Bohol Day 4: Last Stop for Pasalubong

On our last day in Bohol, we opted to just walk around the park near Darunday Manor and visit BQ Mall. Kuya Rikrik, our driver from the day before, mentioned to us that it will be best to buy pasalubong – the likes of peanut kisses and others- in malls versus the stalls. He said that it is a bit cheaper and that we will have more choices. I kept this in mind the whole time during our Country Side Tour so, I never really did purchase any food pasalubong along the way.

Feeding the Birds

The entire time that we were at the park near our hotel, we were feeding the pigeons – feeling ibang bansa lang ang peg! It was so funny how even the locals will buy popcorn to just feed it to the birds. See, for 5 pesos, you get to feed the birds and catch one, if you can, or chase ’em for more sosyal effect. Overall I think we ended up buying 20 pesos worth of popcorn and Bunny kept on running around chasing the birds or asking us for popcorn. Mind you, it was not to feed the birds but to eat!





Lunch Before Farewells

We ended up having lunch at Pizza Hut, for lack of choices at BQ Mall. We were just trying to make the most out of what little time we have left there. So after our lunch we dropped by the grocery store. It was a bit cheaper to buy there versus along the way. You can get 12 pcs of peanut kisses for around 160 vs. 10 pcs for 150 at stalls. There were also other choices for pasalubong there.

We got back to the hotel and bid farewell to the super lovely staff of Darunday Manor. One of the attendants, an older woman around 50 plus even played with Bunny before our taxi arrived and we left.

Back To Reality

After waiting for our plane to arrive, we finally descended down to the waiting area. The plane wasn’t boarding yet so we just waited first. Funny though how Bunny went up front to the locals playing guitars and singing. At the same area, foreign nationals were there, a big group of more than 10 tourists were there. One chinese woman asked me if I was chinese – this is normal I am often mistaken to be either chinese or korean (up to the point that they will talk to me and I just stare at them blankly because I cannot understand anything that they were saying). I have a bit of Chinese blood, so I said yes and she replied I know I know, I can tell you know. This time, Bunny started dancing and clapping! The Chinese woman then reached for her bag and gave her a necklace – she looked at me with sparkling eyes and said “she can, she can.” I think this meant that Bunny can have it.

Right on cue, the doors opened and we bid farewell to the group. Although we will be riding the same plane our seats are far apart. Bunny slept again just before lift off. Although we endured a longer travel time than usual it was okay for me.

Our quick trip to Bohol was worth every penny that we spent. We will surely have another family bonding time soon, but perhaps somewhere near first as we are saving up for our wedding. I promised E that every year we will visit a place we haven’t been to before, and that we will always have our bit of bonding time every quarter. It can be a simple staycation or just a trip to the park. Just a bit of time to recharge and spend time with our little girl.


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