Dealing with My Picky Eater

Ah, terrible twos. I personally wanted to rename it terrific twos but with Bunny’s tantrums and eating habits, I can’t. Every day is a struggle. It’s not because she’s eating air but because she’s very particular about what she wants to consume! Red flags started to rise last year. She would choose oatmeal over rice, puffs over veggies, and biscuits over fruits.


We tried every trick we can think of. Some would work well but most don’t. I even found myself crying in a corner thinking where I went wrong.

Why Are Toddlers Picky Eaters?

Partly Bunny’s eating habits are my fault. I was a picky eater too when I was young. I recall that my food choices were limited to hot dogs, lugaw (rice porridge), bread (I preferred eating the crust vs. the actual pizza), and rice. I’ve read some articles which pointed out that genes have something to do with it.

Aside from hereditary issues of my little fickle eater, I shielded her from poultry and seafood. Bunny has mastocytosis and would have allergic reactions to poultry and seafood. I hated the itchy red bump she had on her arm. So with her dermatologist’s help, we were able to control it from spreading.

As per her derma, the only way to help lessen the itch was if I slowly introduce poultry and seafood to her diet through my breastmilk first then to her diet. I hovered too much and decided to introduce poultry and seafood a bit too late.

Lastly, toddlers are naturally picky eaters. They know now that they can say no or throw a tantrum fit when you force food to them. Knowing this helped me tone down a bit on the where did I go wrong rant to E.

How I Dealt with My Picky Eater

  1. Don’t force feed your toddler. Your toddler will be traumatised whenever you force feed her! Believe me, Bunny would look terrified and would avoid our dining table whenever she can. She dreaded meals for 2 days because I force fed her. There was even a time when she tried to force feed me too!
  2. Identify her favourite food. For Bunny its oatmeal, pizza, and biscuits. Now we have a steady supply of her go-to snacks. In our minds, it’s better than an empty stomach.
  3. Don’t deprive your toddler food. No, please don’t. If your toddler drinks milk (whether it is formula or breast milk) she is getting nutrients that she needs. Add supplements to the mix and your toddler would be fine. Just please don’t deprive them just because they don’t like what you offered.
  4. Eat with them. This is my current tactic. I would make sure that I eat breakfast and dinner with her. Seeing mommy eating the food served in front of her made her more comfortable. This is my best move so far. Now she’s eating rice again! Just be prepared to share your plate with your toddler.19243541_10213076301844899_544503411_o
  5. Supplement with Milk and Vitamins. This is how we tackle Bunny’s low food intake in her bad days. We ensure that she takes her vitamins daily and that she latches at night when I come home.
  6. Be patient. Toddlers would like one food today and hate it the next day. Bunny loved noodles before! Now she hates it and wouldn’t even touch it! Just make sure you have enough reserve of her go to food.19263907_10213076295084730_658694920_o

Hope my tips above helped. Do drop your personal tips in the comments section below!

How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Time flies by so fast, my once prim and proper little girl is now throwing tantrums left and right! Yes, that cute baby girl who would welcome me home with warm hugs and kisses is now a tantrum monster. Well, tantrum monster might be an exaggeration but you get the picture.


It started last May; her tantrums became frequent and longer than before. Gone are the days when I can easily pacify her with my boob (she’s still breastfed) or sway her with a tickle fight.

There are times when I have no clue as to what I should do to make her stop crying. I just look at her and scratch my head.

Why Are You Crying?

So why do toddlers experience tantrums? Observing bunny, it would happen when:

  • We don’t understand what she’s saying – this is the usual suspect. We would ask her to repeat what she’s saying, but there are times when we just don’t understand. We will ask her to show it to us which just leads to a crying toddler on the floor.

  • We ask her to do a specific activity and she’s just not in the mood.

  • She wakes up not feeling good. This happens to toddlers too! We would make her smile by giving her favourite things but to no avail. No smile no giggle, just a grumpy toddler.

