Best Pasalubong Buys in Bohol

Going to Bohol soon? Or you have a friend or relative visiting the lovely province of Bohol soon? Here’s just a rundown of my personal picks for best pasalubongs in Bohol. This is just based on my experience there and which ones were liked best by my friends/family.

Best Pasalubongs in Bohol

  1. Bohol Bee Farm Spreads – may it be the pesto or the mango butter or the chocolate spread. This is a MUST BUY. Really, just go for the free taste in the store and you’ll know why. A week after we got back from Bohol both the pesto and mango butter spread was gone (to my dismay because I wasn’t able to enjoy much of it since we were out due to the Ad Summit) spreads
  2. Bohol Bee Farm Honey – we didn’t really buy any of the honeys available there, but it is also yummy when we tasted it.
  3. Bohol Bee Farm Tea – we bought 2 packs – one for my dad and one for E’s dad. My dad gave it positive reviews especially the Guava and Bayabas flavored ones. I even noticed na tinitipid nya yung tea, not drinking one per day
  4. Bohol Bee Farm Organic Chips – best paired with the spreads or with salsa! 20160303_124104
  5. Tarsier Shirts – just because everybody loves shirts and the designs in the tarsier conservation area were nice – I was able to buy four for Php 600!
  6. Mini Guardian Angel Statues – this ones you can purchase at the Baclayon Church at Php 35 each if I remember correctly – something to buy to also help them out
  7. Ref Magnet – some go for 3 for 100 – This is perfect for friends or relatives who loves collecting ref magnets – we have a collection at home because my mom has a dream to fill it up
  8. Peanut Kisses – this is the simplest and most staple pasalubong buy in Bohol

That’s it! I really recommend the spreads and tea, really worth your buck and unique to Bohol. The spreads are sold at Php 180 for the small one and Php 260 for the big one while the assorted tea is sold at Php 120.


  1. Berlin says:

    I love most of Bohol Bee Farm’s products especially the spreads. Haven’t tried the tea. Looking forward to a Bohol adventure with my boys, and that’s when my youngest could stand and walk Na.

    • denice.diaz says:

      Make sure you try all in their shop. 🙂 Free taste so you can choose which spreads you like from the bunch they sell.

  2. Nini Perez says:

    I have always wanted to visit Bohol even before getting married, and Bohol Bee Farm has always been intriguing. What nice products they have! I’m interested with the spreads.

  3. Ayi says:

    I haven’t been to Bohol nore tried the spreads from the Bohol Bee Farm. I’ll keep this in mind in case I get to visit the province 🙂

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