of having cancer and not surviving it, the pain of seeing their loved ones suffer because of the pain that their sickness have inflicted, and the pain of not being able to do something about it.

I highly recommend this book, and I do hope that people will read it before the movie trailer will be released.

Book Review: Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares


The reason why I bought this book was because Fully Booked had no stock of Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes (which I asked them to reserve a copy for me). I have to admit, I just grabbed this book because it seemed interesting, and I also can’t find a copy of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. So on with the review.

I didn’t expect that much from the book, being unfamiliar with books written by both Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. But overall the book is good, it got me to thinking about the concept of love. Before for me it was just you either fall for a person, or you are in love with the idea of love. After reading the book, another thought bubble is present. Are you in love with a person because of who that person really is, or because of your idea of who that person is?

It’s an interesting book, that I have to admit(made me laugh). Dash and Lily seemed to be teenagers that can exist in real life (versus your vampire and werewolf teenagers). Their struggles are very much the same as of ordinary teenagers. Dash ,being a product of a broken family, seems to be struggling with trusting people while Lily , opposite of Dash, is too overprotected, shielded from shit that life can suddenly throw at you.

I realized, that sometimes, well most of the time, you have to take that plunge and discover the harsh reality that the person you imagined in you mind is not who that person really is. Then it’s either you like him or you hate him, either way the illusion is gone and all that you are left with is the real person in front of you.

If you can’t face the risk of destroying the image of who you thought that person is in your head, then it is best to preserve the perfect made up person you have (but then again, wouldn’t you want to know if the conjured up image is better in real life?).

The storytelling is different, it revolved around a red moleskin notebook and how Dash and Lily got to know each other through that notebook (exchanging dares and thoughts). It was an interesting take on the he said, she said bit which worked well for me. However, I was disappointed with the ending, it was a bit to cliche for me but still a good read.

Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin

Here’s my first ever attempt in writing a book review, and I wanted to start it off with, probably one of my best buys as well as one of the cheapest, if not, the cheapest book that I have. The good side, is that it actually helped me a lot, whoever thought that P50 can go a long way?

Just a few things to share, I am a weird reader. I do not stick a specific genre when it comes to reading books. I can read a Nicholas Sparks Novel, and then shift to a classic book such as Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, to reading adventure books such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, and then from time to time there’s the occasional pet related books, such as the Art of Racing in the Rain, and some Paulo Coelho and Mitch Albom. So yes, I consider myself as a weird reader, even my college friends are aware of this when looking at my mini collection.

The book: Eduardo O. Roberto, Jr’s “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin” (How to manage your money so God will entrust you with more”

Why I bought the book?

I bought it, if I remember correctly, at the same time that I have bought Rick Riordian’s novel, Lost Hero, at that time I was in the “I feel like a kid, and I want to read something that will take me to a far far away place” mode, and at the same time the book’s title got to me. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I had this weird transition phase when I started working in a digital ad agency. So I was always broke when the last few days of the month came, and that was a bit weird, considering that before, I still had enough money to order pizza and ice tea at Sbarro during those times. So, I said to myself, what the hell, I’m buying this cheap book.

What the book is all about?

Simple, easy, and reliable steps on how to save money , how to not spend all of it, and how to manage it. So yes, it’s a self help guide book for those who are thinking of ways on how to save money, but it doesn’t just focus on that, the author also gave advices on how to earn more, and stop ones self from spending too much of it on useless things.

Is it for everyone?

No, the reason being, other people might find the book’s strategies on saving money a bit too simple or a bit too complicated. As well as the fact that some people might get turned off from the biblical verses that are inserted in the book.

My personal verdict?

I liked it, no that’s an understatement, I loved it. After reading the book, I was inspired to save money and to stop spending money on useless things. Such as buying expensive coffee (I mean hello, it’s just coffee?), buying random things that I don’t really need (yes, I’m talking to you Japan Surplus Store!), to ordering too much take out food (I usually do it like three to five times a week).

I was also inspired to sponsor a kid as my ikapu, probably the best thing I ever did this year. J  I mean, seeing her profile just made me so proud and happy at the same time.

I’m also trying to keep my own budget diary, it’s hard but trying still.

So if you are looking for a simple guide on how to save money, and some tips on how to invest and earn more, you can definitely try reading this book, I mean what are you going to lose? Just P50, and it can help you a lot.

My Rating:

For a self help book, I give it 3 out of 5. 🙂