  • She can’t deal with her emotions. She’s still a toddler and big emotions are sometimes too much for her.

How to Deal with Tantrums

I am no expert in dealing with tantrums but I do try my best every time she has one. At times it would be difficult and you might want to cry along to her tantrum fit. DON’T. Just breathe and be the mommy. Here are my tips so far:

  1. Remain calm. Seeing a tiny toddler crying, wailing, and lying down on the floor is not a pretty sight to see. I’m sure that most of the time you are tempted to scold that precious baby of yours but don’t. Believe me, it will just get uglier when you start scolding that toddler. She will try to match the volume of your voice with a higher – ear scratching – pitch. Just try to stay calm.
  2. Wait It Out. It might be short but it can also be long, no matter what happens, wait until she stops crying. Just sit down right beside her or at a distance close enough for you to observe her. Your toddler is dealing with big emotions, allow them to experience it first hand and discover how they can deal with it. Just wait for her to settle down, it will come. Remember, they can’t cry forever.
  3. Be ready to offer hugs. As the mommy or daddy of that wailing toddler, you should be ready to offer her a hug. She just dealt with big emotions and she needs a reassuring hug from the persons she trusts the most in the world. Your hug will make her feel safe and secure. You are not spoiling them by hugging them after a tantrum.
  4. Talk. Try to explain what has happened after the tantrum storm. Did she cry because you turned off the TV? Simply explain to her that her eyes needed rest. She might not have liked it because she was watching her favourite show but she can’t always get what she wants. Share with her that you understand that she got mad and that it’s okay to feel that way. Next time though she can say that she’s mad or say please, instead of crying. In this process, you’re helping her understand what she experienced. She’s learning her emotions so make sure you assist them in this process.
  5. Take note of what induces a tantrum storm. You will see a pattern every time your toddler throws a tantrum. Bunny would usually have a tantrum when we tell her we don’t understand what she’s saying, so now we try different ways to communicate with her better. It’s a learning process so be patient, it’s part of adulting.

So those are my tips on how you can deal with your toddler’s tantrum. Do you have any tips for me? Leave it in the comments section.

Toddler Tales #4: Singing Bunny

When I was pregnant with Bunny I listened to songs from different genres. It would range from pop songs to Disney medleys. So it didn’t surprise me when she started singing along to different types of songs too! Most of the time she would dance along too.

Today in playschool ❤🐰❤. Dance bunny, dance! #alexcutiepie

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She would switch from Bang Bang to Better When I’m Dancing depending on her mood. She also developed a liking to Clean Bandit’s Rather Be and even Crazy Frog!

Here she is singing Bang Bang just a couple of weeks ago.

Bunny's new lss this week. ❤🐰❤ #alexcutiepie

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She’s also keen on singing nursery rhymes especially the ones I sang to her before she goes to sleep before. A couple of weeks ago she was singing Head,Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

Lss toddler version #alexcutiepie

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After getting the song out of her system, she started singing along to Johnny,Johnny, Yes Papa.

My little preschooler singing her lss this week. ❤🐰❤ #alexcutiepie

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Just recently she can’t get the song Incy Wincy Spider out of her head.

Bunny's lss this week. Incy Wincy Spider! #alexcutiepie

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I guess she also suffers from Last Song Syndrome

How about your little one? Do they have a song stuck in their head too? Or do they love singing out loud too?

My Little Pre-schooler: Bunny at Cradle’s Summer Workshop

My little bunny finished her first ever summer workshop! Hurray! I am very proud of her achievement because this is her first step towards pre-school. I was hesitant at first when we enrolled her in Cradle’s Summer Workshop. To be honest, I felt that she was too young to attend playschool. In my eyes, she will always be that tiny baby I held close to my heart.

all smiles for momma

all smiles for momma

I was assured by her teacher during her trial class that she’s ready to handle short classes. She will be exposed to other kids of the same age and at the same time work on fun activities.

