Bohol Bee Farm Review

This is not really about our stay there, since we stayed in Lost Horizon while we were in Panglao. This is a review however for the food served at the Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant. In a nutshell our lunch at Bohol Bee Farm is nothing short of ordinary.

First, take a look at this view that you will be welcomed to when you sit down and wait for the service crew. Breathtaking right? This alone is enough for me – in filipino terms – ulam na kanin na lang kulang (I just need rice because the view is more than enough).




Now imagine sitting there and then trying to remind yourself of the main reason why you went there, for the food! Now, I didn’t really research on what food to try there but since I love pasta I got the spicy pasta. E on the other hand ordered the seafood lasagna, and we got a kiddie spag meal for Bunny.

We were thinking that this might not be enough for us, oh but really it was too much already, we ordered pizza as well. Meat lovers pizza, for my pizza loving soul. Drinks were easy, I got the mango shake and he ordered iced tea.

While we were waiting the crew brought this old school high chair for Bunny, doesn’t she look like a tiny princess? They were so kind to even put comfy pillows so that she is just at the right height for the chair.





Service was fast. They first gave us the yummy pumpkin bread with the pesto and mango jams and the organic chips with salsa dip. Bunny liked the chips so much ( I think she ate 4 pieces on her own) and E and I both loved the jams. (Which is why we bought it for our pasalubong! Read more about it here).



After five minutes, our food was served. We were honestly surprised that each serving is good for 2 people! Even the kiddie spag meal! Should have ordered one pasta dish lang and the pizza!




E’s seafood lasagna was served with their famous salad. According to him it was delicious, just the right combination of sweet and salty but you can really taste the seafood side of it. As for the spicy pasta, it was like eating pasta with chili con carne but with a bit more tomato sauce. It was yummy and just the right amount of spice for me. The kiddie spag is sweet, just right for kiddos. Pizza was fantastic as well! Overall the yummy food plus the view made this one of my favorite stops in our Bohol vacation!

Bunny loved the mango shake also!


I give this a 10/10 and a must visit when you are in Bohol!



  1. Berlin says:

    My dear friend also highly recommends Bohol Bee Farm. She’s been to Bohol a number of times and she always checks in at Bohol Bee Farm. It must be that beautiful, add to that is your own review.

  2. Mommy Maye says:

    The food looks yummy. Nakakagutom! I hope one day I can visit Bohol. My husband and I agree to travel at least once a year. But we have to save for it, so we are starting to save na, hehe.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    WOW! The view is fantastic, very relaxing! I loved the spread of food that you ordered, everything looks really yummy!

    • denice.diaz says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂 I honestly would have not discovered their bread if not for the free sample sa lunch! 🙂

  4. Eve says:

    The view is very relaxing, the salad is really nice. I haven’t been in Bohol but i’ll include this in my “to go” list. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Melisa Sanchez says:

    I’ve been there in Bohol last 2016, and I’m so blessed also kasi napuntahan namin ang Chocolate hills yung man made forest. I hope soon makabalik kami ulit at mag beach na naman.

  6. Melisa Sanchez says:

    I’ve been there in Bohol last 2010, I’m sorry hahah! and I’m so blessed also kasi napuntahan namin ang Chocolate hills yung man made forest. I hope soon makabalik kami ulit at mag beach na naman.

  7. Nina Sogue says:

    I’ve never been to Bohol so I’m not sure what to expect. But I’ve been reading about Bohol Bee Farm. Mukhang okay nga siya. Hope to visit this soon 🙂

  8. Michelle says:

    I’ve never been to Bohol but it is in my bucketlist.Bohol is my bff’s hometown and we’re already planning to visit their province by next year so we can both bring our kids to that very lovely place! We’ll definitely visit the Bohol Bee Farm for sure specially after reading this review. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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