A Trip To The Dentist

I was out last Thursday and Friday due to stomach flu and also of my on and off tooth ache. If I remember correctly it has been a week since my tooth started aching and even if it is just a minuscule part of my body it lead to a grumpier me. I kept on touching my left chin and massaging my jaw bone to relieve the pain (because I am not really a believer in pain medicines afraid that if I take one frequently my body will get used to it). But alas, last Wed I asked my mom for help in setting up an appointment with an emergency dentist in Cincinnati, OH (her batch mate before in high school).

Before my appointment last Saturday, the pain was on and off. More painful when I think of it (because I think partly my brain is triggering the pain) and less when I forget about it. I knew that it was probably because of the times I missed brushing my teeth (occupational hazard of becoming a mom). I would doze off to sleep while breastfeeding bunny and would wake up 2 or 3 AM by which time I either get up and brush my teeth or cancel it out altogether because I will be waking up soon anyway.

So when Tita Chie checked my teeth she said that the pasta that was placed still looks good but she had to remove it to put something to help heal my tooth and that she will put in temporary pasta first. The bad news for me is that if the pain will not subside for a month (by which time I have to go back and get permanent pasta) I would have to undergo a root canal procedure. My mind went bonkers at the idea of the root canal, to which I think she felt my panic. She told me

“Iha, it’s not painful. Masakit yung anesthesia but after nun hindi na. ”

This helped a bit, but still scared me. To think that I had CS for Bunny!

So I am praying that the pain will go away. Although some pain after tooth filling or pasta is normal, should be gone by 1-2 weeks time. Just some reminders when you do get pain after your pasta filling:

  1. Some pain is normal since your tooth/teeth were exposed to laser or drill
  2. Pain should subside each day after your trip to your dentist
  3. Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth first
  4. Take pain meds if necessary
  5. Avoid extreme hot and cold food or drinks since this can stimulate pain
  6. Notify your dentist if the pain is still present after 2 weeks


  1. Mommy Queenelizabeth says:

    Of all the ache, what i hate the most is the toothache! its like all parts of my body were aching too whenever i experience one… I will never forget my worst toothache ever when i was in high school! I wanna die! Lol! So i had a tooth extraction.. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Neri Ann says:

    Its true, mas masakit ung may sira na ngipin kesa magpabunot though after mararamdaman mu ung sakit kapag walang anesthesia. You should pick a really good dentist na hindi masyadong mabigat ang kamay.

  3. Berlin says:

    A visit to the dentist is one of lakads I always look forward to. I always want my teeth checked. I got pasta before and didn’t enjoy the experience. I do not want it to happen again especially for my boys.

  4. Arge says:

    Hello Den!

    I’m guilty of putting off dental check ups. Wish that I also have a Tita for a dentist so I can drop by anytime ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your tips!

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