Cradle’s Summer Workshop

Over the course of four weeks, Bunny had to attend 15 sessions of Cradle Playschool’s Summer Workshop. Teacher Fen provided a snapshot of what they will be doing per session on their first day of playschool.

It covered simple topics fit for toddlers. Each class had a structure of playing, singing, and participating in the day’s activity. I guess this helped pace the flow of the workshops. It wasn’t a straightforward class but a holistic one starting with socialisation.



Their class ends with a goodbye song and star stamping. Bunny proudly shows her stars whenever I get home. Believe me, it is the first thing she does when I get home from work.


The 15 sessions went by so fast! Their last day was yesterday! Compared to the first day of the workshop fewer kids were crying.

After the workshop kids were exiting the room smiling. Each toddler who completed the session was given a certificate too!


Bunny Before and After Playschool

I have been keeping close watch of Bunny’s attitude before and after playschool. Overall she’s more articulate.

She seems more confident. She’s colouring within the drawing and focuses on one page at a time. She has learned to count until twendy (twenty) but still prefers to skip payb (five) and sic (six). Every morning she would greet everyone “Good Morning! How you doin?”.


Moving Up with Cradle

I can definitely say that Cradle Playschool helped her a lot in that short period of time.

After their last class, I approached Teacher Fen and asked how she did during their summer workshop. She gave positive feedback towards Bunny. She said that Bunny was a good girl, a good student who didn’t give her a headache. Bunny seemed to be excited to try out activities, in fact, she was one of the first to always try it out.


After discussing with E, we decided to continue sending her to playschool. We won’t be enrolling her full term. We will give her monthly breaks so she can rest. Teacher Fen said that this was okay. Apparently, they allowed toddlers to enrol on a monthly basis.

I am excited to see her progress more when she goes back to Cradle. I know that she is excited too! I can see the joy in her eyes whenever she goes to Cradle, to see her classmates and her teacher.

You can contact Cradle through their Facebook page if you want to try out their trial class. 🙂

Toddler Tales #3: Tidy Bunny

At a very young age, I started teaching Bunny to clean up. It started with picking up the jengga blocks she played with, then putting back her books in her mini library after reading. I wanted her to learn that she is responsible with her toys and her books. Really, simply put – chores for toddlers.



Recently I have been teaching her to put her dirty clothes in our laundry basket and to throw the trash in her garbage bin. See, I saw an infographic that kids her age should be given mini-chores already. To which I agree with, because it helps shape them to become more responsible kids.



We saw how she liked cleaning up and we would thank her when she did it. I would go down on my knees, look at her, and tell her how mummy loves it that she cleans up after herself. It was good because she would know where her stuff was. No crying part because she can’t find Dory or her favorite book.

Her dad on the other hand was a bit of the opposite. He would ask me where his stuff was most of the time, which I expected already (thanks to Facebook posts about marriage tandems). He cleans up after himself but would forget where he puts his stuff. (Can other mums relate with me here?)

Fast forward this to Tuesday last week. I got a message from E, he couldn’t find his Nintendo DS. He said that the last time he saw it was when he placed it in his bag before he left for work. As we carefully traced his steps, I finally told him that it was okay. Maybe it was stolen from him when he wasn’t aware of it. Bad things happen but there’s nothing we can do about it. He apologized over and over, but really I didn’t care. If it was stolen from him, it was okay by me because at least he was fine.

Come Friday, a special surprise was revealed. The Nintendo DS wasn’t really stolen but was tidied up by a toddler!


received_120300002280589403It was in our laundry basket all along. Bunny probably thought that it was dirty laundry because it was wrapped in her old lampin (cloth nappy). She, of course, the tidy little girl that she is, decided to put it in our laundry basket. I found it funny that she hid it unknowingly and even sent a photo to her dad. I guess we are blessed to have a funny and tidy Bunny.

