Bohol Day 2: Hello Tagbilaran City

For our second day in Bohol, most of our morning was spent swimming in the pool of our hotel. I told E that I wanted Bunny to experience both swimming in the pool and the beach. Since she was already able to experience the beach on our first day, it was time for her to swim in the pool! Of course, we waited for the pool to be open so we enjoyed our breakfast first at the dining area at the ground floor. Note that for Lost Horizon, breakfast is not yet packaged with the accommodation but you can ask for it to be included when you book with them.

Like most hotels, they offered set breakfast meals and we just ordered extra bacon (because hello vacation means yummy food and bacon is a MUST!). While waiting for our breakfast to be served, our little bunny started running around the dining area and the pool side. She has a lot of energy really (parang kiti kiti lang!) that both of us got tired during our turns in watching her.

Pool Side Fun

Like her beach experience, she got scared at first when we got in the pool. Aside from the fact that the water was a bit cold I think the sensation of having a looooot of water surrounding her was scary. I just re-assured her that everything will be fine, and as her usual cutie pie self she was fine after a few minutes.





We ended up having a baby crying when we pulled her up from the pool!


After our 2 day stay in Panglao (which I think is not enough) Kuya Tatsky’s driver picked us up for our transfer to Tagbilaran in our Hotel – Darunday Inn. I just asked first if we can drop by Bohol Bee Farm since it is along the way. This was a good decision because Bohol Bee Farm did not disappoint!

Organic Dining with a Killer View

This was our view when we had our lunch at Bohol Bee Farm! It was super relaxing and the sight was just breath taking. E even mentioned that next time we should book a stay there since it was really beautiful there.



I wasn’t aware of the serving size they offered, which is why we ended up having a hefty meal – plus take out pa! All of these were for Php 1300 plus but it was super worth it! I had spicy pasta, E had seafood lasagna, and we ordered kiddie spag for Bunny. My tip? Even the kiddy meals are of big servings so you can check this part of their menu first! πŸ˜‰ Also all of their plates are good for 2 persons!





Our greatest discovery was the pesto and mango butter spreads! IT WAS SO YUMMY!!! They first served a complimentary bread and chip snack together with it were products they sold in their store and yes, hello spreads! I ended up buying the big pesto and mango butter spread for home!



Don’t forget to try the ice cream too! Made from honey and the cones were organic too!

Hello Tagbilaran City!

After our amazing lunch at the Bohol Bee Farm, we checked in to Darunday Inn. Although the room was not as spacious and modern as the one in Alona Beach, it was okay for our stay. What we liked about it was the closeness to the park, church, banks, mall, and restos! At Php 1400 we got our money’s worth since it also came with a free breakfast for E and I.

We rested a bit and we decided to go down around 5 PM to walk around the park, visit the church and then go to Gerardas for dinner.

The park was so fun because of the birds that you can feed – feeling asa ibang country lang ang peg!



We then went to Gerardas for dinner. The cost for the food was not as expensive as Bohol Bee Farm, servings were big as well and the food was super yummy! The food served has a bit of a twist from the normal filipino dishes that made it super delish!



After our dinner, we just walked back to our hotel room. I told E that we have to have an early night because we had to go for our day tour on our third day there at Bohol.



  1. Berlin says:

    My friend highly recommends Bohol Bee Farm. We were suppose to have our short vacation in Bohol but I wasn’t able to join her. She nonetheless gave me lots of jam from Bohol Bee Farm and even told me that the place serves organic food only.

  2. May Palacpac says:

    !,300 is quite pricey nga, now I’m more interested in Gerarda’s hihi. I love how you caught your little girl’s moment with the pigeons.

    I’m also reminded of my eldest son’s first pool (and beach experience). It took him a while to enjoy it. it’s a diff story with my two younger boys. My syokoy ata ito haha!

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