Toddler Tales #2: Bunny Goes Night Night

Bunny turned 2 last December. She’s a more active little girl. She expresses her feelings better too! That includes naptime or night night time. She would declare that she isn’t ready yet to sleep by saying “ayaw” (no). That is true even if her eyes were heavy already. That fact inspired we to create a list of her reasons why she won’t go naptime or night night time.
Reasons Why Bunny Won’t Go To Sleep
1. Milky time not yet done, even if she is not sucking just latching
2. Elmo’s World
3. She wants more ice cream
4. She wants to read a book (Dory)
5. She wants to read another book
6. She wants to read her third book
7. Wheels on the bus ( I need to sing the whole song).
8. She wants to see her shadow friends, specifically incy-wincy.
9. ET Phone homeeee
10. Nighty night first to her animals.
11. Daddy is hugging mommy.
12. Show and tell first of her 5 little monkeys performance.
13. Happy Feet 2
14. Bo on the Go
15. Still busy playing with her Playdoh
16. Still tinkering with her blocks
17. She’s busy pretending to be a baby
18. She wants to go “bubbles” again
How about your little one? What are his or her reasons to not sleep?


  1. Jenelyn Ubongen says:

    Haha! Your daughter is very pretty. My son is 3, and also refuses to sleep cause he wants us to finish reading all his books,. But if we try to finish everything, baka abutin kami ng pasko! haha! So now I bargain that we will read 3 books every night, and he agreed! 😉

  2. Coi says:

    My daughter sleeps whenever she’s sleepy, even when she’s eating hahaha! BUT she won’t nap or sleep early whenever her cousins are here, she wants to play all day, all night. As of now, I think that’s the only reason that hinders her to nap or sleep. 🙂

  3. Ceemee says:

    Reasons to not sleep:
    Need to go pee.
    Need to drink water.
    Need a story.
    Need a lullaby.
    Not sleepy.
    Not tired.
    On weekends (except Sunday):
    There’s no school tomorrow.

    Sometimes kids don’t want to sleep, or take a bath, or brush teeth. So kulit!

  4. Juvy says:

    Hay naku.. these kids have so many excuses. Nap time for my boys is at 9pm, i think i trained them right because no matter what they are doing, they’ll end up sleeping with a light massage

  5. Michelle says:

    My toddler son who’s on his way to terrible twos already has been showing some reasons not to sleep, too. He’s either distracted with everything he sees, he’s hungry or he wants to watch nursery rhymes first. That’s why when it’s bedtime already, I would really opt to turn off the light. It’s easier for him to sleep when the lights are off already. 🙂

  6. EINz says:

    My 3yr old daughter is very much active and awake at 10pm when she took an afternoon nap. She sings and tell a story to keep me awake.

    I sometimes pretend to be asleep to calm her down and to make her sleep on her own.

    • denice.diaz says:

      This is a good trick! Something I also do with Bunny. When she sees that I am “sleeping” she mutters “Goodnight Mommy, sleep baby” and lays beside me to sleep on her own. 🙂

  7. Gilian says:

    Either they still haven’t drained their energy or they are are hungry. Specifically for my 2nd. It helps to let them drain their energy then let them eat. They sleep easier that way.

  8. Ayi says:

    I told my daughter that it’s sleeping time already and she needs to sleep early because she has school tomorrow. Her reply was, “But Mommy, I don’t know how to close my eyes.” What a smarty-pants :))

  9. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    Hay naku, basta sleeping time, ayaw ng mga kids. When it’s waking up time naman, I want to sleep ang sagot. Hahaha! My kids usually ask to read books, as many as they can get. Sumusuko ako sa dami hehe.

  10. edel says:

    Welcome to the terrible twos! Hahaha … but I think its quite fun to watch her saying she’s not sleepy but she’s nodding off or something. 🙂

  11. TweenselMom says:

    Ay I did not have any trouble putting my kids to sleep when they were little. As in, masarap sila matulog. It’s now na teens na sila, hanggat pwedeng hindi matulog, they will stay up.

  12. Janice says:

    It’s funny how kids can make up so many excuses even when they’re still so young. Haha! Even my five year old now has delaying tactics. His favorite is that he’s thirsty and has to get water from the kitchen. 🙂

  13. Macy Santos says:

    How cute! I have a little man in the house (kids are no longer babies) but this boy sure knows how to manipulate everyone into not sleeping on time. He will demand to eat firs even after having his dinner. I asked him why the he answered back that he needs to have his tummy full since that’s the only way he will feel sleepy. Scientifically speaking, the reason behind this is carbohydrates which can come from rice, noodles or bread. Starch from these foods can naturally make you feel sleepy. Oh ca I argue with his reason since it is backed up by science.

  14. Cris Evert Lato Ruffolo says:

    We practiced bedtime routine with our twins: brush teeth, wear pajamas, read book, say prayer, good night and lights off. Worked with our twins. By the time their younger brother was born, they sort of told him already how things are done at Casa Ruffolo Uno so we didn’t have a hard time “teaching” our youngest son.

    • denice.diaz says:

      We do have a routine with our little girl too, but there really are times when she doesn’t want to go to sleep. Haha! I guess she’s just being a kid.

  15. Lhourdes Mercadero says:

    Kids talaga daming excuses no pero they do it in a cute way kaya instead Na mainis tayo natatawa PA. Chelsea’s reason are “liligpit ko muna toys ko” ” tapusin ko muna assignment ko” ” drawing PA ko” ” last one movie pls.moma” ” pray muna tayo”

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