Dear Daughter Pt.9

Dear Daughter,

Yesterday, we went to a playschool for your trial class. See, mummy and daddy wants to see if you are ready for playschool. We were thinking of enrolling you first to their Summer Playschool Session before evaluating if we will enroll you full term.

Mummy, being a digital practitioner, searched for possible playschools for you to try. My search ended up with two possible playschools for you; Junior Explorers Playschool and Cradle. After discussing with your daddy, we chose to have you try out Cradle first.

Location was an important factor for us, plus, as daddy pointed out, it had more positive reviews online vs. Junior Explorers Playschool.


Mummy was super excited for you to visit playschool, with a bit of nervousness of course. I didn’t know if you would let me leave you with teachers and students. I didn’t know what to do if you will cry when I leave you. Maybe this was why I had a hard time sleeping the night before your big day. I kept thinking of different scenarios over and over. I blame the strat brain that I have, which has a tendency to overthink and plan as much as I can.

The day finally came. We woke up a bit late, but I ensured you felt great. I started playing the Spotify playlist we made especially for you, with nothing but your favorite Nursery Rhymes.

You had no clue that you will go to school that day. I think, you just thought that mummy will take you somewhere. You were still playing with your box when I asked you to wear your shoes. You just smiled at me, with the usual twinkle in your eye when we go out together.

I asked you to wear your bag and briefed you (how agency talk of mummy) that we will go somewhere fun, where you will meet your teacher and new friends. Your lolo was super excited, perhaps more excited than mummu. He walked you to the gate and proudly said that his little girl will go to school.

I went inside your Lolo Odie’s tryke first, he was our service to Cradle. You soon followed me when you and your lolo were done saying goodbyes.

On the ride to Cradle, you seemed to be nervous. I noticed that you were clingy, you were looking at me as if asking why I asked you to wear a backpack and why I was looking at you differently.

Love, I think you were worried for mummy. At one point in our ride to Cradle you reached for my hand and held it tight. After that you rested your head on my lap as if trying to make me feel better. You see, I couldn’t fathom that the little bunny I once carried on my chest all night long is going to playschool. I know, it is just a trial class. I knew though that if everything went well, we might enroll you full term and that it will start a new phase in our lives. Oh my bunny, it is a big milestone for us.


You held my hand tight gently squeezing my fingers. You were smiling at me and pointing things that you saw on the ride to playschool. It was as if you were silently telling mommy, it is okay, that you are still my little girl.

When we got there, I lead you inside and knocked on the door. Three heavy knocks on my heart echoed, this was the start of your schooling phase.

Teacher opened the door and asked us to take off our shoes. She asked us to wait for a while, while she called on your teacher for the trial class. All that time you never let go of my hand. You started to look around the room, breathing in the atmosphere where laughter of little ones like you echoed. You were starting to smile, even if you knew nobody but mommy.

Your teacher finally came out and said hi to both of us. She was very direct to mummy, she told me that I had to leave wait outside until your trial class ended. She also told me that you will cry, but she assured me that it is normal. You will be with other kids your age and there were two to three teachers present for your class.

She asked me to leave your snacks inside, which I did together with your red Hello Kitty Eco Bottle. I had to let go of your hand while I fixed your things. This was when teacher asked mummy to fill up something.

While I was signing their trial logbook, she held your hand and led you to your classroom. She introduced herself and the two other teachers. Oh love, it was so hard for mummy to not look back and call you. It happened oh so fast, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I knew it would be more difficult for you if I did. I knew that it will increase the chances of you throwing a fit if I tried to get your attention just to bid goodbye.

With a lump in my throat and my heart, I went outside and left you with them. I wanted to cry, bunny. I wanted to go back in and hug you, my little girl. But I didn’t hear you cry, you didn’t need any distraction from mummy.

I patiently waited for you outside. 2 hours went by fast. I was chatting with daddy and ninang Jaja. I started writing this post and checking updates on Facebook.

