Breastfeeding While You’re Sick

I have been out for almost two or three weeks, been in and out of meetings and working on a special something. This plus the oh so hot (admit ko na – lagkit weather na may matching baskil for some or likod na basang basa ng pawis) weather resulted to my body surrendering. The stress and cray weather took its toll on my body and come Mother’s Day I had sniffles (sniff sniff).

Of course I did not allow this to stop our plan to celebrate Mother’s Day swimming and having our special dinner as well. (more about this in my next posts). The next day, my sniffles seemed to be a bit better (see yung swimming helped because my lungs worked extra – sabi ni E). I went to work ready to conquer my to-do’s, but after lunch I felt worse – boohoo! Even if I was blowing my nose and even if I consumed lots of fluids walang effect pa din. I seriously tried to make it until 5 PM before I asked Q, my boss, if I can go home (di na kinaya talaga ng katawan ko).



I rested the whole night and still went to work Tuesday and Wednesday (kasi nga work work work work work) but finally decided to go on sick leave Thursday and Friday too. Now, I know that you will ask me if I still breastfed Bunny and the answer is YES. YES I continued breastfeeding her even if I had cough, cold, and fever. Not because I wanted her to get sick too, but because I want her to get the anti-bodies that she needs so that she won’t get what I have or if she does get what I have she’ll feel better soon or not that severe yung sa kanya.

Bunny taking care of mommy

Bunny taking care of mommy

Some would probably be shaking their heads because our lolo’s and lola’s would have said na bawal, no because mapapasa or my baby will get it too. To be honest, I too believed this way back then and actually stopped breastfeeding Bunny when I had flu (this was during our first month) but then I researched after and it is more recommended to continue breastfeeding even while you are sick.

Momma’s milk is really good for babies and again as I mentioned, your milk creates anti-bodies that is special for your little one. Even if I was down Thursday and Friday, Bunny only had mild fever morning and sniffles but not that severe. She still played non-stop and was still as kulit as ever!

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Still don’t believe me? My other proof was when I got chicken pox last year. People around me told me to stop breastfeeding Bunny, but I insisted that she needs my milk more. I would cover my whole body and just expose my booby when she needs to feed. I would also pump so that she is not as exposed (the hard part really was not to hold her close and not kiss her goodnight for two weeks – my heart). She never got chicken pox, although she was grumpier because mommy-bunny time was cut short due to my pox.

So, if you get sick I highly recommend (if not super severe naman yung sickness) to continue still breastfeeding but make sure that you consult with your doctor for meds you can take. Here’s my usual flow when I get sick:

  1. If I’m not feeling well – check temperature and drink lots of water
  2. Check with my doctor or with E what meds to take (E is my personal nurse because he’s a RN)
  3. Check E-Lactancia if my meds are compatible with breastfeeding moms if not raise it up with my doctor so we can look for an alternative
  4. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids

I hope this helps prove that really, breastfeeding is still best when you are sick. Don’t stop just because you are sick just check with your doctor (best if she’s a breastfeeding advocate) and make sure that your meds is okay for lactating moms! Happy Breastfeeding mommies!


  1. Juvy Ann says:

    Getting sick is such a bummer. I am also guilty of pushing myself and sometimes working so hard feeling like I am Super Woman. We really need to relax and take it slow sometimes.

  2. Janice says:

    Awww I had the flu too during Mother’s Day and several days after that. I’ve never had to breastfeed while sick though but if ever it happens in the future I’ll keep in mind what you shared. πŸ™‚

  3. Nilyn Matugas says:

    My son is 2 and still breastfeeding him! lol. #saggyboobies. But yes, like you, I also breastfeed my son even if I’m sick. I learned that even if mothers have colds/cough, it’s safe to breastfeed.

  4. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    I agree. Breastmilk is really super galing! Swerte that your E is a nurse so someone professional can take care of you while you’re sick. Hope you’re all feeling better now. The weather’s really crazy these days. Hay, global warming.

  5. Mhaan A says:

    I still breastfeed my little one even I have cough and flu. I just wear a mask so I don’t spread my own virus. One time, nagkasakit din sya pero saglit lang gumaling din siya agad.

  6. Berlin says:

    Galing lang talaga. I would prefer expressing milk than direct feeding should i get sick para mas safe kay baby. But i pray i wont get sick, please. Hihi. Happy breastfeeding, too!

    • denice.diaz says:

      Actually better ata when direct kasi when they latch it’s the time na they give signals to our body of what they need. πŸ™‚ Happy breastfeeding to you too and glad to have met you in person last week. πŸ™‚

  7. Mecheel Casenas says:

    I breastfed my daughter too. And I do agree with all the comments here. Anyway, I haven’t experienced being sick while breastfeeding. Maybe because of our weather today. Thanks for the article!

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    It makes perfect sense, it will definitely help improve their immune system. I’ve never tried breastfeeding while I’m sick though, I never had the chance.

  9. jared's mum says:

    It must be very difficult to breastfeed while you are sick and won’t your baby get sick, too? I sure hope you get well soon and find ways to boost your immune system to shoo away the ailments, especially while you are breastfeeding.

    • denice.diaz says:

      That’s my observation as well. πŸ™‚ Mas matibay yung immune system nga niya versus sa akin. πŸ™‚

  10. Mommy Anna says:

    During my breastfeeding stage, the first that I got colds I don’t let him to latch, but when I asked my OB and pedia nothing wrong naman pinag latch ko na rin

    • denice.diaz says:

      I thought of the same thing actually, but buti na lang I discovered na pwede pala and mas advised sya. πŸ™‚

  11. Michi says:

    This is true, you can still breastfeed even when you are sick but it really depends on the medicines that you take. Nagstop ako before dahil sa antibiotic, wag daw mag breastfeed muna.

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