And So It Begins

We have been together, E and I, for almost 8 years. 8 long years filled with laughter, tears, travels, fights, and moments. If you ask any of my closest friends he does not fit the bill of what I usually like in a guy. Back then I always had a thing for chinitos, fair skinned ones who are also taller than me. E on the other hand had puppy eyes, a tad bit moreno and just a few inches taller than me.


But I guess God wanted me to have him because he would complement my extrovert personality, he would teach me how to listen, he knows how to defend himself from my always win side, he would know how to comfort me at times when I doubt myself, and he would encourage me to pursue my passions instead of just settling for the safe and ordinary. You can say that he is my lobster but really he is my Chandler and I his Monica. 

From Buzzfeed

From Buzzfeed

We are not the perfect couple, because really there is no such thing. We fought with each other tons of times, but we also fought for each other which I think is more important. Although we fight, mostly because I hate losing and he likes to debate with my thoughts, we still resolve things (which sometimes lead to laughter or tears or both). He has been my rock and I his cheerleader. He has understood my moodiness, especially when I cried over silly things such as no pandesal or buns (when I was preggo) and when I saw my battle scars after giving birth (my stretch marks).


This post will turn into a novel if I talk about every single memory that we have, so I won’t devulge much. The fact is like any other couples we had our series of up and downs but we decided to stay with each other, to work on what we need to work on, and to be with each other’s side no matter what.

This year will be a big one for us, since we decided to finally push forth with our wedding. We didn’t really plan on having Bunny, but I think God’s plan is that we have her first and have our wedding after. Timing wise that is his plan, his perfect plan for our dreams.

He already asked me to be his wife a few years back I just never really updated my status on Facebook because people will make such a big deal about it. I did tell my closest friends.


Now roughly around 3 yrs after he asked me, we are fixing details for our big day. A little too much for me to handle while working and looking after Alex and finishing my Digital Marketing Specialization, which is why we got a wedding planner to help us out. A little expensive but not extravagant like most. We just want a simple one, with just the most important people in our lives.

Main reason why we didn’t want a big wedding is because I’m cost efficient (a.k.a kuripot) , spending sooo much on one day is not ideal, we can invest instead the money for retirement and Alex’s future.


The most important thing I realized while planning is the fact that E confessed that the main reason he is doing this was for me. He knew how important it was for me and he wanted to make me happy. Super excited for this!


  1. Berlin says:

    Congratulations to E and best wishes to you. And surely, your Bunny will be equally excited to walk down the aisle. Husband and I know attended a wedding about a year ago. It’s the couple’s 25th anniversary and first time to wed. The husband relayed that they don’t have money back then so paurong ng paurong Ung wedding. Now, all their three children have work na so for their 25th anniversary, he surprised his wife. It’s such a beautiful wedding. I imagine yours na beautiful din. 🙂

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