I heard your class saying goodbyes so I knew you will be coming out anytime soon. It was such a sight to see that your class of six lined up to go out. You were in a straight line, hand over your other classmate’s shoulder. A smile was painted on mummy’s face, you were perfect in my eyes. What made mommy extra proud was the very good star stamp on your right back hand. When did you start growing up so fast, love? I wanted to pause that moment and preserve it in my memory forever.


Teacher asked me to go inside for your assessment. So I stood up quickly after giving you a kiss on your forehead. I looked at you differently that time, my tiny human is now a tiny school girl.

Teacher told me that you did cry, midclass. You joined the first activity but you got a bit distracted when a teacher left the room. Teacher said that maybe, you thought class was over and you will get to see mummy. But overall, she said you did great.

It seems as if you are ready for school. Mummy however, isn’t ready for your big leap to playschool. I will let you be, because you seem to be ready and we know that it will be best for you. I must accept that you are growing up, fast so damn fast for me to catch up with you.


Oh bunny, I love you so so much. Mummy is an emotional mess but you are awesome. And bunny, I am so so proud of you. I know also that you are proud of your achievement, you show off your star stamp every chance you get. Please please please stay the same. I love you forever, my little bunny.

Toddler Tales #2: Bunny Goes Night Night

Bunny turned 2 last December. She’s a more active little girl. She expresses her feelings better too! That includes naptime or night night time. She would declare that she isn’t ready yet to sleep by saying “ayaw” (no). That is true even if her eyes were heavy already. That fact inspired we to create a list of her reasons why she won’t go naptime or night night time.
Reasons Why Bunny Won’t Go To Sleep
1. Milky time not yet done, even if she is not sucking just latching
2. Elmo’s World
3. She wants more ice cream
4. She wants to read a book (Dory)
5. She wants to read another book
6. She wants to read her third book
7. Wheels on the bus ( I need to sing the whole song).
8. She wants to see her shadow friends, specifically incy-wincy.
9. ET Phone homeeee
10. Nighty night first to her animals.
11. Daddy is hugging mommy.
12. Show and tell first of her 5 little monkeys performance.
13. Happy Feet 2
14. Bo on the Go
15. Still busy playing with her Playdoh
16. Still tinkering with her blocks
17. She’s busy pretending to be a baby
18. She wants to go “bubbles” again
How about your little one? What are his or her reasons to not sleep?

Toddler Tales #1: The Case of the Missing Phone

Yesterday I was out the whole day, I had to attend an event for my new job (more on this on my next post).


Bunny was left with my aunt who looks after her ever since I started going back to work after my maternity leave.

When I get back to the house after our event I just changed and after I started playing with Bunny. Everything was the same even when it came to our bubble play time.

It was time for dinner so I put Bunny in her high chair as we ate together. As usual she finished eating first so I let her go down and play after drinking water. E and I were even discussing a few things during dinner, after I cleaned up and E took a shower.

It was right at this time when I started searching for my phone. I asked my dad if he saw it and he said that I was just using it while siting at the sofa. So of course I searched the sofa, up and down, around, and even in the corners. I cannot find my phone! So I used E’s and called my phone, no ring. This was then that I remembered, I put it in vibrate (of all the times naman na i-vivibrate ko now pa).

E dressed up and decided to help me search for my phone. We searched every corner of the sala, the kitchen, and the rooms. Still no phone. The whole time that we were searching Bunny was just running around going in and out of rooms. This was when I realized that maybe she hid it!

I got down on my knees to see her eye to eye. With a smile I asked her if I can have my phone back, no response. I decided to make it a game and asked her repeatedly to give me my phone back. She took my hand and started walking with me around our house. Still she did not lead me to my phone. I was already ready to go to sleep without my phone when E thought of a way to ring back my phone using Google (will make a detailed post about this later). Using Google my phone rang even if it was on vibrate mode.

Alas we found my phone under the oven toaster.

