Motorino MOA Review

Last week E and I tried the newly opened pizza store in MOA. Motorino is still in its soft opening but I’ve been hearing great feedback about it.




It is beside Recovery Food and KFC near Hypermarket in MOA. It is very accessible for E-com employees, just a 5 minute walk from Five E-com. For normal customers though placement is odd since it won’t be seen immediately versus if it is placed inside the mall or in between the malls (like other restos).


Their menu features Pizza, Pasta, and Hotdog Sandwiches. Since it claims to be a New York Style food hub emphasis is really on their Pizza offerings. Think Sbarro but cheaper.



What I personally like in Motorino is the fact that I can order a complete meal for under P150! Yup that cheap for a slice of pizza, drink, and ice cream. They also have other set meals that feature their pasta and sandwiches.


Yummy! The first time E and I ate there we tried out the carne trio and four cheese pizza (which were their best sellers). Carne trio was so yummy I finished my big slice immediately. The right combination of meats plus cheese was what I needed that Friday evening to cap off my work week. E’s four cheese pizza was just okay for my taste. When I ate there for lunch with my officemates I tried pepperoni and it is now one of my favorite pepperoni pizzas next to S&R’s.


I was able to taste as well their Zitti pasta (thanks to Reggie and Cath). Don’t be fooled by the small container the dish was good for sharing if you also have pizza. It was so creamy and way better than Sbarro’s Baked Zitti.

To top it all off I got a cone of chocolate ice cream! Yummy!



If you are going there with a friend I suggest you order one pizza meal and ask them to half the slice and order a pasta meal for sharing. You will pay around P320 for that and both of you will have drinks already!


  1. Janice says:

    Oooh we love pizza! Would love to try this one out. I’m also in love with Sbarro’s baked ziti so if the one here is better then I’m sure I’m gonna love it too!

  2. Kati Allan-Balayan says:

    You can never go wrong with pizza šŸ™‚ Plus with how affordable their prices are, this is quite a discovery. We rarely go to MOA because of the traffi, but should we find ourselves there, I’ll look for this resto. Very sulit!

  3. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    Oh, I saw this last weekend when we were there. I remember being curious about it as I am a big fan of pizzas and pastas. Good to read about it here. So it seems it’s like SnR style where pizzas are big and yummy.

  4. Berlin says:

    Thanks for the tip! I for one sometimes go value for money especially that i do not have work. It is something i see myself trying if only it is near our place. But if we are within the area, surely i will take note of this.

  5. Jerzee Benavente says:

    I was having a hard time looking at the prices as I have to bend my head to read the picture. Hehehe. I am such a great fan of pizza. I don’t know when I said no to it. What a great deal for a complete meal under 150. It’s a bit far from my okace though. Hope they have a branch near us.

  6. Mayu says:

    Please tilt the pics, Mommy! Hehe! But the prices are really affordable, pizza will always be my first choice sa food so I’ll remember this resto!

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