Struggling Milk Supply

Last March 10 marked my 15 month of exclusively breastfeeding Bunny. Oh what a roller coaster ride it has been! A lot of ups and some downs here and there, but still we pushed on and continued our breastfeeding journey. I am proud to have accomplish 15 months since I only thought that I can do it for just 6 months. I mean, I have had issues before and extreme difficulty in making her latch directly to me in the beginning but, here we are going strong.


E knows this is true because Bunny ignores him when I am close. She chooses to be near mommy’s bossom and even latch without even suckling! Oh yes, she does that a lot now! She comfort sucks just to be near me sometimes. I find this super cute because this becomes her lambing to me. However, now I am faced with milk supply issues. Ever since our Bohol Vacation and Ad Summit we noticed that she consumes more milk than usual.


This usually happens when I am with her for longer periods vs. weekends and perhaps due to two consecutive weeks of more days with her she got used to more milky time with mommy! This is great because this, I think, helped extend our breastfeeding journey because we saw she still prefers to direct latch over bottle feeding but because of my monthly menstrual cycle my supply dipped!

I didn’t know that it had that much effect, but ever since my monthly cycle came back I noticed that from 4 to 5 oz per pump my supply went down to 2 – 3 oz per pump! The dip doesn’t just last during my cycle, it usually lasts a week. 🙁 To this note, I think my mom noticed and I heard her mention that we should start alternating milk already. This was bad news for my ears, I know that my dip in supply is just temporary and that I didn’t understand why most people of same age or batch as my mom’s push formula milk over and over again. I think during their generation the milk industry boomed and pushed this idea that it is superior over human milk – which really is not true! I ended up closing our door, and hugging Bunny as if there is no tomorrow. E came in and asked why I seemed stressed and I told him it is because I heard my mom say that we need to alternate milk already. Being the type of person that he is, he just told me to ignore it because my milk is good for Bunny.

To help me counter my low supply, I started drinking again tea for breastfeeding mommas. I got this from Health Options and I think it helped somehow, from the usual of 2-3 oz I got 4 oz for my first pump! Aside from this I also started drinking more water and unli-latching still with Bunny. If my supply is still down over the weekend, I do intend on ordering some mommy treats to help increase my supply or eat oatmeal again like before. How about you? How do you bump your supply up?




BTW, decrease of supply during your monthly cycle is totally normal because it is somehow associated to drop on blood calcium levels so some mommies also recommend taking calcium supplements.

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  1. Berlin says:

    I order mommy treats (cookies and brownies), eat oatmeal two or three times in a day, have malunggay in our viand, and bake apple crumble with lots of oatmeal. I have a steady milk supply, I suppose. And I pray it will never dwindle until my baby needs and wants it pa. I fear my menstruation be back anytime soon as you’ve mentioned it may affect my milk production. The tea you’ve mentioned is new to me. I love tea and this is good news to me. Thanks.

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