Bohol and Panglao DIY Tour

So here’s my official list of all of our expenses and what we did in Bohol. Haven’t been able to update this blog due to office to do’s and my aching tooth (still aching a bit and might go for tooth extraction to relieve the pain and to make room for my wisdom tooth). This is our first out of town trip – riding a plane type of thing with Bunny. We were super excited for this and we just wanted to plan (read here: really it is me who did all of the planning) everything in detail.


As a recap, my initial budget was at Php 22,100 and based on my computations we spent Php 21,890 or Php 10,945 per person. I think this is already good, given that we ate a lot and had a bunch of pasalubong (which cost around Php 1,800). This cost can still go down, if you will be more than 2 adults and 1 infant and if you will choose carefully what you order (that is order what you can finish).breakdownbreakdown 2

I highly recommend getting car rentals vs. tour packages, especially because you can maximize your time in destinations you like and the drivers/tour guides are really friendly. You may contact Kuya Tatsky of the car rental service at:


Rates are:

Php 2,100 – Car

Php 2,400 – Innova

Php 2,700 – Van


  1. Berlin says:

    The ice cream costs p1500? Is it organic? But still it’s too expensive I wouldn’t buy one. . I’m so happy you enjoyed your bohol trip and thanks for the expenses breakdown. Gave me an idea should we opt o visit Bohol. Thanks.

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