Zoobic Safari Escapade with Bunny & E

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, in our last day in Subic we decided to go around Zoobic Safari before departing to Cavite. We already had a driver hired for our day out, Kuya Ramon (you can read more about the Subic Taxi Service here). Before that though I was contemplating whether we will go to Ocean Adventure or Zoobic Safari. For one, I know that we can’t afford going to both places given our limited time and Bunny usually dozes of mid-afternoon so we won’t get to enjoy the day if we visit both.

After much research on my end and E’s we ended up picking Zoobic Safari – although I think he is partial to Zoobic Safari because he hasn’t been there before! For me it’s cute and at least I get to see how they both enjoy a new place to visit.



We left our hotel around 8.30 AM and already checked out. I just asked the staff to keep our things first because we will visit Zoobic Safari first to which they happily obliged. We arrived at Zoobic Safari a little after 9 AM. We just bought our tickets, Bunny was free (perks of traveling with a baby/toddler) and we had to pay Php 545 each. This already is good for the whole park from the petting zoo, the animal show, and even the encounter with the tigers! Good price already if you ask me.

We started our tour with the petting zoo. It is optional to buy the basket of fruits and of course I wanted us to experience feeding the animals first hand so I ended up paying Php 100. This was super worth it because the animals engaged more with us when they saw us holding the basket! The funniest ones were the deer and the camels! Within the petting zoo you can have a photo with animals for P50 (there was an owl and a miniature donkey).





After this, we watched the animal show – this was only available during weekends and since we went there on a Saturday we ended up watching the show. I honestly think it was E who enjoyed more than Bunny and I. I even pushed him to participate in the show to which he ended up holding a snake (he looked goofy when he did to which my heart skipped a beat). This was a good show which lasted around 15 minutes!

Near the animal show stage was the serpentarium. I initially though bunny will be scared of the reptiles inside but she looked at it with her eyes wide open as if wondering what those creatures were and why they looked scaly and funky!



The next step was the ride which toured us to the many different parts of the park. It eventually led us to the Tiger Sanctuary and the encounter with the tigers! To make the ride more exciting we were asked if we wanted to buy chicken – dead one of course – to be fed while we were in the enclosed jeep. So our group bought and off we went inside through the enclosed jeep. Bunny didn’t even wink or cry when the big miming approached us! She was smiling and even calling the tigers! I think in her mind it was larger versions of the cats she played with back at home. She was so cute and so was her daddy! E was taking lots and lots of videos and I told him to take more photos instead of just videos but still he took more videos!



After this we waited for the ride to bring us to the croc area and bunny met a new friend! This friend followed her around and sniffed her diaper a lot ( I guess because she was due for a change of nappies) to which she just giggled and laughed.



We went by the croc area fast because little bunny was sleepy and we just waited for the ride again to bring us back to the entrance area.


The park tour took us around 4 hours to finish! Which was long as compared to the 2 hrs projected time in their website. After our tour, Kuya Ramon was already there to pick us up back to Subic. While in the taxi I recall telling E that it was a great choice for bunny because she really likes animals and nature and also because he hasn’t been there before. You can check out their site here:Β http://www.subic.com/zoobic_safari.php


  1. juvy ann says:

    It has been a while since weve last visited Zoobic Safari. My eldest now 12 was just 2 then. It was his first zoo experience and he had fun, except for the tiger tour where he cried so worried about the chicken. He was really sad.

  2. Berlin says:

    The last time my boys visited a zoo was years ago. I wander if they will show the same excitement should we visit again. Our family is planning for an overnight in Subic and perhaps its timely as well to visit Zoobic Safari. Thanks for this.

  3. Michelle says:

    Seems like a very fun activity specially for E! I would also want to bring my Gabriel in Zoobic Safari when the right time comes. May be when he already appreciate seeing animals in person, not just in his nursery rhymes.

  4. Nilyn Matugas says:

    wow, you guys had fun! Zoos are always great kasi they get to interact with live animals, compared to those they usually just see on screen. I wish I could take my son to one soon. πŸ™‚

  5. Liz Aquino says:

    I visited Zoobic Safari, I think, about 4 years ago (wow, it’s been that long!) with my cousins. I never did go with my cousins to go through the reptile area because I really have a phobia with snakes. It would be nice to go back to the place, too. πŸ™‚

  6. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    Many holy weeks ago, husband and I decided to go to Zoobic Safari in Subic. As it was out of a whim, we didn’t plan on the traffic, the fully-booked lodging. Haha. Super disaster! We finally managed to find a room to stay for the night and were able to go to Zoobic the next day. My eldest was delighted naman so sulit na din ang trip kahit na disastrous haha.

  7. Mommy Maye says:

    Sana sa next field trip ng anak sa Zoobic Safari naman. Last year kasi sa Ocean Adventure, akala ko nga since sa Subic din naman ang Zoobic makakapunta din kaya lang limited time lang kasi. I am sure the kids will enjoy those animals there πŸ™‚

  8. Ayi says:

    We were there few weeks ago lang. Hehehe. My kids, especially my eldest is currently addicted to animals so we made a trip there πŸ™‚

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