Bohol Car Rental Service Review

This is my last Bohol Travel related post! Almost a month of posts mostly about our 4 day getaway at Bohol and Panglao. As I have mentioned in my other posts we rented a car with a driver through Kuya Tatsky’s service. Upon checking many different blog posts most travelers mentioned Kuya Tatsky, so before our getaway I was already texting Kuya Tatsky:


I wanted to check how much it will be to do the Countryside Tour – the comfy way and in our own time. I know that hotels and travel agencies offer their own version of the Bohol Countryside Tour, but I wanted to fully maximize our Day 3 and not be bothered with time limits. We also had Bunny with us, so it was also important that we were all comfortable without having to spend too much.

Kuya Tatsky promptly replied to my inquiries and even gave us different options for the car we can rent – if you are travelling with a group of more than 4 people you can even rent a van! I even asked for additional service from him – to our hotel in Panglao and back to Tagbilaran. Now, there are many different car rentals available when you land in Bohol but it was more convenient for us to have Kuya Tatsky’s rental service. The drivers arrived early and will wait for you. They don’t ask for tips but because of their good service we end up giving them food or pang-lunch and tip as well. The drivers were also trust worthy – there were times when we left our bag with my phone and other valuables and everything was safe!

For our entire Bohol trip, we hired three drivers + cars from Kuya Tatsky. My favorite driver from the three, was Kuya Rikrik. He was very friendly and even took photos for us! He also gave us recommendations on which places we should visit first and which we should put last. He waited for us whenever we toured and would assist us in storing the stroller back in the car. That is probably why I told Kuya Tatsky that I will highly recommend his service especially Kuya Rikrik.

If you do plan on going to Bohol – you can contact Kuya Tatsky here: 09291976766



  1. berlin maynigo says:

    Travels are made extra special and memorable with people we deal with. And having an amiable service driver is one of the important factors to have our travels truly great. I am happy that you were able to find a kind soul in Kuya Rikrik. And let us commend Kuya Tatsky as well.

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