Learning from this? Never underestimate the power of the toddler in hiding things. Also, when looking for things that they hid always try to think like them and get down on your knees to see what they see. 🙂


Bunny @ Gymboree

I have been thinking of enrolling Bunny in Playschool for quite some time now. She has playmates here  at home but they don’t see each other that often. Her Ate Hannah attends school and her Ate Hazel can only go out when Ate Hannah is with her.

gymboree 1

What pushed me to explore trial classes is the fact that Bunny really needs a place to socialize with other kids but at the same time learn through play. This is why I considered Gymboree.

I’ve read plenty of reviews and two playschools stand out, Gymboree and The Little Gym. I already signed up Alex for a trial at The Little Gym this coming week and Gymboree was last Saturday.

gymboree logo

Originally we planned to attend the Play and Learn Class at Sofitel but we ended up doing our trial at Greenbelt. It is more accessible through public transpo and there are a lot of establishments where we can eat first before her class. The PLC class for 16 to 22 month babies was scheduled at 1PM so we first had lunch at Jollibee.

Jollibee really wasn’t our first choice but Bunny started pointing at the Jollibee statue and started blowing kisses his way that we succumbed to her cry for Jollibee.

gymboree 2

We finished our lunch early and we just rested for a bit before leaving for her first class. I have to admit that I was super excited and nervous for her first trial class. I wasn’t sure how she would react to a big playground that she has to share with other babies. I wasn’t sure as well if she will listen to her teacher or if she will just run around!

We got there around 12.45 PM which gave us time to sign up and preview the PLC for younger babies. The trial class was worth Php600 and if we sign up within the week it will be deducted to whatever package we will avail of.

Bunny started playing with the ball outside the play area and the staff blew bubbles her way as well to entertain her while we were waiting.

After the PLC 3 class we were allowed to enter the play area. Note here please bring socks for the guardian or parent who will be in the class with the baby or toddler. We were told that we can do our warm ups by playing around the play area and that we will be called when the class starts.

gymboree 3

gymboree 10

Ah, Bunny started running around and exploring the place. She climbed and then tried the slide over and over again. I had to call her out when she didn’t like to share things and she listened.

gymboree 4

After 15 minutes or so Teacher Gem called us and we started our class.

This was our first time so I didn’t really have any expectations only that it might be similar to what Jane (in Jane The Virgin) does with Matteo with the singing and dancing). Tama naman ako, true enough there was a lot of singing and dancing, but there were also obstacles or relays. It really was fun for the moms and the babies.


First bit was the singing and dancing warm up, and then the play part but with solving skills and what I like about it is that they also teach the toddlers to pack up after playing (Bunny listened and helped teacher pack up the toys partly I think it is because I tell her to do so at home).

gymboree 5

gymboree 6

The last bit was another round of song and dance with tapping, bubbles and lastly with Gymbo the clown.

Bunny liked the tapping and dancing part. She listened closely to teacher when she said tap and freeze and when they were told to clap and stomp.

gymboree 7

gymboree 8

Bunny wasn’t such a fan of big Gymbo but liked little Gymbo. She even started talking to me and teacher when little Gymbo disappeared! The other babies were cute too because they all had different ways of dealing with the missing little Gymbo.

gymboree 9

After the class Bunny wasn’t ready yet to leave so I had to tell her that we will just come back. Teacher Gem gave her a parting gift before we left, a little Gymbo stamp on her arm and told us that goodbye.

Overall I really like the way that the class was structured. Play and Learn is great for little ones and toddlers because they aren’t pushed to do things if they are not comfortable. The tasks are not that hard and they get to partly socialize with other toddlers.

Another plus for me is the attention that the teacher gave to each toddler. She would adjust when she feels like Bunny isn’t comfortable to do a task but play peek-a-boo with her during the singing part.

Lastly the location is great also because it is accessible altough I do hope they have a branch here in Cavite so that it is closer to us.

My final verdict is that it is a good investment for babies and toddlers. Best of course if it will be the parents who will accompany the babies or toddlers and not the help if possible (I really don’t have anything against this but in our class one or two were with their yayas and the attention was split. I noticed that they were checking their phones and I think babies will enjoy it best with mum or dad or a sibling. Simply put it’s a good bonding experience kasi).

If you have spare time do check out their site here and schedule a trial class at the nearest Gymboree school in your area! We might sign up for a month na package first and we will see from there if Bunny likes it a lot.

It Takes A Village

I have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” numerous times but I never really thought that it will be applicable to Bunny. In my mind I wanted to be a very hands on mom and we don’t really need a village just her, e and I. Now 18 months after she was born I realized that it does take a village to raise a child and for good reasons.


E and I are out on weekdays for 12 hrs (shorter if the traffic isn’t insane perhaps just 10 hrs but the traffic situation really is intense). So when I am out my aunt takes care of Bunny. I asked her to look after Bunny because I know that she is great with kids. She is part of our village. She is Bunny’s lola and her main caretaker when I’m away for work. Bunny is super happy when she gets here but we still have difficulty sometimes when I have to leave. She still clings to me but when that happens her wawa steps in.


Her wawa aka my mommy is Bunny’s 2nd spolier. We’ll get to her ultimate spoiler in a bit. In my previous post I have mentioned before that when I scold her and her wawa is in site she will run to her for comfort. You see my mom is best in fulfilling her lola role. I have heard her say as well “apo ko ito eh” (she is my grand daughter) which I think gives her the freedom to spoil her. Well partly that is why we stay in one place, I want Bunny to grow up surrounded by her grandparents like what I had before.

Mommy also has some magical sleeping dust, she has that capacity to make Bunny fall asleep no matter what circumstances there are. Until now I wonder how she does it. I guess I would never know.


Her wowo aka my dad, is another spolier but not her ultimate spoiler. Bunny and he share the love for food. And we see that everytime we eat. Bunny would eat a spoonful of whatever I make her eat and she would offer her wowo the next spoonful. Her wowo would also share with her their favorite biscuit snack (skyflakes) and give her water.


Ah but the spoiler of them all is my brother, nongnong Monkey. Great thing it is balanced by Ha’s presence (my brother’s partner).

My brother would buy her stuff and ice cream. YES ICE CREAM AND THEY WOULD EAT IT TOGETHER. Both have a secret world when you put them in a room together. They would play loudly but can also exist with each other in silence. She would look at her nongnong and he in turn would make her watch Elmo’s World. She would look at her nongnong’s dj equipment and he would allow her to play with it. I think they have a secret language. And we’re not in it.


Ha on the other hand also plays with Bunny but would tell her no and would limit her screen time. They also have a special thing together, Bunny would call him ha and he would call her bata. They would play and bond during his rest day. She would ask him to play Rather Be by Clean Bandit and she would dance while he sang.

Both his nongnong and ha are playmates and their room her playground.


Her dada is her ultimate protector. Her rock. With him she would play with more confidence and she’s more daring. He would play his favorite opm hits or songs and she would sit on his lap as they both listen or watch the MTVs. She is her daddy’s little girl . His princess. She is the girl who holds a special place in his heart never to be replaced by any other person.


Lastly she has me, her mumma. I’m her number one fan, her milky provider, but also here to discpline her. I am always here for her to provide comfort when she needs to and protecion, although her dada thinks I protect her too much at times,  that I think is just part of the whole mummy thing.

Over all each person I mentioned has a special role in Bunny’s village. She also has 4 dogs to add to that village.

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Her ultimate best friend Bootleg,


her big kuya oatmeal, her playmate/enemy papup, and her nana chachay. All of them teaching her how to care for animals.

This is our village parenting style. A bit traditional like before but with a modern twist. It may seem odd but in the end it worked out to help raise a wonderful girl named Alexis Chloe.